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Now it is time to find the Master Sword. Several characters have mentioned it throughout the game. To find it, you must travel through the Lost Woods, which is located in the Great Hyrule Forest northeast of the Hyrule Castle.

Travel here by following the trail and you will come to Lost Woods. This is like other Zelda games where the Lost Woods will teleport you back to a certain part – beginning or some other point – if you go the wrong direction.

Lost Woods

Head to the Lost Woods and you will find torches scattered about. Follow them to the right all the way to the end and head north to find another torch. Continue following the torches deeper into the woods. You will come to a spot where there are seemingly no more torches.

Far off in the distance towards the north should be 2 torches. Head here and grab the Torch. Light it and watch the direction the embers fall from it. This is the direction you must go to reach Korok Forest. Continue following the embers and you will come to Korok Forest.

The Hero’s Sword

The Master Sword will be located in plain side within the center of a pedestal. Go over and try to pull the Master Sword out of the stone for a cutscene. Now try to pull it out once more to see if you have enough strength to do such.

This will prompt The Hero’s Sword quest. You will need to have 13 hearts to pull the sword out. There are 4 Heart Containers you get by completing the Divine Beasts and you can get 1 Heart Container for every 4 Spirit Orbs giving to the prayer statues.

After getting all of the required Heart Containers, head back and pull the Master Sword out of the stone for a cutscene. You have now completed The Hero’s Sword quest and should be ready to fully tackle Hyrule Castle. This is the last area of the game.

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