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The following Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper guide covers everything from before, during, and ending the Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper quest. Scrapper is the robot that Link uses in order to carry about various items from the surface back to Skyloft or other areas throughout several quests and story line elements.

Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Guide

Fixing Scrapper Requirements

Ancient Flower: The player can easily get this item by activating a Timeshift Stone in Lanayru Mines or Lanayru Desert. This flower is found simply laying inside one of the Timeshift Zones once the stone has been activated.

Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Ancient Flower

The player must have also beaten the Imprisoned and started the Missing Windmill Propeller quest.

Fixing Scrapper the Robot

Go talk to the Item Upgrade guy in the Bazaar. Gondo will ask you if you need a favor from him -- pick "Yes."

Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Fixing Scrapper

Gondo will start talking but realize you do believe in his Grandpa's stories. Gondo will then mention the Scrapper and how it is broke. Gondo will tell you about the Ancient Flower and how it is the only thing that can repair the robot.

Skyward Sword Fixing Robot Fixing Robot

The Item Upgrade guy will now say that he has never heard of an Ancient Flower, let alone seen one. Two options will appear -- pick "Take Mine!" After a few moments, Scrapper the robot will be fully operational.

Skyward Sword Fixing Scrapper Fixing Scrapper

Continue to the Missing Windmill Propeller Quest.

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