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Free the Divine Beasts Continued

Select the Free the Divine Beasts quest in the Adventure Log. We are now going to be heading towards the northern marker on the Sheikah Slate. If you have been following our walkthrough, you will be located in Zora’s Domain. To begin, simply travel west or teleport to the Soh Kofi Shrine

The Soh Kofi Shrine is located west of Inogo Bridge. Continue heading west until you come to the sign that reads, “<- Maw of Death Mountain, Akkala To Zora’s Domain ->” Follow the trail to the north and continue on it until you come to the sign that reads, “<- Maw of Death Mountain Akkala ->”

Take the trail to Death Mountain, which is to the northwest. Continue down this trail and you will soon find some travelers being chased by enemies. Defeat them and continue down the path. You will soon see a shrine slightly to the east on top of a hill. Climb up here to find the Mo’a Keet Shrine.

Metal Makes a Path – Mo’a Keet Shrine

Upon entering the Mo’a Keet Shrine, you will be taking part in the Metal Makes a Path trial. Start by waiting until the boulder rolls pass, now quickly run up the path and use the Stasis Rune on the boulder before it hits you or blocks the path. Now go to the right to find a metal looking ball rolling.

Freeze it near the end of the path and run up the sloped area it came from to find a chest, which contains a Knight’s Broadsword. Now run back to the lower level. Use the Magnesis Rune on the metal ball to take control of it. Use it to block the boulders from hitting you as you traverse to the other side.

The last sloped area will have many boulders rolling down it at the same time. Simply use the metal ball to push them back up the ramp and continue going up it until you reach the top. Run over and climb the stairs to examine the structure. You will get another Spirit Orb and be transported back outside.

Once back outside, head west to find the Foothill Stable. Out front will be a lady sweeping who is named Gaile. Speak with her and purchase 3 Fireproof Elixir. Now board your horse if you have one so that you can take it out at this stable to make travelling faster.

Traveling to Goron City

Mount the horse and continue down the trail. You will soon come to a sign that reads, “Death Mountain Marker #1 Climbing Path Trailhead” This is how you’ll know you are headed in the right direction. Shortly pass this sign will be Maw of Death Mountain.

When you come to the fork in the road, take the east path and be sure to stay out of sight of the Guardian. It will kill you if it hits you with the laser attack. Continue down the trail and up the mountain. You will eventually turn and head back west.

Continue going until you come to the sign that reads, “Death Mountain Marker #2 Goron City ahead” You will have to get off of your horse and continue on foot. Do not take the high road as you will die. Instead, follow the short path leading downward.

This is to the left side of the sign if you are facing the front of it. Continue and you will reach the edge of the cliff. Glide over to the platform down below. Continue making your way from platform to platform until you reach the end.  You will need to climb up to the top of the hill.

At the top will be a tower, which will be called the Eldin Tower. Climb to the top of the tower and examine the pedestal to get the map of the region. Face towards the path, since we can see it on the map now. Jump off the tower and glide as far as you can, being sure to use a fireproof elixir.

Continue down the path, if you go the northern route – you will find healing hot springs, until you find the sign that reads, “Death Mountain Marker #3 Southern Mine” Direct pass this sign will be Southern Mine. Scout the area to find the guy looking at the ground. This will be Kima.

Optional Side Quest: Fireproof Lizard Roundup

We strongly recommend doing this side quest. Speak with Kima and agree to find 10 fireproof lizards. This will start the side quest. Simply run around Southern Mine collecting the lizards. They can also be found under rocks. Find 10 and bring them to Kima to get the Flamebreaker Armor.

Equip the Flamebreaker Armor to gain fire-resistance. Now continue along the path northwest towards Goron City.  You should come across a sign that reads, “Death Mountain Marker #4 This way to Goron City” Continue along the trail behind the sign and be sure to try to doge any falling rocks.

Goron City

You will eventually see a cutscene showing the next Divine Beast along this trail. Continue following the path and you will soon be in Goron City. Head towards the back of Goron City and speak with Bludo for some dialog as well as the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Make sure the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest is selected and head up the path northeastern from Bludo in the back of Goron City. Continue up the path until you reach the Shae Mo’sah Shrine. Examine the pedestal to activate it and head inside to take part in the Swinging Flames trial.

Swinging Flames – Shae Mo’sah Shrine

Once inside the Shae Mo’sah Shrine, head towards the door and hop onto the switch to the side of it. Use the Stasis Rune on the switch and run through the door. Head left to find a chest that contains the Stone Smasher. Continue back to the right and defeat the 3 creatures.

There will be another chest in this room, which contains a Ruby. Now head up the stairs to the next level. There will be a short set of stairs with a switch on top. Hop down next to the switch back to the floor to find another chest, which contains Ice Arrow x10.

Head back up and hop onto the switch. This will lower a lantern next to the wall. Use the Magnesis Rune to swing it over and light the leaves on fire. This will cause the metal ball to start rolling. Head to the back of the room to find the metal ball is stuck.

Hope onto the nearby switch and the ball will be set free. This will unlock another door across the room. Go through this door before it closes back down. There is a chest is this room that contains a Small Key. Head up the sloped path next to the chest to exit this room.

Go to the front of this room to find a locked door. Use the small key to open this door and go into the room. There will be another locked door with leaves around it. Use the Magnesis Rune to push the torch over to the leaves and swing it around some to break it free.

This will light the leaves on fire and drop down the barrel. Pick the barrel up and sit in on the switch nearest to the door. Now go through the door and up the stairs to examine the structure. You will get another Spirit Orb and be transported back outside.

Abandoned North Mine

Once back outside, continue along the trail up the mountain until you reach the Abandoned North Mine. Continue until you reach the Goron blocking the path. Speak with Drak about Yunobo to find out where he is located. Now run pass the Goron and climb up to the cannon.

Drak will engage in another brief dialog. Now hit the lever to turn the cannon and drop a bomb down the hole. Detonate it to send a rock hurling out and into the enemy in front of the canon. You will be doing this with other cannons along the coming path.

Use a fireproof elixir and venture into the path towards the vault. You will have to climb up and take out a few enemies before heading to the east. Hop over and glide into the warm air to be blown up higher. Continue gliding over to the next cannon and turn it using the lever.

Drop a bomb into the hole and detonate it to take out the enemies. Turn the cannon and do this again to take out some more enemies. Hop out towards the north and glide over the hot air, be sure to turn left to reach another patch of hot air that will allow you to safely land on the ledge above.

Continue north along the route and glide over the hot air to reach the next cannon. Turn the cannon and use it to take out the enemies. Now hop off towards the west and use the hot air to reach the next ledge. Continue climbing to reach a trapped Yunobo.

You cannot break these stones, so you must find a cannon to do the job, so head south down the hill a way and there will be a cannon. Use the cannon to defeat the enemies at its default direction. Now hop off the cliff and use the hot air to travel over to that piece of land, which is to the west.

There will be a chest at the top that contains a Knight’s Bow. Look towards the north and you will see another patch of hot air between two tall land masses. Glide over to the air and use it to raise up really high. Turn to the west to find another cannon. Glide over to it and place a bomb in the hole.

Use the lever to turn the cannon and detonate it as it starts pointing towards the rocks blocking Yunobo. This will be before it stops turning, so be sure to keep your eye out for it. Now use the previous hot air to return to the cave where Yunobo resides.

Head up to Yunobo for a brief cutscene. Afterwards, speak with him for some dialog. After he leaves, head back inside the cave and opens the chests to get a Purple Rupee and Ice Arrow x10. There are also some weapons here that may be of use.

You can also climb to the top of this piece of land to find a small rock. Pick it up to reveal a Korok. The Korok will reward you with a Korok Seed for finding it. Now head back to Goron City and speak with Bludo for some dialog. You will be rewarded with Fireproof Elixir x3.

Now you need to head to Eldin Bridge to speak with Yunobo. There are a couple ways to reach it. You can climb up the path towards the Abandoned North Mine and continue along it to reach Stolock Bridge or you can simply head to the south part of Goron City and climb up the cliffs.

Once you are on the other southern side of Stolock Bridge, continue along the path to eventually come across a sign that reads, “Death Mountain Marker #7 The world-renowned, refreshing Goron Host Springs!” You can stand in the hot springs to rejuvenate health if needed.

Now continue along the path towards Eldin Bridge. There is a shrine to the north of the trail a little ways path the hot springs. It is called the Daqa Koh Shrine. Examine the pedestal to activate it and head inside to take part in the Stalled Flight trial.

Stalled Flight – Daqa Koh Shrine

The trial of the Daqa Koh Shrine can be rather tricky for a moment. You will notice the platform bouncing up and down in the center of the room. Hop down when it goes down and it will toss you up. Glide at the top of the toss to reach the top of the giant block in the center of the room.

Now when it tosses you up, jump and glide over to the chest in the corner of the room, which contains a Silver Rupee. Head back to the center and get tossed back onto the giant block. This time when the giant block gets tossed up, use the Stasis Rune to freeze it at the top to unlock the upper room.

After doing this, quick hop over and glide into the room. Run over and up the stairs to examine the structure. You will be given another Spirit Orb and transported back outside of the shrine. Once back outside, head back onto the trail and head towards Eldin Bridge.

There will be a small cutscene once you near the top of the mountain. Continue up and defeat the enemies surrounding Yunobo. Once they are defeated, there will be another brief cutscene. Now head up and talk with Yunobo for some more dialog.

Toss a bomb into the hole of the cannon and use the lever to turn it. Detonate the bomb as the cannon faces the bridge. This will lower the bridge. Now hop down and go across it. This is the Bridge of Eldin. Once across, there will be a cutscene with Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

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