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Skyward Sword Beedle's Missing Beetle Quest

This Skyward Sword Beedle's Beetle guide covers everything necessary to complete the Skyward Sword Beedle's Missing Beetle quest.

Beedle's Missing Beetle Quest Requirements

The player must have unlocked Gratitude Crystals by completing the Missing Girl Quest. After defeating Bilocyte in the Thunderhead, talk to Parrow near the Light Tower. He is the blonde man who often wanders near that area, and also happens to be the same man from the Missing Sister Quest. Finally, the player must have the Bug Net.

Bug Island

Skyward Sword Beedle's BeetleSkyward Sword HD Beedle's Missing Beetle

Head to Bug Island inside of the Thunderhead. The island is to the southwest of the Isle of Songs. Speak with the Bug Collector named Strich there. Don't play his mini-game yet. Instead, return to Skyloft.

Beedle's Missing Beetle

Skyward Sword Beedle's Missing BeetleSkyward Sword HD Beedle's Missing Beetle

Go to Beedle's Airshop, commonly seen floating around Skyloft. Sleep in his bed until night. Talk to him near the fire after waking up on his island, and he will speak about his missing Horned Colossus Beetle.

Bug Island Minigame

Skyward Sword Bug MinigameSkyward Sword HD Bug Catching Minigame

Sleep in the bed until morning and travel back to Bug Island. Talk to the Bug Collector and he will tell you he found a rare beetle, which turns out to be Beedle's Beetle. The player must play the Bug Catching minigame and complete it within 3 minutes in order to receive Beedle's Beetle as a reward. This route will yield every required bug:

  • Travel down the right path. Cross the water. Turn around. Roll into the structure holding the rope. Catch the Woodland Rhino Beetle.
  • Jump down the ledge near the log. Carefully catch the Eldin Roller and continue down the path.
  • Jump across and catch the Blessed Butterfly. Then, carefully catch the Faron Grasshopper.
  • Continue down the path and climb up the ledges. Carefully catch the Sand Cicada near the pots.
  • Travel back to where the Faron Grasshopper was and catch another one. Head back to the start.
  • Travel across the water again but this time head towards the steep incline.
  • Carefully catch the Gerudo Dragonfly and run up the left side of the incline.
  • Catch the Eldin Roller and go the opposite direction of the tree due to hornets.
  • Catch the Lanayru Ant and break open the three jars and catch the Skyloft Mantis.

Beedle's Gratitude Crystals

Skyward Sword Beedle Gratitude CrystalsSkyward Sword HD Horned Colossus Beetle

After receiving Beedle's Missing Beetle, head back to Beedle's Airshop and sleep until night. Talk to Beedle and give him his missing beetle. He will reward you with 5 Gratitude Crystals and one purchase from his shop at half the regular price.

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