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Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals

Gratitude Crystals are a collectible in Skyward Sword that allows the player to receive rewards by helping the people of Skyloft. The following Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals Guide contains all the information necessary to find and obtain all 80 Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Sword, as well as all Gratitude Crystal Rewards in Skyward Sword.

Gratitude Crystals are first mentioned during the Skyward Sword Missing Daughter Quest in which the player finds Batreaux's House while searching for a lost girl. After this, several quests open up allowing the player to obtain these crystals and trade them in for rewards, with the ultimate goal of allowing Batreaux to become human again. Similar to the Ocarina of Time 3D Gold Skulltulas, Turning in Gratitude Crystals yields different rewards based on the number of crystals gathered.

Gratitude Crystal Quest List

65 total Gratitude Crystals are obtained from the side quests listed below. Click each Gratitude Crystal Quest to go to their individual guide.

Random Gratitude Crystal Locations

There are 15 Gratitude Crystals located "in-the-wild" that are found individually. These can only be obtained during nighttime. The Missing Girl Quest must be completed before the appearance of these "in-the-wild" crystals.

Skyloft Gratitude Crystals

Obtainable without any special gear or items:

Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystal - Links RoomSkyward Sword Gratitude Crystal - Links Room

Link's room in the Knight Academy, which is on the first floor.

Gratitude Crystal - Light TowerGratitude Crystal - Light Tower

On the ledge of the Light Tower.

Gratitude Crystal - Orielle and Parrow's HouseGratitude Crystal - Orielle and Parrow's House

Inside Orielle and Parrow's House.

Gratitude Crystal - Wooden WalkwaysGratitude Crystal - Wooden Walkways

Between two short wooden walkways.

Gratitude Crystal - Knight AcademyGratitude Crystal - Knight Academy

Near the exit of the second floor of the Knight Academy. It's stuck inside a small tree next to the door.

Gratitude Crystal - Pumpkin PatchGratitude Crystal - Pumpkin Patch

Near the large pumpkin patch by a tree.

Gratitude Crystal - Waterfall CaveGratitude Crystal - Waterfall Cave

Near the exit to the waterfall cave. Travel through the cave and when you exit, the Gratitude Crystal is waiting for you.

Gratitude Crystal - Loftwing CaveGratitude Crystal - Loftwing Cave

The spot where you freed your Loftwing at the beginning of the game. You'll need to navigate through the waterfall cave to get to it.

Gratitude Crystal - Path Near BaazarGratitude Crystal - Path Near Baazar

South of the Bazaar. You need to jump off the ledge next to the windmill to find it.

Obtainable after acquiring the Beetle from Skyview Temple:

Gratitude Crystal - Sparring HallGratitude Crystal - Sparring Hall

In the Sparring Hall on the beam above Eagus, the instructor. You must use the Beetle to reach it.

Obtainable after acquiring the Clawshots:

Gratitude Crystal - Zeldas RoomGratitude Crystal - Zeldas Room

After obtaining the Zelda Room Heart Piece, the player is able to freely enter Zelda's room. Enter at night to find a crystal.

Gratitude Crystal - Floating Waterfall IslandGratitude Crystal - Floating Waterfall Island

Travel to the top of the floating island above the waterfall using the Clawshots.

Pumpkin Landing Gratitude Crystals

Gratitude Crystal - Pumpkin LandingGratitude Crystal - Pumpkin Landing

On the second floor inside the building.

Gratitude Crystal - Pumpkin Landing ShedGratitude Crystal - Pumpkin Landing Shed

In the storage shed outside.

Beedle's Island Gratitude Crystal

Obtainable after acquiring the Beetle from Skyview Temple:

Gratitude Crystal - Beedle's IslandGratitude Crystal - Beedle's Island

Go sleep in the bed on Beedle's Airshop until night. The player will be on Beedle's Island upon waking up. Go outside and there is a crystal on one of the propellers of Beedle's ship.

Gratitude Crystal Rewards

After receiving certain amounts of Gratitude Crystals, Batreaux will reward you with a gift. The amount needed for each reward is listed below.

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