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Free the Divine Beasts Continued

Make sure Free the Divine Beasts is selected in the Adventure Log. If you have been following our walkthrough, you will have access to the Kara Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Desert. Head here and face towards the northwest to find a tower off in the distance.

If you cannot see the tower due to the sandstorm, look for the cliffs and hills. Head towards them and climb up to the top of them. Keep heading northwest until you see the tall tower. You will not be able to reach the tower without gliding over to it; however, do not do this just yet.

Instead, hop and glide down to the spiraling path around the tower. Follow it all the way to the top. It will spiral one way and turn back to the other eventually. Just keep climbing to the top and defeat any enemies necessary. Once at the top, you will notice some ladders and wooden platforms.

Climb up the ladders and finish climbing to the top of the hill. You should be able to reach a platform leading off the cliff towards the west. Go here and hop off. Glide over to the tower and climb up to the first platform. This is Gerudo Tower. Climb to the top and examine the pedestal for the region map.

Face back towards the cliff you jumped from and glide over to it. Make your way back to the top and continue north into the hills. Climb up the one ahead and continue northwest. Jump down and continue heading this direction. You will be heading towards Meadela’s Mantle if you look at the map.

Once you start the ascent at the bottom of the cliff leading to Meadela’s Mantle, you should put on the Warm Doublet and use food that protects you from the cold. Climb to the top of the first cliff. You may have to continue west down this part to find a spot to finish climbing to Meadela’s Mantle.

Run until you reach the slope towards the north. You should be able to easily walk most of the way up it and climb the short distance to the top. There will be some enemies along the way. They do massive damage, so watch out! Once at the top, continue northwest towards Risoka Snowfield.

Continue going until you come to the cliff between Mount Agaat and Risoka Snowfield. There will be a shrine on the side of this cliff. It is within the little circle on the map to the north of Risoka Snowfield. This shrine will be called the Kema Kosassa Shrine. Enter it to take part in the A Major Test of Strength trial.

A Major Test of Strength – Kema Kosassa Shrine

After entering the Kema Kosassa Shrine, you will notice a large area ahead. Run in here to start a fight with an enemy. Switch to the Cyronis Rune for this fight. Use it anytime the creature does the spinning sword attack against you.

You will need to dodge and counter attack when the foe swings a weapon towards Link. This allows you to deal maximum damage. Raise an ice pillar anything it does the spinning sword attack to stun it. Run over and attack once it is stunned.

Repeat this process a few times and eventually it will do the sweeping laser attack. Use arrows on it at this point to stun it. Run over and attack it some more. Repeat the previous couple processes and the enemy will start aiming the red laser at you.

This is your que to run up and deal as much damage as possible in order to defeat it before the attack goes off. Pick up everything it drops and continue into the next room. Open the chest to get a Silver Rupee. Now examine the structure to get another Spirit Orb and to be transported back outside.

Once back outside, head north towards Hemaar’s Descent. When you get close to Hemmar’s Descent, you will see a tower and a shrine slightly to the east but mostly north. Hop down and glide as close as you can to them. Continue heading north up the cliff and make your way to the shrine.

It is located the top of the cliff, so go all the way to the top and continue east. You will eventually come to the Ancient Columns. The shrine is just a little further into this area. It is called the Tena Ko’sah Shrine. Go inside of the shrine to take part in the A Major Test of Strength trial.

A Major Test of Strength – Tena Ko’sah Shrine

The trial of the Tena Ko’sah Shrine is a combat battle like one of the previous shrines. The tactics the enemy uses is rather similar as well. You need to target the enemy and draw out your weapon, which we recommend picking a fast one.

Wait until the enemy attacks and counterattack to deal a lot of damage. Do this several times and be sure to hide behind the pillars when it starts doing the spin attack. This sill stun it, so run up and attack it some more. It will eventually start shooting a sweeping laser around.

Simply use an Ice Arrow on it to freeze it. Quickly run up and attack it. Repeat these steps and eventually the foe will start aiming the red laser at you. This is your que to do as much damage as quickly as possible to defeat it before the red laser goes off.

After defeating the enemy, a path forward will become unlocked. Pickup everything dropped and head through the door. Open the chest to get a Knight’s Halberd. Now run up and examine the structure at the top of the stairs to get another Spirit Orb and be transported back outside.

Once back outside, face north to see a tower. Head to the edge of the cliff and you will see another cliff ahead. Glide over to this cliff and continue heading towards the tower. You should be able to glide roughly halfway up the cliff of which the tower is located.

Climb to the top of the cliff to find it is surrounded with goo and called the Tabantha Tower. On the inner side of the north pillar will be an eyeball. Climb the southern pillar to easily be able to see and shoot it with arrow. This will cause the northern pillar to fall into the tower.

Glide over and climb up the pillar to begin making your way up the tower. Now just climb up the tower like normal to reach the pedestal at the top. Once at the top, examine the pedestal to get the map of the region. Face north and look into the distance to see a shrine and a mountain between it and you.

Glide over to this mountain and continue north towards the trail. Once you reach the reach, take it towards the northeast to find the path to the center of Lake Totori. You will find the Rito Stable before you turn to head towards Lake Totori. Get your horse here if you want to travel faster.

Now head down the path to the west and across the bridges. At the end of the path right before you enter Rito Village will be a cutscene with the Divine Beast. Head on into the village to finally be within Rito Village. Climb up to nearly the top to find a shrine called the Akh Va’quot Shrine.

Windmills – Akh Va’quot Shrine

Enter the Akh Va’quot Shrine to take part in the Windmills trial. Start by heading right and up the stairs. Turn and go into the next room to find a chest behind some bars. If you look across the other side of the room, there will be a fan across a pool of water.

Shoot an arrow at the orange part at the top to rotate the fan and unlock the door to the chest. Open the chest to get an Ancient Core. Now head back towards the main room. Rotate the bottom right fan to face north. Rotate the bottom left fan to point right.

Rotate the second row right fan towards the left. Rotate the third row center fan towards the left. Rotate the fourth row left fan towards the right and finally the fourth row left fan towards the south. This will open the path forward. Head inside, examine the structure, and get the Spirit Orb.

Once back in Rito Village, head to the top and speak with the large owl here for some dialog. This owl will be named Kaneli. After the dialog, you will get the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest. This will be the last and final Divine Beast needed if you have been following our walkthrough.

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