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Divine Beast Vah Naboris

After speaking with Riju, head west towards the marker – make sure you have the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest selected in the Adventure Log – and speak with Teake for some dialog. Now exit Gerudo Town and head north to northwest towards the new marker.

Just keep running until you reach the marker. You will have to do a little climbing towards the end and dodge boulders. You will eventually start seeing ninjas as well. Defeat them before heading into the room where the marker is located.

Use a torch to burn all of the drapes in the room, which will expose a couple chests that contain a Purple Rupee and Sapphire. You will also find a set of stairs leading east. Head up the stairs to find Yiga Clan Hideout.

Yiga Clan Hideout

Once inside Yiga Clan Hideout, you will notice a couple bunches of Mighty Bananas. Pick them up and head down stairs, being sure to not let the guard spot you. When the guard walks around the platform in the middle of the room, run up and climb on top of the platform.

Wait for the guard to walk towards the area you just came from and jump down. Quickly run down the stairs and hide behind the obstacle to keep the next guard from seeing you. Whistle and the guard will start walking around. Wait for the guard to turn the corner and run inside the door.

Continue down the path and climb up the ladder at the end. Head towards the end on this platform to find a room full of Mighty Bananas and a chest, which contains a Topaz. Head back down the path and hop down onto the platform below, but do not let the guards see you.

Shoot the sticks holding up the bananas nearby and wait until the guards are towards the back of the room. Hop down and quickly run over towards the north and hide behind a piece of stone to the east nearing the door with another guard blocking it.

Toss some bananas near the wall and whistle to make the guard come looking. The guard will run over to the bananas, so quickly run around and through the door. Continue down the hall to find a room with a chest in the center, which contains Mighty Bananas. Another chest can be found with the Magnesis Rune.

This chest contains a Topaz. Now use the Magnesis Rune once more to pull the hidden door open to the east. Run inside the door to get to the next room. A brief cutscene will happen and you will now be in a fight with Master Kohga, leader of the Yiga Clan.

Yiga Clan Hideout Boss: Master Kohga

The Yiga Clan Hideout boss fight is rather straightforward. Master Kohga will start the fight by spawning a ball above his head. Quickly shoot him with an arrow to make it fall down and stun the boss. Run up and do as much damage as possible. Repeat this a few more times.

Master Kohga will eventually begin stage 2 of the fight. Simply wait until one of the balls is above his head and shoot him with an arrow. Run over and deal as much damage as possible. This stage is pretty short and only takes a couple repetitions.

Finally, Master Kohga will start controlling a large spiked ball and rolling it around the area. Use the Magnesis Rune to take control and hit Master Kohga with it. After a couple hits, this boss fight will be over with a cutscene. Open the chest for the Thunder Helm.

Reaching Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Travel back to Gerudo Town and go talk with Riju at the top of the building she was in earlier for a cutscene. Exit Gerudo Town and head southeast to get to the new marker. Climb to the top of the structure and speak with Riju again.

After the dialog, you will get Bomb Arrow x20 and be off on a sand seal ride. Controlling the sand seal can be tricky at times. You will want to stay within the area protected by Riju. The goal is to shoot the bomb arrows at the pink parts of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris’ feet.

Wait until you are close and try shooting each foot twice at a time. This will turn it from pink to a sandy color. It is easier to shoot the arrows at the feet if you speed up and get really close to the Divine Beast; however, you will have to drop back into the protection area during times the lighting strikes.

After shooting all 4 feet, there will be a short cutscene with the Divine Beast. After the cutscene, you will now be on the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and off to the find the map of it.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Once on the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, you need to head forward towards the other side. Defeat the enemy along the way. Make your way up the ramps and shoot the eyeball with an arrow to remove it. Head inside and run all the way to the end, but do not exit the other side.

Now climb up the side to reach a ledge. Follow the ledge up and into the room with the Guidance Stone. Examine the pedestal to get the map of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Head back towards the platform in the center of the Divine Beast. Go outside the right side and defeat the enemy.

Head back towards the rear of Vah Naboris. Now rotate the part closest to you on the map a couple times to reveal a new room. Head inside and rotate it once more to gain access to the pedestal in the room. Examine it and rotate the section a few times so that you can exit.

Now head back inside Vah Naboris and run across to the other side. Go back outside and defeat the enemy. Now head around towards the rear of the Divine Beast to find an open door. Head inside to find a chest, which contains Bomb Arrow x5.Exit the room and run back around.

Continue to the far side to find a large circle that can be bombed. Blow it up and run back inside Vah Naboris. Continue across to the other side, make sure the section is rotated properly if not, and toss a bomb at the wall to blow open another hole.

Dash and jump across to find a chest, which contains an Ancient Spring. Rotate this section a full circle. Hop down and you should notice an upside down pedestal. Rotate the section until you and the pedestal are upright. Shoot the eyeball in the center and run across if you are on the opposite side.

Examine the pedestal and now rotate the center until the circuit forms at the top. This will cause the front of Vah Naboris to start rotating. Jump down and down inside the spout. Be careful to dodge the spikes and be sure to use the Stasis Rune on the lasers to stop them for firing.

Run to the end and shoot the eyeball. Open the chest to get the Knight’s Shield. Now exit back out of the spout. Make your way back to the top of the section nearest the spout, which may take rotating the section a few times. Now rotate the center section to make the circuit on the left side.

This will allow access to a chest. Hope down and glide over to the chest, which contains an Ancient Shaft. Now line al of the sections circuits at the top once more to make the front rotate. Climb inside the door as it passes across the floor. Use it to take you to the top where there will be an opening.

Go out of the opening and onto the top of the spout. Rotate the wheel until the circuit is complete. Now rotate the wheel in the opposite direction until the other side of the circuit is complete. This will cause the spout to raise up and an elevator will now be available.

If you turn around and head back in briefly, you should see a chest in the middle section. Turn it to make the chest obtainable. Glide over and open it to get the Knight’s Bow. Now back out on top of the spout, ride the elevator all the way up.

Head inside the room at the top to find another pedestal. Examine it and go back down the elevator. Now position the sections so that you are able to travel across the top part of the room and exit the opposite side of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

You will have to position the section nearest the spout with the circuit down and the other 2 sections with the circuit up. Now travel across and glide when needed. This can be done by heading up the wall to and higher point and gliding over to the lower point on the next section.

Now exit out onto the rear of Vah Naboris. Use the Magnesis Rune to move the circuits so that the top one is all the way in and the bottom one is all the way out. This will make the rear of Vah Naboris raise up. Turn the center section to break the circuit. The rear will come back down.

Head towards the back of it to find an orange object. Stand here and rotate the center again to complete the circuit. The rear will raise up with you on it this time. Run over towards the eyeball to make it open up. Shoot it with an arrow to get rid of it.

Run inside and attack the eyeball in this room as well. Ride the platform down and attack the eyeball in this room also. Now ride the platform back up and jump off to one side to find a chest, which contains an Ancient Screw. Get back on the platform and jump off the other side to find a ball.

Pick it up and carry it up to the top using the platform. Place it near the orange switch to activate the platform. Hop on and ride over to the other side. Kill the enemy and ride the platform down. Shoot an arrow at the eyeball to get rid of it. Ride back up and head over to examine the pedestal.

Now ride up even high and get off. Turn around to find a chest on the other side of a gap. Ride the top of the moving platform over and open the chest to get a Topaz. Ride back across and grab the lone ball. Wait for the platform to move and drop down through the hole below.

Defeat the 2 enemies and place the ball on one of the circuit pads. Ride the platform back up and pick up the ball powering the lift across the gap. Drop back down and place the ball on the second circuit pad. This will unlock the area with the final terminal pedestal.

Examine it and head back inside the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. One last thing to do before you activate the last pedestal here. Head towards the bottom and outside to the rear will be a dangling chest. Shoot the rope with an arrow to drop it to the ground below. You cannot get it until leaving Vah Naboris.

Now head back inside and rotate the center section until you are able to reach the pedestal. Like previous Divine Beasts we have conquered in this walkthrough, there will be a boss. Make sure you are stocked up on any needed suppliers and, finally, activate the switch to fight Thunderblight Ganon.

Divine Beast Vah Naboris Boss: Thunderblight Ganon

The boss of Divine Beast Vah Naboris is Thunderblight Ganon. This boss can be rather difficult due to its speed. There are roughly 3 stages to the fight and each one has its own challenges.

Stage 1

Stage 1 is arguably the easiest stage of the fight. Thunderblight Ganon will throw lighting balls at you and travel quickly up beside you to attack. You will to have a shield equipped and target the boss at all times. Dodge the lightning and use the shield to block the fast attack.

Quickly attack the creature after blocking to break the shield of the beast. Now do as much damage as possible. The creature should become stunned, so run over and do more damage. Repeat until Thunderblight Ganon is at half health. This will start stage 2.

Stage 2

Thunderblight Ganon will now start tossing pillars down on the ground around you. Stay away from them to keep from being damaged by the lighting. Now use the Magnesis Rune to pick up one of the pillars and position it near Thunderblight Ganon.

Lightning will eventually strike the pillar. This will destroy the pillar and also damage the boss. Thunderblight Ganon will fall down and be stunned. Run over and attack the foe as much as possible. This process may or may not have to be repeated before stage 3 starts.

Stage 3

Thunderblight Ganon will now start another round similar to stage 1 of the fight. This variant will be faster paced and more crucial that you use food to raise the max health of Link. You will need to dodge or block quickly, being sure to heal fully between attacks.

Simply attack Thunderblight Ganon similar to stage 1 and do as much damage as possible whenever the boss is stunned. Be sure to hide if the creature starts aiming the red laser at you. Simply keep attacking to finish the fight. Pick up the Heart Container that is dropped after the cutscene.

Now head back up to the pedestal and examine it. After a cutscene you will get the Urbosa’s Fury and be teleported back to Gerudo Town. Head inside and talk with Riju, which completes the Divine Beast Vah Naboris quest. Open the chests to get the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker.

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