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5.1 - Midna's Desperate Hour

Once you have defeated Twilit Aquatic Morpheel and collected the final Fused Shadow, Link will be warped to Lanayru's Spring. After turning around, Link comes face to face with the King of Twilight, Zant. Lanayru, the Light Spirit of the region, will then make a threatening stance against Zant, but Zant is so powerful that he knocks the Light Spirit back with ease. Using his magic, he sends the orb of light into the spring, covering the region back in twilight.

Once twilight returns, Link is forced into his wolf form and Midna returns to her physical form. Midna exclaims that it is Zant before she is pushed up into the air with her arms bound up above her. Zant questions why Midna continues to defy him and then begins to ask Midna for her power to help them rule over the world of light, not just for himself, but for the betterment of her and her people. However, Midna promptly refuses him and Zant tries to kill her.

Link wakes up and notices Zant about to kill Midna and jumps up at him, jumping into the red orb and being flung backwards. Midna rushes to Links aide as a dark crystal embeds itself into Link's head. Zant then gives up on ever converting Midna to his cause and then pushes her closer to Lanayru's Spring and summons the Light Spirit, who quickly covers Midna in bands of light and forcing her to disappear. Zant turns around to assault Link, but realizes that Link isn't there, realizing that the Light Spirit had warped both of them far from Zant.

Once Link awakens, the Light Spirit tells him to go see Princess Zelda, who knows of the way to return Link to his true form once more. At this time, you will notice that Midna is lying on your back, her normally black skin is now a pale as human skin and the more blue skin looks like burn marks. Her breath will be very heavy and labored and she can barely speak due to being weak.

Follow the pathway to Hyrule Castle Town, avoiding all the monsters in your way. If you talk to one of the animals in the town, they suggest to take her to Telma because Telma could help them. Though, once you try to enter Telma's Bar, someone will force you out of her shop and close the door. Once you back away, Louise, Telma's cat, will jump out from above you and then realize that you are Link. Midna weakly asks how to get to Princess Zelda, and Louise will show a secret path above you.

Push the block to the wall and then enter Telma's Bar. Once in her bar, walk across the ropes above everyone and quietly get passed them without being seen or heard. You can listen into some of the characters while you are above them in order to understand what is going on in the world right now, but none of it will be any use to you right now.

Once you cross over and enter the next area, you will find yourself in Jovani's house. Inside the house you will find the first Poe Soul (Poe Soul #1) in the game which will trigger the remaining Poe Souls in the game (aside from some you can see in caves). Use your senses and dash attack it twice to knock it out. Target the Poe Soul and attack it to rip it out of the Poe. Jovani will thank you for your help and open the chest in his house, which turns out to be a secret pathway to the town's sewer system.

Jump down the sewer system and head left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) till you see a chain switch like you saw in the early parts of the game. Jump at it and open the gate then fall down into the water and head up the stairs. You will run into two Skulltulas. Lure them close to you and wait for them to get close while charging a spin attack. Release it to stun the Skulltula and then start to dash into the Skulltulas and kill them.

Pick up a nearby stick and light it, then light the spiderweb in your way. Light the torch after that spiderweb and light the other end of your stick quickly. Get to the next spiderweb to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and light it. Proceed forward till you reach a dead end with a Bulbin in the room. Use your senses to find a hidden hole you can dig through and fall down.

You know the spiral staircase from earlier in the game? Well, you've returned back to it, but without Midna's help you can't jump from point to point. You'll have to carefully walk over a bunch of tightropes to get to the top of the tower. Once you do, enter the lower door of the tower and then proceed forward. Jump onto the top of the box and fight off a Kargorok, then proceed to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and you will notice a bridge the flaps in the wind. Wait near it and once it starts to fly up due to the wind, jump onto it and quickly reach solid ground. Jump to the top of the castle leading to Princess Zelda's holding room.

Once you enter her room, you will notice she isn't there by the window, and Midna falls over exhausted. Zelda places her hands around Midna's and Midna asks how to break the curse on Link to which Zelda states that it is a different magic than what first transformed him. The only way to lift the curse off Link was to get the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane, which was located deep in Faron Woods.

Afterwhich Midna asks Princess Zelda to tell Link the location of the Mirror of Twilight and Princess Zelda begins to understand who Midna is exactly. Though she doesn't tell Midna where the Mirror of Twilight is, she does off her powers to Midna to save Midna's life, much to the dismay of Midna. Princess then disappears from view and Midna regrets being given Princess Zelda's power.

Warping out of Hyrule Castle, Wolf Link and Midna both notice that Hyrule Castle becomes covered in twilight magic, preventing both of them from even getting near the castle. Midna shakes her hand in anger, but then quickly calms down.

5.2 - Getting the Master Sword

The Sacred Meadow

Quickly talk to Midna and warp to North Faron Woods. Head up towards the Forest Temple and you will notice that the female Monkey is returning back from a hidden area of the forest. Once she gets close to you, she's attacked by a group of Puppets. Use Midna's magic field to quickly dispatch them and save the female Monkey. She will mention that there was an interesting place deep in the woods from where she came from.

Use Midna to jump around to the hidden location. You will come up to a pair of rotating bridges like the ones you saw in the Forest Temple. Kill the nearby Keese so they won't hurt you and wait for the platforms to rotate towards you. Jump onto the first one and dash to the second one and wait for it to rotate again. Cross the ropes while avoiding the swinging log in order to get near the next Howling Stone. Play the song and summon the Golden Wolf who will appear south of Castle Town.

Proceed into the Sacred Grove and then go to the Howling Stone and perform Zelda's Lullaby. This will summon Puppets who will attack and follow Link through out the Sacred Grove. Proceed forward into the next room. Then take a sharp left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). Follow the path until you hear Skull Kid's song (Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time) getting louder. Tackle him and bite him to damage him. He'll get stunned and run away to another part of the Forest.

Return back to the main room and take a left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) under the waterfall opening. Proceed forward and take another left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and you shall hear the Skull Kid. Swim under the waterfall to a hidden location and you will find the Skull Kid. Tackle him again in order to damage him. He'll be stunned again and run off again.

Return back to the main room again and take a left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) from the waterfall. You will notice that the Skull Kid is on a high branch that you cannot reach yet. Proceed to the left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and climb up a few platforms and cross the wooden bridge to the Skull Kid. Tackle him and he'll disappear again, opening another location deep in the forest. Chase after him and you will find yourself in a large open area and the Skull Kid will appear.

He's had enough of your crap now. He throws a temper tantrum, disappears onto a platform and then plays his horns to summon more Puppets. Strike them down and get close enough to the Skull Kid. Once he plays his horn, leap up at him and damage him. He'll disappear to another point in the same room and summon more even more Puppets to attack you. Repeat this process again to finally defeat him.

The Skull Kid will disappear and open the hidden location in the Sacred Grove, leading to the Master Sword.

Guardians of the Master Sword

Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce mark on the ground. This will activate a puzzle in which you need to jump from block to block and lead the Guardians back to their respective spots. The north Guardian will follow the opposite direction that you go, while the southern one will follow each of Link's Movements:

For the Gamecube version, head right, down, left, left, up, right, up, up, right, down, down, left, up.

For the Wii version, you will follow opposite: left, down, right, right, up, left, up, up, right, down, down, right, up.

Once you place the guardians in their respective places, they will slam their staves down and open the door which leads to the Master Sword. Follow the path northward and you will see the Master Sword. Press A to draw the sword, which will cause it to glow bright. A mysterious force will push Midna aside, but Link, refusing to give up, growls loud at the light before all the darkness is expelled out of him and send into Midna's hands. Link then draw out the Master Sword with ease and then lifts it skyward.

Midna appears near Link and shows him the crystal which turned him into a wolf. She cautions him and tell him if he touches it again, he'll turn into a wolf. She suggests to throw the crystal far away, but then realizes that Link can turn from wolf to human form whenever he wants, allowing Link to access new areas. She then holds onto the crystal and then asks Link to accompany her to wherever the Mirror of Twilight is located, to which Link accepts.

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