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Free the Divine Beasts

Exit Impa’s House and select the Free the Divine Beasts quest from the Adventure Log. You will see 4 markers now on the Sheikah Slate. Head to the closest one, which is to the northeast from Impa’s House. Before exiting Kakariko Village, be sure to active the shrine at the top of the hill to the north.

This shrine is really easy to find, just head back towards the center of Kakariko Village and take the path leading northern up the hill. You will find the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine. Activate it to be able to transport back to Kakariko Village more easily in the future.

Ta’loh Naeg’s Teachings - Ta’loh Naeg Shrine

Upon entering the Ta’loh Naeg Shrine, you will be taking part in the Ta’loj Naeg’s Teachings trial. Before heading to the other side of the room, open both of the chests. They will contain an Eightfold Blade and the Shield of the Mind’s Eye. Head into the center of the room to start a fight with an enemy.

You will have to perfect several technique to overcome the foe. They will be taught to you during the fight. The tutorial will teach you how to dodge an enemy attack, parry an enemy attack, do a backflip, and perform a charged attack. These will all be useful throughout the game.

After finishing this short tutorial, head north through the door and open the chest, which contains a piece of Opal. Continue up the stairs and examine the structure. You will get a Spirit Orb and be transported back outside the shrine.

Once back outside, exit Kakariko Village via the route to the north of Impa’s House. This will be a short path that leads to the edge of a cliff. Walk towards the cliff and you will eventually be taken into a cutscene. Now look out into the distance to see a shrine.

Jump off of the cliff and glide over to the nearest piece of land. There will be some weapons and a Korok, which is the fairy looking thing fluttering about and it will give you a Korok Seed. Continue north to find the Daka Tuss Shrine. Activate it and continue inside to be taken to the Sunken Scoop trial.

Sunken Scoop – Daka Tuss Shrine

This trial begin in a room with a body of water containing several floating balls. Use the Magnesis Rune to lift the object underneath the water and scoop up one of the balls. Lower the ball into the pit in the back corner of the room. Make the ball fall out and go into the hole.

This will open a path forward. Pick up the scoop once more and carry it with you to the next room. This room a bit more tricky. You need to scoop up a ball and place it on to of the blocked off pit in the corner. Now drop the scoop onto the switch underneath the water.

This will activate the switch and open the pit, dropping the ball into the hole. This will lower the water level. Climb down and head into the next room. Head up the ramp and up the stairs to examine the structure. You will now get another Spirit Orb and be transported back outside of the shrine.

Back outside, head north to find the Goponga Village Ruins and continue north to find the Moor Garrison Ruins. Defeat all of the Bokoblins in Moor Garrison Ruins. Look inside the northern ruin to find a chest, which contains the Knight’s Halberd. Continue heading north to find yet another Shrine.

You will be stopped before you are able to reach the shrine by someone named Ledo. After a brief dialog, head towards the tower to the east since the shrine will be blocked off for now. Continue east and you will have to swim over to a patch of land. Continue east and defeat the Bokoblins.

Now go south to find some structures in the water that appear to be a series of wooden bridges. Swim over to them. If you cannot swim due to the strong water current, you will need to go to the land nearest to the structure and dash once you reach the water. You will be able to dash swim through the current.

Continue east across the bridges to get to the other side of the river. There will be a cutscene right before you reach land with a Zora named Tottika. Now you know where you need to go, which is not on this side of the river. Go back south and head east and slightly south to reach a bridge going to land.

There will be ruins of a small house so you know you went the right direction. Make your way up to the tower on top of the mountain. You will have to climb part of the way and fight off several Bokoblins and other enemies. The winding path is rather easy to navigate, just keep an eye on the tower.

Once you climb all the way up, you will be at Lanayru Tower. You might want to defeat the foe tossing frost at you before climbing the tower. Otherwise, it will be a bit more difficult. Climb up the tower and examine the pedestal to gain access to another portion of the map.

There will also be a Zora named Gruve on top of the tower. Speak with him to see the direction of Prince Sidon. You should also see another shrine. Glide over to the shrine, which is the Soh Kofi Shrine. Examine the pedestal to activate the shrine. Go inside to take part in the A Minor Test of Strength trial.

A Minor Test of Strength – Soh Kofi Shrine

The Soh Kofi Shrine is really straightforward; however, it can be challenging. Head into the first room for a fight with a formidable foe. It occasionally shoot lasers at you, so be sure to hide behind a pillar when this happen. Simply attack it as much as possible.

It will eventually run away. Hide behind a pillar and it will perform a spin attack. The pillar will stun the creature. Quickly deal as much damage as possible. Continue this until the creature starts performing a laser sweep of the room. During this portion, you need to use your bow to hurt it.

After a few more rounds, the creature should be low on health. It will run away and start pointing a red laser at you. This is your que to run up and defeat the creature before it shoots you with the laser. This laser will destroy pillars and the foe will likely defeat you, so be sure to quickly down it while it is charging the attack.

Once you defeat the enemy, pick up everything it drops and continue into the next room. There will be a chest. Open it to get the Knight’s Bow. Continue up the stairs and examine the structure to get another Spirit Orb and to be transported outside of the shrine.

Once outside, jump down from the cliff and walk or glide over to the blue bridge to the east. Once you reach the bridge, a cutscene will ensure with Sidon. You will get the Electro Elixir. Run across the Inogo Bridge to the other side of the river. Continue heading down the path to Zora’s Domain.

Reach Zora’s Domain

Before continuing with the Free the Divine Beasts quest, you will want to complete the Reach Zora’s Domain quest. Make sure it is selected and head towards the marker on the Sheikah Slate, which will be inside Zora’s Domain. Continue down the path, which goes up a small hill.

You will come across a sign that reads, “Zora’s Domain ahead ->” once you reach the top of the hill. Continue following the river and the path towards Zora’s Domain. When you get towards the end and start up the hill, there will be a cutscene with Sidon.

Continue up the hill and follow the path. You will find a Traveler’s Bow and some other supplies along the way. At the top of the hill will be a few boulders, just doge them and keep following the path. You will want to follow the path on the outside of the beaten path for this portion as it will be blocked.

As you come around the corner, there will be several archers that will shoot arrows at you. Continue along the path to find a chest, which contains a Soldier’s Bow. Get it and continue along the path. You will be greeted with another cutscene with Sidon shortly.

Continue along the path, being sure to defeat all of the enemies, and you will come across a coupe campfire before another blue bridge. Gather all of the supplies around the campfires and continue to the bridge, which is Oren Bridge. Head across for another cutscene.

Halfway to Zora’s Domain

You will find out you are only halfway to Zora’s Domain instead of almost there. Continue along the path, being sure to defeat the foes along the way, until you reach a long bridge at the top of a hill. This bridge will be called Luto’s Crossing.

Head across the bridge for another dialog with Sidon. There will be a large enemy after the dialog. You can fight it or just continue along the path avoid it by dashing. Continue along the trail up the mountain. If you can mount any wild deer or such to ride them, that would speed the process up.

Continue up the mountain trail. You will come across an Electric Wizzrobe. Either defeat it or doge it, but continue along the path. You will come to another blue bridge. Go across it to finally reach Zora’s Domain.

Zora’s Domain

At the end of the bridge will be another cutscene. Watch it and continue into Zora’s Domain. There will be a shrine located shortly pass the entrance. It is strongly recommended that you activate this shrine. It will be called the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine. Enter it to take part in the Pushing Power trial.

Pushing Power – Ne’ez Yohma Shrine

Upon entering the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine, you will notice a lot of stone balls rolling down a sloped area. Wait a moment and they will cease rolling. Make your way to the top of the sloped area and you will see an orange ball at the top. Climb up and take one of the paths that go above the sloped area.

Continue heading back down to find a chest, which contains a Zora Spear. After opening the chest, head back up to the top where the ball is located. Rise a pillar of ice behind it to push it off the ledge. It will stop shortly after falling down. Now run down to where the laser is roughly midway down the slope.

Place a pillar of ice between the two structures here so the ball will be able to roll from one to the next. Now go back up and raise an ice pillar beneath the ball to make it start rolling again. It should roll almost all the way down the sloped area and stop next to the large stone ball.

Run down and place an ice pillar beneath the path of the ball to stop it before reaching the bottom structure. Now raise the ball to make it roll down and stop at your ice pillar. Raise another ice pillar against the bottom structure – this time slightly over towards the wall.

It needs to be able to trap the ball in front of the hole at the bottom. Now climb onto the side of the ice pillar blocking the ball and slowly push the ball to make it roll down and get trapped below. Finally, raise the ball to make it roll once more and fall into the hole.

This will unlock the door in the shrine. Head through the door and examine the structure. You will get another Spirit Orb and be transported back to Zora’s Domain, where the next part of our journey begins. Head to the upper level of Zora’s Domain and head to the top to find the Throne Room.

Free the Divine Beasts Continued

This will complete the Reach Zora’s Domain quest, so select the Free the Divine Beasts quest once more in the Adventure Log. Head towards the large Zora for a cutscene and you will get the Zora Armor. Now you will have the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest. This is the first Divine Beast we will be conquering.

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