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Fledge's Muscle Building Guide

The following Fledge's Workout Quest Guide will help you through completing the Fledge Workout Quest in Skyward Sword. Fledge's Gratitude Crystal Quest will yield you 5 Gratitude Crystals.

Fledge's Workout Quest Requirements

Skyward Sword HD Fledge's PushupsSkyward Sword HD Fledge's Pushups

This quest cannot be initiated until the Lanayru Mining Facility boss has been defeated. This quest requires 2 Stamina Potions overall. The second cycle of this quest cannot be initiated until after the Ancient Cistern boss has been defeated. Finally, the Gratitude Crystals for completing this quest cannot be obtained until after the boss of the Sandship has been defeated.

Fledge's Secret Workouts

Skyward Sword Fledge's WorkoutSkyward Sword Fledges Workout

At any point after completing the Lanayru Mining Facility, Fledge can be found in his room at night doing exercises. He will ask for a Stamina Potion in order to continue exercising. Sleeping until the next night will allow the player to repeat this process a second time so long as the requirements are met.

Fledge's Workout Gratitude Crystals

Skyward Sword Fledge's Side QuestSkyward Sword HD Fledge's Side Quest

Sleep a third time (after completing the Sandship), and Fledge will ask for your opinion on his progress. Regardless of your response, he will be thankful and give you 5 Gratitude Crystals for your help.

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