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Skyward Sword Lost Daughter Quest

The Missing Girl Questline allows the player to begin collecting Gratitude Crystals and receiving rewards for their good deeds around Skyloft. The following Missing Girl Quest guide will help you complete this sidequest in Skyward Sword or Skyward Sword HD.

Lost Girl

Skyward Sword Missing Girl

After finishing Skyview Temple and returning to Skyloft, you will find a mother named Wryna near the Statue of the Goddess. She will ask you to help her find her Missing Daughter.

Skyward Sword Missing Girl

During the daytime, go talk to the girl outside of Pipit's house near the cemetery. Her name is Orielle. She will mention an Old Man at the Lumpy Pumpkin. In order to find Wryna's daughter, you must speak to the Old Man at the Lumpy Pumpkin.

Old Man at the Lumpy Pumpkin

Skyward Sword Lost ChildSkyward Sword Missing Child

Head to Pumpkin Landing, which is southeast of Skyloft. Go inside the Lumpy Pumpkin and talk to the Old Man about the Skyloft Monster.

Finding The Lost Girl and Batreaux

Skyward Sword Missing GirlSkyward Sword Missing Girl

Back in Skyloft, speak to Orielle once again. Then go sleep in any bed until nighttime. Now head to the cemetery in the southeast part of Skyloft.

Skyward Sword Lost DaughterSkyward Sword Missing Daughter

Roll into or slash the headstone that is nearest to the tree and then push it forward. It will move and open up a path through the shed. Just go down the ladder and follow the path and you will come upon Batreaux's lair, which is where the Lost Girl has wandered off to.

Skyward Sword Lost ChildSkyward Sword Lost Child

Once here, swing your sword towards Batreaux. He will cower and ask you not to hurt him. After speaking with Batreaux, talk to the Little Girl.

Lost Girl Gratitude Crystals

Skyward Sword Lost GirlSkyward Sword Lost Child

After finding the girl, you will need to sleep until morning. Now head just east of the Bazaar and find the house near a small bridge. Talk to the girl's mother, Wryna, and you will receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

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