Part 12: A War of Spirit (Temple of Souls)

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A War of Spirit (Temple of Souls)

Note: More characters become playable for this scenario after first completion.

Capture the Magic Keeps in the northwest and northeast sides of the map. This will open the Sorceress's Room. Go there and meet Cia. Now defeat Dark Link. Once defeated – several more Dark Link's will appear around the map. Defeat them and travel back to the Sorceress's Room to fight with the original once more.

After Dark Link is defeated – several more will appear; however, you will not have to defeat them. Travel south and protect Princess Zelda. A few moments later, Ganondorf will start approaching Zelda. Guard her and the others until they flee. Now defeat Ganondorf with Princess Zelda. This completes the scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located behind a breakable wall located in the center west of the map. Use Bombs to blow open the wall.

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