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Skyward Sword Missing Windmill Propeller Guide

This Skyward Sword Missing Propeller Guide covers all aspects of finding the missing windmill propeller. The Missing Windmill Propeller is required to be able to complete the main story of Skyward Sword. This object allows Link to rotate the Windmill in Skyloft using the Gust Bellows.

Missing Windmill Propeller Requirements

Skyward Sword Missing Windmill Propeller Requirements

In order to begin this quest, the player must have beaten the Imprisoned for the first time. Then, talk to Headmaster Gaepora in the Knight Academy to begin the quest.

Skyward Sword Missing Windmill Propeller Quest

Skyward Sword Missing PropellerSkyward Sword Missing Windmill Propeller

Go to the Windmill on the southeastern end of Skyloft, and it should be missing a propeller.

Missing PropellerMissing Propeller

Now, go to Gondo in the Scrap Shop, which is found in the Bazaar. Then, fix Scrapper the Robot with an Ancient Flower.

Locating the Missing Windmill Propeller

Missing Windmill Propeller LocationSkyward Sword Missing Windmill Propeller Location

The Propeller is located near the Earth Temple entrance in Eldin Volcano. Head west from the entrance and go down the sandy slope. Locate and examine the propeller. Tell Fi to call Scrapper in order for him to carry the propeller back to Skyloft.

Returning the Missing Windmill Propeller to Skyloft

Skyward Sword Missing PropellerSkyward Sword Lost Windmill Propeller

Travel back to the Temple Entrance and use the Bird Statue to go back to the sky. Now, return to Skyloft. Upon getting close to Skyloft, a cutscene will play in which the windmill is repaired by Jakamar.

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