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Link's Hideaway (LH) is looking for new staff members! All we need from you is to speak-a-de-English and have a love for the Zelda series. HTML knowledge is a plus as well, but we would also like people with specific skills to help out with the site. Below is the list of all the open positions we are looking for. All positions are voluntary with all work submited belonging to Link's Hideaway. Don't see a position you like? Do you have an idea of what you would like to do? Let us know, and we can come up with a solution! Email: larke12[at]linkshideaway[dot]com

  • Original Article Writers -- As an Original Article Writer, you must have a great sense of creative writing and it is strongly recommend you have good grammar and spelling skills. Basic HTML knowledge is required for this position. To apply, fill out the application below and email it to larke12[at]linkshideaway[dot]com with an example of your writings attached. (New to writing, not sure if your skills are up-to-par? Feel free to contact Ryan "Larke", with or without an application, with questions or concerns.)


  • Walk-through Writers -- Walk-through Writers have the pleasure of creating a step by step guide for an entire Zelda game of your choice and/or specialty, start to finish. If you would like to know what walk-through we are looking for, check out our list here. It will be helpful if you have already beaten the game you plan to write a guide for at least once. You must have superb grammar and spelling skills as well as an excellent grasp on the English language. The guides should be in "general" English so that every person that views it understands it word for word. Please DO NOT send us someone else's work, as that is stealing. To apply, fill out the application below and email it to webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com along with an example of your work.


  • Guide Writers -- Guide Writers must have a great deal of experience with the Zelda game they plan to be writing a guide about. Guides range from Heart Pieces to Side Quests and need much detail. You must meet the requirements of Walk-through Writer to apply for this position. To apply, email your filled out application below to webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com as well as an example of your work.


  • Programmers -- As a programmer, you will be responsible for helping develop our fully custom Content Management System by either optimizing the current code or adding new features. If that is not what you are looking for, we also need programmers to help develop and optimize our layout. Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and ASP (VBScript) is required. ADO and SQL experience is a great plus. You must agree to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement similar to this one. To apply, email your finished application below to webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com.


  • Graphic Artist -- If you have exceptional artistic skill feel free to submit an application! All work should be original, and must exceed Ryan's lack of artistic skills (very easy). You must have exceptional experience with Photoshop, GIMP, or another software that suits you (hand-drawn works are also accepted). No Windows Paint, please. For more information, contact larke12[at]linkshideaway[dot]com.


  • Screenshot Capturer -- This position entails that you capture screenshots from Zelda games for use in our various walk-through, guides, and anywhere else we deem appropriate. Screenshots should not be taken from other sites, and must be of a high quality (to a certain degree). For more information, contact webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com.


  • Video Capturer -- This position is open to interpretation. You can simply record videos for a walkthrough, boss battles, side quests, or full commentary videos that we can feature on our YouTube channel. If you can capture video at 720p or higher, and have internet good enough to upload to our server, feel free to contact webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com.


  • Portuguese Translator -- It's a secret to everybody. For now, all we need is someone fluent in both English and Portuguese. Having a Discord account helps as well. For more information, please contact webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com.




 Put the Job you are applying for in the Subject of your email.

Real Name:
Age: (not a factor, really)
Screen Name: (or preferred nickname if you don't have one)
Discord Username: (required for ALL positions, free to download here)
Email: (if accepted, eligable for an email)
Past Experience on Websites:
Any HTML or Image Editing Experience:
Zelda Game(s) of Expertise: (required for Walk-through and Guide positions, feel free to share otherwise)
Favorite Zelda Game(s):
Why do you want to work at Link's Hideaway?:
Anything else you would like to mention?: (It's a Secret To Everybody)

We do not accept resumés or professional applications. If received, they will be counted as spam. Be creative.


 BAD Application (username not withstanding, but you get the idea):

I wanna help!

Real Name: ezio
Age: 21
Screen Name: tootsandgiggles
Discord Username: none, why do i need 1?
Email: tootsandgiggles at
Past Experience on Websites: zelda fan site stuff
Any HTML or Image Editing Experience: no, u?
Zelda Game(s) of Expertise: i played the one with zelda in it a bunch a times
Favorite Zelda Game(s): the one with link in it
Why do you want to work at Link's Hideaway?: I like you.
Anything else you would like to mention?: I love zelda and want to help out a lot!


Good Application (You don't necessarily need to fill your application out word for word, but the more we know about you the better your chances! To much information is not good.):

Applying for Guide Writer

Real Name: My name is Austin Dickson and I'd like to help out Link's Hideaway to the best of my ability.
Age: I'm 22 and I've been playing Zelda since I was 8 years old.
Screen Name: I usually go by Autydi, and it's pronounced "Awwdi-dee".
Discord Username: autydi#0000
Email: My main email is webmaster[at]linkshideaway[dot]com, but you can also email me at lost[at]linkshideaway[dot]com
Past Experience on Websites: I've worked on several websites, each requiring a great deal of HTML and CSS coding. I've even designed my own CMS.
Any HTML or Image Editing Experience: I'm fluent in HTML and CSS, as well as C++ and various other programming code. I've used Photoshop a few times, but it is nothing to brag about.
Zelda Game(s) of Expertise: A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap are two Zelda games I can beat with my eyes closed.
Favorite Zelda Game(s): I would have to say it is a tie between A Link to the Past and Skyward Sword. They both have such great game play and amazing stories.
Why do you want to work at Link's Hideaway?: The staff here seem very nice and the site looks beautiful! I love Zelda and would like to help out as much as possible.
Anything else you would like to mention?: I have a southern accent, and I really do love The Legend of Zelda. I'm still working on getting my IT degree and I own a computer repair shop. I'm free often and have a flexible schedule if the need is there. I can't wait to help Link's Hideaway out!


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