Part 9: Land in the Sky (Skyloft)

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Land in the Sky (Skyloft)

After the initial cutscene - head northwest towards Statue Keep. The entrance is in the back of the statue. Fi will appear momentarily and you will have to escort her. Follow Fi - being sure to defeat the enemies around - partly around the statue in order to deliver the Pumpkin Soup.

Now intercept Ghirahim on his journey to the Allied Base. Defeat him to protect the base from falling. Now travel to the Academy Keep on the western side of the map. Help Fi capture it and then escort her to the next Pumpkin Soup destination. Chances are that the Allied Base will need some backup.

Head there and defeat most of the enemies to get from failing scenario. Now head back north to aid Fi in a battle with Volga. Once defeated - Volga will grow more powerful so head east towards the Fairy Fountain. Defeat the Aeralfos and enter the fountain. Use the Magic Circle to weaken Volga.

Now head back northwest and prepare for a fight once more with Volga. If the Allied Base is in danger of falling - you can simply head there and guard it while Volga journeys across the map towards the base. This is probably the safer strategy as the Allied Base is vital to winning the scenario, which is complete once Volga is defeated.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located to the west of Statue Keep underneath a boulder. Use a bomb to find it.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Link (Hylian Sword) - Go about the scenario as normal but be sure to defeat Ghirahim before he reaches the Allied Base. Now continue the scenario and the Gold Skulltula will spawn after using the Magic Circle. It is located north of Academy Keep between the tree and pumpkin.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Link: blow up the boulder in the south center of the map to expose the chest containing the Heart Container.
  • Using Link: capture N. Rockface Keep in the north of the map to spawn a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

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