Part 19: The Dragon of the Caves (Eldin Caves)

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The Dragon of the Caves (Eldin Caves)

Head northeast and capture the Stock Room. Now head northwest and capture the Tunnel Square. Head slight north and east to the Crystal Cave to find the ancient ring. The Crystal Cave becomes the Allied Base. Now head west and fight with Volga. He will retreat to another part of the map.

Now head north to capture the North Square. Head south and capture the West Square. Continue to the Stone Square to the east and capture it. Finally - head south and capture the South Square. This will open the Entry Square to the west where Volga is located.

Begin fighting with him and two King Dodongo's will appear. Wizzro will betray you and head towards the Allied base. Defeat Volga and continue on towards the Allied Base to fight with Wizzro. This scenario is completed after they are both defeated.

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