Part 3: The Sorceress of the Woods (Faron Woods)

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Faron Woods - The Sorceress of the Woods

After the initial cutscene - run around a short distance to find some Deku Babas. You will be unable to defeat them without the Bow and Arrows. Make haste to the southwest corner of the map to find a chest inside a small opening in a tree. The chest contains the Bow and Arrows. Now travel back around defeat the 5 Deku Babas.

Now follow Lana into the center of the Deku Tree. Wait for a short moment for the orders to defend the Deku Tree. Now run around and kill all of the Gidbo and enemies near the Deku Tree in order to fulfill the orders. Wizzro will now catch the Deku Tree on fire so you have to set out to find a way to put out the flames.

After a short moment - the character becomes aware of a Great Fairy. Head to the northeast corner of the map to find the Fairy Fountain. Defeat the foes and gain entrance. Now use the Magic Circle in order to put out the burning Deku Tree. Wizzro will now appear in the northwest corner of the map.

Travel across and fight with Wizzro. At the start of the match - Wizzro will retreat from battle and transport Gohma to fight for him. Attack Gohma by waiting until you see the eye turn blue. Shoot it with an arrow to stun Gohma. Attack it with your weapon. Gohma will eventually travel to the Deku Tree, where you must travel in order to conquer the final foe of this Scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located underneath the boulder on the west side of the map to the southwest of Western Tree.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Link (Fire Rod) - Near the end of the scenario, get Gohma down below half health and keep the Deku Tree from being in danger. The Gold Skulltula will now spawn in the northeast corner. There will be a small path for north - use the Hookshot to get to the platform with the Gold Skulltula.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Sheik: in the southeast corner of the map will be a rock inside the side of a tree. Blow it up to reveal a chest containing the Heart Container.
  • Using Impa: capture the North Square to spawn a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

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