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Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Guide

In Skyward Sword, Fixing Scrapper allows you to carry large objects from the surface to the sky. The Fixing Scrapper Quest is required to beat the game, as well as complete several side quests that reward you with Gratitude Crystals, and Heart Pieces upon completion.

Fixing Scrapper Requirements

Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Ancient Flower

This quest requires an Ancient Flower, which is found around Timeshift Stones in Lanayru Mines or the Lanayru Desert. Once a stone has been activated, these flowers can be found in and around them, sometimes multiple at a time. The player must have also defeated the Imprisoned for the first time, as well as started the Missing Windmill Propeller quest.

Fixing Scrapper the Robot

Skyward Sword Fixing ScrapperFixing Scrapper

In order to fix Scrapper, speak to Gondo at the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar. This is also the shop where you upgrade items. He will ask if you need a favor from him. Reply "Yes." Gondo will talk mention the broken robot behind him and ask about the Ancient Flower.

Skyward Sword Fixing RobotSkyward Sword HD Fixing Robot

Give Gondo the Ancient Flower, and he will repair Scrapper for your use. You can then continue to the rest of the Missing Windmill Propeller Quest.

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