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The Skyward Sword Bosses guide below covers every main boss in Skyward Sword. Video has been provided for each of the Skyward Sword Bosses with text coming at a later date.

Skyward Sword Bosses

Skyview Temple Boss - Ghirahim

Ghirahim is the boss of the Skyview Temple. In order to harm him, the player must use their shield or position their sword in a certain direction. After a short moment, Ghirahim will stop following your movements, which is the time for you to hurt him by attacking at an angle different from the bosses hand. He will eventually start throwing dart-like objects at you. Just hit them with your sword. After a few hits, he will be defeated.

Earth Temple Boss - Scaldera

Scaldera is the boss of the Earth temple. This boss will stand at the bottom of a long pathway. It will open up its mouth and proceed to shoot fireballs towards you. Dodge them and the next time it opens up, toss a bomb inside. This will stun the creature. Just hit the eye now. Before long, Scaldera will run up the path. The player will need to hit him with a bomb to make him roll back down, sometimes several bomb hits are needed. Repeat this process a few times and you will be victorious.

Lanayru Mining Facility Boss - Moldarach

Moldarach is the boss of the Lanayru Mining Facility. This fight is rather straight forward. The player must attack each claw in the direction opposite of it in order to make sure the sword does not get blocked. After severals hits, the claws will break off. Moldarach will dive into the sand. Use the Gust Bellows to uncover him. The boss will try attacking you with his tail, which will make his eye turn red for a moment. Use the moment the eye is red to attack it with the sword. Repeat this process a few times and Moldarach will be defeated.

Sealed Grounds Boss - The Imprisoned

The Imprisoned appears in the Sealed Grounds. The player must stop him before he reaches the top. In order to do this, the player must knock off all of the Imprisoned's toes. This will cause him to fall down. Run towards his head and hit the sword into him. Repeat this several times and he will be defeated. After the fight, Link must perform a Skyward Strike and swing his sword in a certain pattern to seal the creature away.

Ancient Cistern Boss - Koloktos

Koloktos is the Ancient Cistern boss. Koloktos is a machine creature with 6 arms. He has saw-blade like objects in 4 of the arms. The fight starts out with him attached to the floor. Will will spin around to face towards you. Get close to him and he will eventually fling one of the arms at you -- dodge it and then use the Whip to break it off. Repeat this with the other arms. At one point, Koloktos will launch and attack with the arms covering his chest. This is your chance to attack his red core.

After hurting his core several times, Koloktos will form a pair of legs and walk around. Get close to him and he will fling 3 arms towards you, which are holding swords. Dodge them and they will get stuck in the ground. Use the whip to pull them off. Now pick up one of Koloktos' swords and cut his legs. Use the blade to wreck havoc on his core. After several repetitions, this boss will be defeated.

Sandship Boss - Tentalus

Tentalus is the Sandship boss. Tentalus is a multi-phase fight. When first entering the boss door, Tentalus will start wreaking havoc on the ship. The player must navigate through the tentacles and make it to the upper level. Once here, the real fight begins. Tentalus will start off by pushing tentacles through the deck and trying to attack you with them. Simply use charged up Bow attacks on the arms and they will break off. Do this several times and the boss will show his face.Use a charged up Bow attack on his eye once it opens. This will stun him. Attack his eye with your sword. Repeat this process two more times.

After hurting the boss enough times, the stage will turn into a mini getaway. Link must use the crate to make it to the upper level. Once here, the boss will show up. Use charged up Bow attacks on his eye as usual, only this time you will have to watch out for his tentacle hair attacking you. Once you stun him with the bow, just run up and attack his eye with your sword. Repeat this process a couple more times and Tentalus will be defeated.

Fire Sanctuary Boss - Ghirahim

Ghirahim appears again at the end of the Fire Sanctuary.

Sealed Grounds Boss - The Imprisoned Again!

Isle of Songs Boss - Bilocyte

Sealed Grounds Boss - The Imprisoned Yet Again!

Past Sealed Grounds Boss - Ghirahim

Skyward Sword Last Boss - Demise

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