Part 2: The Sheikah Tribesman (Eldin Caves)

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Eldin Caves - The Sheikah Tribesman

After the initial cutscene - travel towards the north to find the Hylian Captain. You will have to bomb a wall in order to progress far enough to reach the captain. After the meet up - travel a short distance to find that lava is blocking the path ahead. Goron Captain will transport a Bombchu into battle.

Head back down south in order to keep enemies away from the Bombchu so that it can continue to advance. You will eventually come to West Square. Capture West Square to open the gate forward and continue escorting the Bombchu to the stone spire. Cross the new passage that is created.

Continue north to find Sheik and now head east across the top of the map until you reach Tunnel Square. Capture Tunnel Square and open the chest for a Weapon, which turns out to be a Fire Rod for Link. Now head east and through the winding passage to find the Spirit of the Caves. Defeat Spirit of the Caves and head west through the newly opened path.

Wait for the next mission to begin and head to the two nearest keeps to find the Bombchu. The Bombchu is not located in the eastern keep - the Stock Room - so head to the western keep - Central Square. The Bombchu will be here so be sure to capture the keep. Now you must once again escort a Bombchu.

Wizzro will appear this time and the player must be sure not to let the Dark Forces defeat Link or a Bombchu. Defeat Wizzro and capture a couple outposts to resupply your team with backup. Now kill off swarms of Dark Forces to make the Bombchus resume their advancement to the stone spires. Cross the landmass and continue to the exit of Eldin Caves to complete this scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located underneath the boulder southeast of Stone Square.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Impa (Giant's Knife) - Near the end of the scenario, protect the two Bombchu and Sheik until the Bombchu arrive at the Stone Spires. The Gold Skulltula will now spawn in the northeast corner. There will be a small path far north - use the Hookshot to get to the platform with the Gold Skulltula.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Impa: next to the outpost in the southeast corner of the map will be a boulder. Blow it up to find a chest containing the Heart Container.
  • Using Link: capture the Crystal Cave in the northeast of the map to spawn a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

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