Part 6: The Water Temple (Lake Hylia)

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The Water Temple (Lake Hylia)

Take the trail to the north and jump down from the frozen waterfall. Defeat the enemies and capture the outpost to the south. Find Princess Ruto and save her from foes. Temple Face Keep will open up so go capture it to spawn a chest containing a weapon, which turns out to be a Typhoon Harp.

Head west to help Ruto capture Lakeside Keep in order to open up the Water Temple's Entrance. Head south down the stairs to enter the Water Temple. Ruto will get locked inside the center room. Travel up the east side of the temple and capture the outposts and keeps.

After capturing SE Room - the floodgate switch will activate and drain the water from a portion of the Water Temple. Now travel to the west side of the temple and capture SW Room in order to activate another floodgate switch. Next, travel to the center of the temple and defeat Gatekeeper.

This will open up Central Hall and rescue Ruto. The player must now defeat Princess Zelda. She is located directly south of Central Hall and accessed through the hidden passage. Defeat Zelda quickly as she will transport King Dodongo into battle. Once Zelda is defeated - this scenario is complete.


Gold Skulltula

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located behind some vine south of the starting area on the east side. Use the boomerang to cut the vines to gain access to the Gold Skulltula.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Impa (Giant's Knife) - Follow the scenario like normal and wait for Zelda to summon King Dodongo. Defeat Dodongo within 3 minutes of his arrival while keeping Sheik from fleeing to spawn the Gold Skulltula.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Sheik: capture the East Room to spawn a chest that contains the Piece of Heart.

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