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Hyrule Castle is the final area of the game. This is where the Calamity Ganon resides and where there are copious amounts of Guardians. Be sure to gather lots of supplies and cook up lots of good meals prior to heading here.

Climbing Hyrule Castle

There are a few different ways to approach Hyrule Castle. Our walkthrough will point out what we believe is the easiest route. Head to the west side of Hyrule Castle and glide over to the sand to begin the ascent. Climb up the cliffs until you reach a path.

Follow this path loosely and climb up the cliffs when able to ascend quicker. Be sure to dodge any Guardian beams along the way as they deal lots of damage. Keep climb the west side of the area until you reach the top.

Optional: Getting the Hylian Shield

Travel to the north of the map once at the top. Hop and glide down to the docks below. Climb up and enter the entrance behind the Guardian. Create an ice pillar to open the gate and head inside. Shoot the eyeball inside the cell to continue onward.

Enter the cell where the eyeball was located to find a Royal Guard’s Claymore. Head to the back on the Lockup to find a room with a large pile of bones. Enter it for a fight with the Stalnox. Just dodge its attacks and attack it repeatedly to defeat it. Open the chest for the Hylian Shield. Head back up.

Once back at the top, walk around the goo and enter the room. This room is the Sanctuary and a cutscene will happen as soon as you enter the room. Psyche yourself up as the final fights of the game are about to begin!

Hyrule Castle Boss: Calamity Ganon

Calamity Ganon can be a tricky fight. If you have gotten all 4 Divine Beasts, they will attack at the start of the fight and take away half of the Hyrule Castle bosses life. Your job is to take away the second half. You will have to face the boss of any Divine Beast you have not completed.

Calamity Ganon’s health will also reflect this, so we strong recommend defeating all of the bosses prior to this fight to give you the best edge possible. Once you are fighting Calamity Ganon, dodge all of the attacks and be sure to counter attack when the beast uses a sword attack.

This will deal the most damage if you have the Master Sword. Calamity Ganon will occasionally climb on the walls. Dodge all of the attacks until it falls back to the ground. Now repeat this process several times until Calamity Ganon is at half of its starting health.

A second stage will start now that is very similar to the first stage except Calamity Ganon will now be protected from attacks unless you counter attack or stun it. Just keep repeating the previous process and Calamity Ganon will be defeated. A cutscene will ensue now followed by Dark Beast Ganon.

Final Boss: Dark Beast Ganon

Dark Beast Ganon is a rather straightforward fight. Run over and acquire the Bow of Light. The Bow of Light has infinite arrows. Now circle around Dark Beast Ganon and wait until Princess Zelda gives the que to attack. Hit as many of the light circles on Dark Beast Ganon as possible with the Bow of Light.

Repeat this process several times until you have taken care of all of the light circles. Now Dark Beast Ganon will have an eyeball that occasionally opens on the top of its head. Shoot this eyeball with arrows and, using Revali’s Gale, you can glide upwards and attack head on.

This will defeat Dark Beast Ganon and complete the Destroy Ganon quest. A cutscene will now happen and the credits will rolls. Another cutscene will happen after the credits and the game will return to the main menu. You have now completed Breath of the Wild!

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