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The following Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom guide takes the player from the beginning to the end of this side quest of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Cawlin Letter Quest

Haunted Restroom Quest Requirements

After beating the Imprisoned, go talk to the man in Skyloft at the Bazaar with the bubble over his head. Now go talk to the old lady in the room next to the Restroom in the Knight Academy. Sleep in a bed until night. Go to the Restroom on the first floor. The voice will show up before touching the door. Now try to enter the Restroom. It will be locked but you will see someone asking for Paper. Sleep until morning.

Cawlins Letter

Go talk to Cawlin on the first floor of the Knight Academy. He will give you Cawlin's Letter. You can either give it to the guy in the restroom at night or take it to Karane. Either way will yield the same reward of 5 gratitude crystals.

Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom Quest Skyward Sword Haunted Restroom Quest

Man in the Restroom

Go sleep in a bed until night time. Go to the restroom to find a man asking for some paper. Give him Cawlin's Letter. Sleep until morning. Talk with Cawlin and he will run off. Go to Groose's Room. Cawlin will be there, so talk with him.  Sleep until night. Go talk to Cawlin in Groose's Room. The ghost will be haunting him and will give you 5 gratitude crystals.

Cawlin Letter to Karane

Go find Karane in the classroom. Give her Cawlin's letter.

Skyward Sword Cawlin Letter Quest

She will start wondering what Pipit thinks about it. Go speak to Pipit on the second floor.

Skyward Sword Love Letter Quest

Head back to Karane for a cutscene. Karane will choose Pipit, who will in turn give you 5 gratitude crystals.

Skyward Sword Cawlin Love Letter Quest Skyward Sword Haunted Gratitude Crystals

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