Part 8: The Shadow King (Palace of Twilight)

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The Shadow King (Palace of Twilight)

Travel up the east side of the map and capture Lower Level East to spawn a chest containing a weapon, which turns out to be the Sealing Tome. Continue north and capture the Upper Level East. Open the chest to obtain the Hookshot, which will prove pivotal to this scenario.

After Argorok appears - head towards the West Square. Capture it and escort the allied person to West Square in order to setup a Magic Circle. Use the Magic Circle to repel Argorok. Now travel to Upper Level East and protect Agitha from the Commando.

Head to Central Square and use the Magic Circle to repel Argorok once more. Argorok will appear once more after a moment. This time - head to the Fairy Fountain and use the Magic Circle in order to knock Argorok out of the sky. Head to Central Square to defeat him.

To defeat Argorok - use the Hookshot on his tail once it turns blue. This will pull Argorok down to the ground. Now attack him repeatedly. Do this process several times and Argorok will be defeated. Now the Enemy Base opens and Zant is on the prowl.

Head north to intercept Zant and prepare for battle. Zant will put up a good fight but is a relatively straightforward battle. Simply keep using combo attacks and special until Zant is defeated. A short cutscene will happen and that completes this scenario.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located to the west of the most northern Keep underneath a boulder. Use a bomb to find it.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Midna - Follow the scenario as normal then defeat Argorok while staying above 50% health and keeping Agitha alive. The Gold Skulltula is located on the south entrance to the Enemy Base.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Midna: to the north of the Enemy Base will be a boulder with a chest inside. The chest contains the Heart Container.
  • Using Lana: capture the West Palace to spawn a chest containing a Piece of Heart.

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