Part 10: Sealed Ambition (Sealed Grounds)

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Sealed Ambition (Sealed Grounds)

After the initial cutscene - head east and capture East Keep to open the path north. Go north and defeat the Gatekeeper. Now head south to defeat the Turncoat Soldiers. Continue going south and capture the keeps along the way. East Canon Keep holds a chest containing a weapon (White Sword) upon capture.

Continue going south and defeat the Turncoat Leader at the Allied Base. Now travel to the center of the map in order to fight the Imprisoned. Attack the creature's toes until they are all gone. The Imprisoned will fall down so attack it repeatedly.

If the Imprisoned reached either the West Canon Keep or the East Canon Keep and starts hovering - go into the keep and capture it. Now use the Groosenator to know the foe out of the air. Travel back and attack the Imprisoned some more. Repeat this several times to defeat it.

Once the Imprisoned is defeated - Ghirahim will open up the temple. Travel north and through the temple in order to reach him. Now is time for the final battle of the scenario. Ghirahim does not take much strategy - simply dodge and attack him when he is not guarding. Once Ghirahim is defeated - the scenario will be complete.


Gold Skulltulas

  • Kill 1000 Enemies - Any Character - Gold Skulltula is located on the wall on the far east side of the map behind some vines, which can be cut using the Boomerang.
  • On Hard Difficulty - Link (Fire Rod) - Follow the scenario as normal but be sure to keep the Imprisoned from destroying any keeps and defeat him within 15 minutes. Once the Enemy Base becomes accessible - the Gold Skulltula will spawn on the east side of the East Temple Keep.

Heart Pieces

  • Using Link: capture West Keep to spawn a chest containing the Piece of Heart.

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