Part 1: The Armies of Ruin (Hyrule Field)

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Hyrule Field - The Armies of Ruin

After the initial cutscene - head out into Hyrule Field and defeat the foes alongside Impa.  Defeat several swarms of enemies while some dialog appears. After a short while - a fairy will ask for help. Defeat more foes and the fairy - named Proxi - will join Link. Continue fighting until the Abandoned Fort gate opens.

Go inside and fight Volga. Once Volga is defeated - continue through the newly opened door. Now the player has to fight the Lizalfos. Upon defeating him - the Mine Entrance opens up. Continue into the small mine to find a chest, which contains the Bombs. Exit the Mine by using the bombs to blow up the boulders.

Continue towards the X on the map and blow up the next set of boulders. Go inside West Field Keep and fight the enemies. The West Field Keep will open up so continue through the gates and join Zelda. Fight alongside Zelda to get the next mission. Now Link must capture the North Keep and the Central Keep. After doing so - follow Zelda to the south of the map to find the Fairy Fountain.

Blow up the entrance to the fountain and continue inside. Wait for Zelda to charge the Magic Circle and then use it to summon the Great Fairy. After a short cutscene - Princess Zelda will retreat from battle. The Dark Wizard will now call King Dodongo into battle. Head north from the Fairy Fountain to engage him in battle.

Simply dodge all of King Dodongo's attacks until he starts to suck in air. Now toss bombs inside his mouth, which will stun him. Attack King Dodongo and repeat this process several times until he is defeated. A cutscene will appear after a short dialog and this will complete this scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located on the west side of the map near the spot where Volga appears.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Link (Hylian Sword) - Repel enemies and execute Princess Zelda's plan until King Dodongo appears as usual in the scenario. A Gold Skulltula should now appear on the south wall right outside the east entrance to Castle Keep.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Link: to the north of W. Rockface Keep will be a boulder. Blow it up to find a chest containing the Heart Container.
  • Using Link: capture the W. Rockface Keep to the north of the map to spawn a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

Part 2: The Sheikah Tribesman

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