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Locked Mementos

After speaking with Impa, open your Adventure Log and make sure that Locked Mementos is selected. Close the Adventure Log and exit Impa’s house if you have not already done so. Head towards the marker on the Sheikah Slate.

Begin by exiting Kakariko Village and heading back down the winding path and across Kakariko Bridge. Continue until you find the sign that reads, “<- Kakariko Village Hateno Village ->.” Take the path to Hateno Village. Continue following the path until you come to Fort Hateno.

Head inside and continue down the trail. You’ll go for quite a distance down this trail until you come to a sign that reads, “<- Hateno Village Equestrian Riding Course ->.” Take the path to Hateno Village, which be start off to the north and turn to the east. Follow this path around and up the hill until you finally reach Hateno Village.

Hateno Village

Go towards the back of Hateno Village and take the path continuing up the hill. You will reach a sign that reads, “<- Hateno Pasture Hateno Ancient Tech Lab ->.” Take the path to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. It will be the southern route that goes up higher on the mountain.

There will be another sign shortly after you begin that reads, “<- Hateno Ancient Tech Lab Hateno Beach ->.” Once again, take the path to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. This path is littered with signs pointing to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, so if you do not find these – you took the wrong path.

At the top of the hill will finally be Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Head inside and speak with Purah and be sure to say you are there for the Director. Now speak with Symin and show him the Sheikah Slate. Now talk with Purah once more. Agree to let her restore the basic functions of the Sheikah Slate.

After the dialog, head back outside of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and towards the marker on the Sheikah Slate. Be sure to grab the torch if you do not already have one. The quickest way to get to the marker is to jump off the cliff and glide nearly straight to it. It will be the blueish structure in the distance.

Once here, use a torch or another wooden weapon on the flame to light it. Carry this torch all the way back to Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Be sure to light the lanterns along the way so you will not have to travel all the way back to the blue flame if your torch goes out.

Back at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, light the giant structure to the left of the door. This will activate the lab. Head back inside and speak with Purah. After a short cutscene, you will get the Camera Rune, Hyrule Compendium, album, and Sheikah Sensor added to your Sheikah Slate.

Now use the Camera Rune to take a picture of Purah. Be sure she is in the center of the picture. Save it and show it to her. After another brief dialog, exit Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and head to Kakariko Village to speak with Impa.

If you activated the Ha Dahamar Shrine near Dueling Peaks Stable, travel to it using the Sheikah Slate and head north to Kakariko Village. Otherwise, take the long travel back from Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Once back at Kakariko Village, head to Impa’s House and speak with her.

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