Part 4: The Sorceress of the Valley (Valley of Seers)

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The Sorceress of the Valley (Valley of Seers)

After the initial cutscene - travel up the western side of the map being sure to capture the outposts and keeps along the way. Once you have captured the West Keep - a chest will appear containing the Deku Spear for Lana. Now travel to the center of the map in order to fight Volga. Once defeated - Volga flees from battle.

Now travel east and capture the East Keep. Travel towards the center of the map to find some vines blocking the path forward. Now escort the Engineer to the East Ruins Bridge. He will lower it down so continue north across the bridge. Capture the Eastern Room and continue towards the west.

Capture the Western Room to spawn a chest that contains the Boomerang. Go back east and to the north towards the center of the top of the map. Use the Boomerang on the vines and continue onward to find a cutscene with Cia. After the cutscene continue towards Cia. Another short cutscene will appear showing that Manhandla has entered battle.

Travel to the center of the map in order to take on Manhandla. Simply use the boomerang on all 4 heads once they turn green. This will stun Manhandla and allow the player to damage the weak spot. Repeat this process and Manhandla will eventually retreat underground.

Manhandla Stalks will appear around the map moments later. Go around taking out the Manhandla Stalks until the full body reappears. Now repeat the previous steps in order to damage the creature. After a few rounds - the foe will be vanquished and this scenario will now be complete.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located on the south entrance to West Temple to the northwest side of the map.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Link (Hylian Sword) - Defeat Volga within 3 minutes and continue the scenario as normal. The Gold Skulltula will appear once Manhandla is found during the Manhandla Stalk portion. The Gold Skulltula is located behind the Gatekeeper located behind the locked gate slight north of the center of the map.

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