Part 14: Ganondorf's Return (Gerudo Desert)

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Ganondorf's Return (Gerudo Desert)

After the initial cutscene - go west towards the Settlement. The gate will close. Now go around and capture the keeps nearest to you: the S. Desert Keep, South Oasis, and Central Keep. After doing so - free the prisoners to the southeast, north, and northeast sides of the map by defeating the Gatekeepers.

Now head to the southwest into the Settlement and capture both the S. Settlement and N. Settlement. Head northeast and defeat the 4 Aeralfos inside the Sacred Grounds. Keep in mind that a couple will probably travel a little south from the Sacred Grounds.

Once that is accomplished - the Giant Bosses will appear. Gohma, King Dodongo, and Manhandla will appear in different parts of the map. Travel to each of them and defeat them. Be sure not to let them get close to once another of else they will grow much more powerful. That completes the scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located on the wall in the northeast of the map beside Arbiter's Keep.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Ganondorf: capture the Clifftop Keep to spawn the chest containing the Piece of Heart.

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