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The following Pumpkin Harvest Quest guide will show you have to complete all parts of the quest. The player is rewarded with 2 Pieces of Heart and 5 Gratitude Crystals after completion of this guide.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing Quest

First Pumpkin Landing Heart Piece

Travel inside the Lumpy Pumpkin and you will notice a piece of heart on the chandelier in the center of the room. Head upstairs and roll into the support beam's right side two times in order to knock the chandelier down. Now just go grab the heart piece.

Heart Piece 5 Heart Piece 5b

Running Errands

After knocking down the Chandelier, the store owner will make you run errands for him. The first errand requires a bottle of Pumpkin Soup that the owner will provide to you. There is a 5 minute time limit on the soup.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Harvest Quest

Once you have the bottle, make haste towards Skyloft. The person you need to take the soup to will be in the Sparring Hall near the Knight Academy. After delivering the soup, head back to the Pumpkin Landing.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing Quest

After speaking to the owner once more, he tells you to go help Kina harvest some pumpkins. Go outside and find the pumpkin patch. Kina will be waiting for you to arrive. Talk to her and Kina will tell Link that he has to carry 5 pumpkins to the storage shed.

Pumpkin Landing Quest Kina

The trick to this is to walk slowly and move in the direction the pumpkin's lean to keep them from falling. The player has to move directly either left or right to balance the load, diagonally does not work well.

Second Pumpkin Landing Heart Piece

You must have the Goddess Harp before finishing this section of the quest.

Once you have successfully stored the load in the shed, head back and talk with the store owner again. He will ask that you come back at night time, so sleep in the bed on the first floor until night. Now go talk with the owner again to find out that you must play the Harp with his daughter, Kina. Once it starts, just move your arm in the rhythm one of the customers are doing. Link can go freestyle during the parts where the customers do not move their arms. The store owner will reward you with a heart piece if you are successful.

Skyward Sword Heart Piece

Pumpkin Landing Gratitude Crystals

The player must have fixed Scrapper the Robot and defeated the Imprisoned the second time before finishing this part of the quest.

Go sleep in the bed again until morning. Now go talk to the owner and then head to the pumpkin patch to speak with Kina. She will need you to find someone to plough the pumpkin patch. Travel to Eldin Volcano and hop into the center. You will find a Mogma on the pillar near the center.

Skyward Sword Mogma Skyward Sword Eldin Volcano Map

Talk to the Mogma and he will agree to go with you. Now travel back to Kina. After delivering the Mogma to Kina, you will receive 5 gratitude crystals.

Skyward Sword Gratitude Crystals

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