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Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing Quest

The following Skyward Sword Pumpkin Harvest Quest guide will show you how to complete the Pumpkin Harvest Quest in Skyward Sword. This yields 2 Heart Pieces and 5 Gratitude Crystals upon full completion.

Pumpkin Landing Heart Piece

Skyward Sword Heart Piece 5Skyward Sword Lumpy Pumpkin Heart Piece

Enter the Lumpy Pumpkin and you will immediately notice the Heart Piece on the chandelier in the center of the building. Rolling into the barrier on the second floor next to the chandelier will cause it to fall, allowing you to pick up the Heart Piece.

Running Errands

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Harvest Quest

After knocking down the chandelier, talk to the bar tender and store owner Pumm. The first errand he will make you run to pay back your debt involves rushing a bottle of Pumpkin Soup to Skyloft. There is a 5-minute timer on the soup before it becomes cold and unusable.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Soup DeliverySkyward Sword HD Deliver Pumpkin Soup

The recipient of this soup is in the Sparring Hall near the Skyloft Knight Academy. His name is Eagus. After delivering the soup to him, return to Pumpkin Landing.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin BalancePumpkin Landing Quest Kina

After consulting with the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin, he will tell you to help Kina harvest pumpkins outside the Lumpy Pumpkin. Go outside around the back and find Kina, and she will teach you how to carry the 5 pumpkins you need to fulfill this request to the shed. The trick to moving the pumpkins involves moving into the weight of the pumpkin. This will stop them from falling by balancing the load.

Second Pumpkin Landing Heart Piece

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing Harp Heart PieceSkyward Sword HD Kina Harp Playing

This portion of the quest requires the Goddess's Harp to complete. Return to the Lumpy Pumpkin at night, you can do this by sleeping in the bed on the first floor until night. Then, complete the minigame by playing the harp in rhythm with the customer's sways. If you are successful, the store owner will reward you with a Heart Piece.

Pumpkin Landing Gratitude Crystal Quest

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Patch PlowingSkyward Sword HD Kina Pumpkin Patch

To complete the final step in this quest, the player must have fixed Scrapper, as well as finished the second Imprisoned fight.

Sleep until morning. Then, speak to the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin. Next, speak to Kina. She requires someone to plow the pumpkin patch. Travel to Eldin Volcano and land at the Volcano East statue. Use the large air stream nearby to enter the volcano via the skull entrance. Glide down and land on the large platform to the north.

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Mogma LocationSkyward Sword HD Pumpkin Landing Gratitude Crystals

You'll find a Mogma here named Guld. Speak with him, and Scrapper will bring him back to Pumpkin Landing. You should head back there yourself. After delivering the Mogma to Kina, talk to her to receive 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Pumpkin Landing Individual Gratitude Crystals

Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing Gratitude CrystalsSkyward Sword HD Lumpy Pumpkin Gratitude Crystals

If you are at the Lumpy Pumpkin at night, there are a couple of individual Gratitude Crystals to collect. Head upstairs and you you'll find one Gratitude Crystal on a bar up here. For the next, head outside around the back to the shed where we delivered pumpkins. On the ground here you will find another Gratitude Crystal.

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