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Getting to Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Before venturing out away from the Bridge of Eldin, be sure to use a fireproof elixir. Now head out and down the trail. You will come to the first sentry. Simply get as far as the sentry allows you with it noticing you. This will be the point the sentry stops moving towards you.

Follow it when it moves back across the path, but be sure not to be seen. Towards the end will be a large overhanging rock formation. Hide underneath it and let the sentry go over head. Now run further along the path before the sentry comes back.

Continue to the next sentry. You will have to climb up the ledge to the north to find a couple boulders you can push off and onto the sentry. Do this and the sentry will be defeated. Now push the boulders out of path and continue following the trail until you reach a cannon.

Yunobo will hop in and act as the cannonball. You do not need to turn the cannon. Just first it in the default direction. This will cause a brief cutscene with the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Now continue following the path to get to the next sentry.

Simply follow it when it follows the trail and hide in the small area in the side of the mountain when able. Signal Yunobo to stay still and continue until you find the next sentry. Climb up the ledge and onto the land above. Continue towards the northeast to find a metal box.

Use the Magnesis Rune to pick it up and attack the sentries with it. After defeating the sentries, lower the box onto the ledge below. Climb back down and make Yunobo follow you once more. Continue down the path and pick up the small piece of a bridge along the way.

Position it below the next sentry and across the gap above to make it stay. This will block the view of the sentry. Now continue along the path and turn northwest to start climbing further up the mountain. Continue climbing and you will come across an enemy. Defeat it and head towards the nearby cannon.

Use the cannon to shoot Divine Beast Vah Rudania like you did previous, except you will have to turn the cannon this time. After a brief cutscene, continue along the path to the next set of sentries. One will be circling the other. Simply follow the moving one as it passes to get to the other side without being seen.

Continue along the path until you reach the next batch of sentries. Make Yunobo stop and continue forward alone until you find a hot air patch against the wall. Jump and glide over it to raise up to the ledge above. There will be a metal box up here. Use it like before to defeat all of the sentries.

There should be 3 sentries that you can defeat with it. Now climb back down and make Yunobo follow once more. Continue along the path to the next cannon. Defeat the enemies here and use the cannon to attack the Divine Beast once more. After a cutscene, you will be on the Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania

Once you enter inside Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the door will close behind you and the lights will go dark. There will be several glowing eyeball creatures in the room. Shoot them with arrows to reveal a chest. Do not forget the one on the ceiling. Go around and open each of the chests.

You will get a Dragonbone Boko Club, Ice Arrow x10, and a Torch. Light a torch with one of the torches in the room. Runs towards the back of the room to find an unlit torch. Light it to unlock the door forward. Put out your torch and equip a weapon. Head into the next room and defeat the enemy.

Now shoot all of the glowing eyeballs with arrows. There should be 4 of them at least. Now go around and open all of the chests, which contain Arrow x5, Arrow x5, and Knight’s Bow. Light the torch back up and go to the back corner of this room to find another unlit torch. Lit it and continue inside.

In the back of the room will be a pedestal. Examine it to get the map of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. You can now control an aspect of Rudania. Head back to the first room, open the map, and tilt Rudania 90 degrees. Head up the sloped ledge in the center until you are over the second room.

Jump and glide down to the pedestal below to examine it. Now un-tilt Rudania and head back to the first room. You will notice an eye shaped hole in a locked door on the wall near the two torches. If you look through the hole, you will see an unlit torch. Simply light an arrow with a torch and shoot the unlit one.

This will open the passage into the room. Light a torch now and go to the left side of the room behind the wall divider. Tilt Rudania and, if positioned properly, you will now be standing on the wall divider. There will be some leaves here. Run over and light them with the torch.

Now hop down below and un-tilt Rudania to make the metal block fall down. Position the metal block using the Magnesis Rune so that it blocks the fire. Tilt Rudania to make the block stop the fire enough to get passed it. Run pass and into the next room, where you will need to un-tilt Rudania.

There will be another pedestal located in this room. Run over and examine it. Now head back to the first room again. Light an arrow with one of the torches and shoot the leaves on the top part of the large metal door. This will unlock the door. Use the Magnesis Rune to push the doors open.

Run inside to find the next pedestal. Examine it and return to the first room to light another arrow. Now return back inside the large doors and shoot the leaves on the wall to burn them. Open the chest in the middle of the room to get an Ancient Gear. Now head back to the first room and tile Rudania.

Run up the path in the middle of the room to get to the top of Rudania. Be sure to use a fireproof elixir before venturing outside. You should see a wall that Link can climb. Hop onto it and un-tilt Rudania. Now climb up the wall to the top and continue going towards the center of the Divine Beast.

Tilt Rudania, being careful that you will fall onto it once the tilt is completed. There will be an eyeball creature that you need to shoot with an arrow. There is also a chest, which contains an Ancient Core. From the chest, you may not be able to jump back onto the ledge. This is fine.

Simply un-tilt Rudania to be on top of it. Continue towards the nose of the Divine Beast and you will find an eyeball creature. Shoot the eyeball to reveal another pedestal, which you need to examine. Now head back to the entrance and down into the first room.

Light a torch and carry it back to the top of Rudania. Head back towards the nose and you will find an unlit torch next to what appears to be a path for a ball. Light the torch to release the ball down inside Rudania. Head back inside and go to the first room.

Tilt Rudania to make the ball go to the bottom of the long sloped area in the middle. Now use the Magnesis Rune to raise the obstacle blocking the ball and wait for a few moments for the ball to finish its journey. You will receive a brief cutscene when this happens.

Hop down into the room below and go inside the newly opened door to find the last terminal of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Examine it and exit the room. Un-tilt Rudania and head back outside and on top of it to find the last pedestal, which will trigger a cutscene and a fight with Fireblight Ganon.

Divine Beast Vah Rudania Boss: Fireblight Ganon

The fight with Divine Beast Vah Rudania boss Fireblight Ganon will only take a few minutes if you are fast; however, you will need to have a fireproof elixir active during the fight. If you do not have any left and are lower on time, we recommend leaving the Divine Beast and acquiring more elixir.

Fireblight Ganon Stage 1

Fireblight Ganon will start off by throwing fireballs at you or attacking with his sword. Simply dodge either attack and shoot arrows at the boss. Ice Arrows work well here. The creature will occasionally be stunned, which lets you run up an attack it if the boss is low enough in the air.

This phase continues like this for several rounds. Once Fireblight Ganon is at half health, it will teleport to the center of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. This will begin stage 2 of the fight. Make sure you have a fireproof elixir active during both stages or you will get damaged due to the heat.

Fireblight Ganon Stage 2

This stage starts off with Fireblight Ganon sucking a lot of fire into his large flame. Simply toss a bomb at him during this and be sure to detonate it once it gets close to him. This will stun the boss. Now run up and deal as much damage as possible.

Fireblight Ganon will either do this process again or start following you around the battlefield. If the boss is following you around, just do like stage 1 and use arrows against it. Be sure to deal lots of damage whenever it is stunned. Repeat until the foe is vanquished, leaving behind a Heart Container.

Pick up the heart container and head back towards the pedestal, which is the main control unit of Rudania. Activate it and you will be taken into a cutscene. After the cutscene, Link will get Daruk’s Protection and be transported back to Goron City.

Head back into Goron City for a dialog with Yunobo. Now head towards the back of Goron City and talk with Bludo for some more dialog. This will complete the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest. Head inside Bludo’s hut and open the chest, which contains the Boulder Breaker.

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