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Free the Divine Beasts Continued

After completing all of the Divine Beast dungeons and quests, make sure the Free the Divine Beasts quest is selected and head to Kakariko Village. Travel to the marker and speak with Impa. This will prompt some dialog and complete the Free the Divine Beasts quest.

You can now start the Destroy Ganon quest if you would like, but we are going to first complete the Captured Memories quest. If you have been following our walkthrough, you will now have recovered 4 memories; however, these are not the memories you need for the quest.

You can do a brief quest now that will help you located the memories later. Head to Kakariko Village and speak with Pikango outside of Impa’s House to receive the Find the Fairy Fountain quest.

Find the Fairy Fountain

Now follow Pikango to the top of Kakariko Village. Speak with him after he stops running. Now head down the path into the woods. To the north will be a giant spiny object with glowing orange stuff surrounding it.

Examine it for some dialog with Great Fairy Cotera. Now switch to the Picture Rune and take a picture of the Great Fairy Fountain. Travel back to Pikango and show him the picture. After a brief dialog, Pikango will tell you the ware bouts of one of your pictures. This completes the Find the Fairy Fountain quest.

Captured Memories

After getting a least 1 of the recovered memories below, return to Kakariko Village and speak with Impa to receive the Champion’s Tunic. It is recommended that you have activated all of the Sheikah Towers before finding the memories as it will make it easier to find them.

  1. Subdued Ceremony – Sacred Ground Ruins – South of Hyrule Castle
  2. Resolve and Grief - Lake Kolomo - West of the Lake
  3. Zelda’s Resentment – Ancient Columns – Southwest of Tena Ko’sah Shrine
  4. Blade of the Yiga – Kara Kara Bazaar – Northeast of Pond
  5. A Premonition – Eldin Canyon - West of Goronbi Lake are the far west peak
  6. Silent Princess – Southwest of Irch Plain on Hill by Pond
  7. Shelter from the Storm – East of Scout’s Hill across Hylia River – Beside Tree on Top of Hill
  8. Father and Daughter – Hyrule Castle – West Side of Hyrule Castle above Princess Zelda’s Room
  9. Slumbering Power – Spring of Power - North of Ordorac Quarry
  10. To Mount Lanayru - Sanidin Park Ruins - South of Nima Plain and Northeast of Safula Hill
  11. Return of Calamity Ganon – Lanayru Road – East Gate – Roughly between Trotter’s Downfall and Lanayru Bluff
  12. Despair – Hyrule Field - Northeast of Bottomless Swamp in wooded area

Once you have acquired all 12 memories, proceed back to Kakariko Village and speak with Impa. There will be one final memory to acquire. It is located east of Dueling Peaks Stable in the swampy ruins. Go there and get it to finish the Captured Memories quest.

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