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In Skyward Sword, the end of every dungeon as well as several intermissions between dungeons feature bosses that Link must defeat to progress the story. This Skyward Sword Bosses Guide will take you through how to beat every boss in Skyward Sword.

Skyward Sword Bosses

How to Beat Skyview Temple Ghirahim in Skyward Sword

Ghirahim is the boss of the first dungeon, Skyview Temple. In order to deal damage to Ghirahim during the first phase, it is important to hold your sword in a particular direction, then swing in another. While this may be difficult at first, it is imperative to master this pattern before entering the second phase. Upon entering the second phase, Ghirahim will produce a sword and begin to use several different attacks. The daggers that he throws can be reflected using your sword by slicing in the same direction that they are facing. This will open Ghirahim up for a few quick attacks.

Ghirahim will also leave himself open to a shield bash upon charging you. Missing this shield attack will leave you vulnerable, so it's also viable to quickly sidestep to avoid the attack entirely.

How to Beat Scaldera in Skyward Sword

Scaldera is the boss of the second dungeon, the Earth Temple. This boss will stand at the bottom of a long pathway. It will open up its mouth and shoot fireballs towards you. Dodge them and the next time it opens up, toss a bomb inside. This will leave Scaldera's eye vulnerable to your sword. After a few successful hits, Scaldera will run up the path towards you. Hit him with several bombs to make him roll back down, at which point he will begin breathing in for his fire breath attack. Attack him in the same way as before by throwing bombs into his mouth, and you will defeat him.

How to Beat Moldarach in Skyward Sword

Moldarach is the boss of the third dungeon, the Lanayru Mining Facility. This giant scorpion will open up its claws to attack you. Slice in the correct direction perpendicular to the claws to deal damage. After several hits, the claws will fall off and present his eye. Stab attacks are ideal for this phase. When Moldarach goes underground, you can use the gust bellows to reveal him and repeat the pattern.

How to Beat The First Imprisoned in Skyward Sword

The Imprisoned appears in the Sealed Grounds between dungeons. Stop him before he reaches the top, otherwise, the fight will end instantly. Do this by slashing at his toes with your sword. When he falls, attack the sword with several strong downward strikes. Repeat 3 times, and then perform the sword slashes needed to recreate the prison, and you will defeat him.

How to Beat Koloktos in Skyward Sword

Koloktos is the boss of the fourth dungeon, the Ancient Cistern. Dodging his attacks is possibly the hardest part of the first phase, and requires you to backflip behind or around the spinning saw blades. When he attempts to crush you with his other arms, use the whip to pull them off. Repeat this until his core is exposed, and you will be able to slash his heart directly. Doing this several times will move him to his second phase.

The second phase is more mobile, as he begins to move around the arena on his newly acquired legs. Wait until he attacks with a downward strike using his three arms. Then, use your whip to dismantle them. After he has dropped his swords, pick them up and use them to attack his legs, followed by his heart. Defeat Koloktos by repeating this several times.

How to Beat Tentalus in Skyward Sword

Tentalus is the boss of the fifth dungeon, the Sandship. Tentalus is a multi-phase fight. When first entering the boss door, Tentalus will start wreaking havoc on the ship. The player must navigate through the tentacles and reach the upper deck. Then, the next phase begins.

Tentalus will begin attacking through the bottom of the ship. Slash the emerging tentacles with your skyward strike to make the boss himself appear. At this point, it is a matter of hitting his eye with your bow, then striking him when he falls.

Use the box presented to you to ascend to the upper deck, then use your bow in a similar fashion to before to stun him. While he's vulnerable, attack and eventually he will be defeated. It is worth noting that to dodge his hair attack during this phase, simply slashing many times in quick succession is sufficient to open his eye once more and present an easy target.

How to Beat Fire Sanctuary Ghirahim in Skyward Sword

Ghirahim appears again as the boss of the sixth dungeon, the Fire Sanctuary. The first phase of this fight requires attacking Ghirahim perpendicular to his floating knives. Attacking in a diagonal fashion when he presents the cross shape is also an option. Either way, slicing him once allows you to do so again until he is defeated. After several attacks in this way, he will begin his second phase.

He will appear this time with two swords, presenting an opening whenever he holds his swords up in a particular shape. Attack between or around them to deal damage. There is also the option of returning his projectiles back to him, which requires doing spin attacks to match the direction of the knives. Either way, enough strikes will end the fight and Ghirahim will be defeated.

How to Beat the Second Imprisoned in Skyward Sword

This Imprisoned fight, which appears between dungeons once again, is virtually identical to the previous one. Attacking his toes is important, but this time requires the sunning effect of Groose's new catapult. Aim at the boss to stun it in place, allowing Link to destroy his toes in the same way as before. Then, when stunned, the Imprisoned will only take damage when Link does three precise upward slashes with his sword.

After several times performing these steps, the Imprisoned will begin to slide upwards. This can be halted by Groose's catapult, and when done correctly, the boss will enter his normal walking animation as before. This allows for the same steps to be performed, effectively defeating him.

How to Beat Levias/Bilocyte in Skyward Sword

Levias and Bilocyte are both story bosses that appear between dungeons in Skyward Sword. Levias is the first phase of this fight and requires the use of your loftwing. Levias will fly around the maelstrom with his parasites following behind him. Charge them with your loftwing to destroy them. After destroying them all, Bilocyte will emerge on top of Levias.

The Bilocyte portion of this fight revolves around reflecting his projectiles back at him. The direction of your sword slice dictates where they will go, and upon hitting him three times, he will be vulnerable to attack with your sword.

How to Beat the Third Imprisoned in Skyward Sword

This Imprisoned follows the same pattern as before in the final fight. Strike at his toes to disable him. But, unlike the previous fight, he will begin to fly. The first time, it is necessary to shoot him down using Groose's clever invention. Then, attacking with an upward slash will move the fight forward.

For the remaining attacks, you must use the air currents at the bottom of the pit to reach the Imprisoned's head. Then, you can strike the sword down again with three more slashes.

How to Beat Past Sealed Grounds Ghirahim in Skyward Sword

Upon reaching the final sequence of the game, Ghirahim will appear once again, this time fully corrupted. The first phase of this fight is simple: knock him off of his own platform with quick successive sword slashes, then do a downward plunge three times to enter the second phase.

The easiest way to defeat him in this phase is by parrying his stabs with your sword, and then quickly stabbing his chest. Several stabs are necessary to enter the third phase

As part of his third phase, Ghirahim will pull a large sword. It is necessary during this phase to destroy the sword to reach him, which is easy considering he holds it up upon being attacked. Slash the same region several times to break it, and then stab his chest as before.

How to Beat Demise in Skyward Sword

Demise is the final boss of Skyward Sword. The fight against Demise is a classic duel and is best won early by parrying his sword swipes with a shield bash. He will guard against any other attacks. Parrying him three times will leave him vulnerable to a quick flurry of slashes.

The second phase of this fight revolves around the lightning that has become a core part of the arena. Hold your sword up to absorb the lightning, then when he is vulnerable, either during his charge or after he sends the lightning towards you, throw your own projectile and he will become vulnerable to your attacks. Upon doing this several times, Demise will be defeated.

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