Part 5: Land of Myth (Death Mountain)

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Part 5: Land of Myth (Death Mountain)

After the initial cutscene - travel up the eastern path being sure to capture the outpost and keeps. Once you reach the E. Boulder Keep, capture it and a chest will appear containing a weapon - which turns out to be the Biggoron's Knife. Now travel west to find the W. Boulder Keep. Capture it and get ready to fight with Darunia.

After being defeat - Darunia will retreat to the Chiefs Room. Run around up the east path and capture the outposts and keeps. Once you are able to capture the East Goron Keep, a chest will appear containing a Piece of Heart (found when using Impa). Darunia will once again appear - so be sure to defeat him.

Now travel with Sheik to West Keep and capture it. Continue with Sheik to capture the W. Boulder Keep. After capturing it - Darunia may appear once more; however, Sheik will launch a boulder into the Chiefs Room shortly. Once Darunia reappears in the Chiefs Room - hurry to it in order to defeat him.

This must be accomplished before the Goron's take the Allied Base. Darunia is easier to defeat once the Big Poe's have been taken out since they provide enhancements to Darunia. Take them out and defeat Darunia to strike the final blow to this scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located in the northwest portion of the map. Follow the path towards the north center of the map to find a path with a Hookshot target. Use the Hookshot to get to the platform where the Gold Skulltula is located.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Sheik - Defeat Darunia at least 2 times and open the gate to the Chief's Room as usual in this scenario. After defeating 1,500 enemies and the other conditions - the Gold Skulltula will appear in front of the Chief's Room in the north side of the map.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Sheik: blow up a boulder in the area south of E. Boulder Keep to find a chest containing the Heart Container.
  • Using Impa: capture the East Goron Keep to spawn a chest that contains the Piece of Heart.

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