Part 13: Shining Beacon (Valley of Seers)

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Shining Beacon (Valley of Seers)

Head north and capture the West Sanctum. Now head southeast and help Princess Zelda capture the East Sanctum. In a few moments - Lana will discover the South Sanctum. Travel to the bottom of the map and capture it. After a moment - Cia will summon reinforcements.

Wait until the Fairy Fountain is open and travel to it. It is located in the south portion of the center of the map. Use the Magic Circle once Zelda and the rest have gotten to the fountain. Now Volga will advance towards Zelda. Make way to the Fairy Fountain and prepare to fight Volga.

Volga is much stronger in this fight so be sure to dodge his attacks. Just keep dodging and attacking him until Volga is defeated. Now will be the time to defeat Cia. Travel to the north of the map to find her. The fight with Cia is pretty straight forward. Simply attack her repeatedly. She will split into multiples - so defeat them and this completes the scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located underneath a boulder in the southeast side of the map below the East Sanctum.

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