Part 11: The Sacred Sword (Temple of the Sacred Sword)

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The Sacred Sword (Temple of the Sacred Sword)

Note: More characters become playable for this scenario after first completion.

Guard each of the characters as they activate the sealed statues. There is one to the north, south, and west. After each character has made way to the statues - a problem arises. In a few moments, the player will find out about a fake Lana. Travel around to find the imposter and defeat her.

Moments later - the sealed statues will awaken and open the temple. Travel north and enter the doors. Go down the south path and capture the S. Temple Hall to unlock a chest containing a weapon (Glittering Rapier). Continue going north and then west. Defeat all of the Gatekeeper and continue into the room with the Master Sword.

You must now defeat Wizzro. At the start of the fight - he will be in the Master Sword chamber; however, Wizzro will warp to the opposite side of the map shortly after. Travel to the west side of the map and continue fighting Wizzro. This scenario is complete once Wizzro is defeated.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located underneath a boulder in the northwest corner of the map

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