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Skyward Sword HD Walkthrough

Our Skyward Sword HD walkthrough will guide you through finishing the main quest of the game and completing it 100%. It is a comprehensive strategy guide that guides you through each dungeon, navigating the overworld, and obtaining all collectibles and upgrades. If you are looking for something more specific, we also have other guides to assist you in completing optional parts of the game in more detail.

Note: This guide is designed for Skyward Sword HD (the Nintendo Switch version) but should also work in almost all cases for playthroughs of the original Skyward Sword (the Wii version). The differences between the two games are very small and are mostly related to controls and small quality of life updates.

Skyward Sword HD Walkthrough

Part 1: Wing Ceremony

Part 2: Faron Woods

Part 3: Skyview Temple

Part 4: Eldin Volcano

Part 5: Earth Temple

Part 6: Lanayru Desert

Part 7: Lanayru Mining Facility

Part 8: The Imprisoned

Part 9: Lake Floria

Part 10: Ancient Cistern

Part 11: Lanayru Sand Sea

Part 12: Sandship

Part 13: Volcano Summit

Part 14: Fire Sanctuary

Part 15: Gate of Time

Part 16: Song of the Hero

Part 17: Sky Keep

Part 18: Final Boss

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