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2.1 - The Twilight

Wolf Training

Once you proceed to the next part of the game, you will find yourself within a cell in some dungeon. You won't be able to do much for a few minutes, so you can either run in a pointless circle, or mash buttons. You can't break free quite yet.

After a few moments, you will hear laughter and a small imp will appear and talk to you. She will mock you and tell you she can help you get free, but you would have to listen to her. She'll cut you chain off using her twilight magic and then disappear behind the bars that keep you locked away. Follow after her by dashing into the boxes in the corner and then dig under the ground. Another cutscene will happen and the imp will ask you for your full obdience for having help rescue you.

Proceed into the next cell and then target the chain in the wall. Jump at it and pull it down to open a way to the next path. Follow down the pathway and you will fall down and see your very first spirit in the game. Use your wolf senses to view the spirit and "talk" to the spirit. The soldier will start whimpering in fear, talking about the mysterious creatures that lurk in the sewers.

Proceed forward then right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) past the gate. The imp will stop and talk to you and tell you can still fight in your wolf form, so don't worry if you are forced to fight. Continue forward and proceed right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) you will notice a flood gate. Open it by pulling down on the chain nearby it to release the flood water. Swim over the spikes and then proceed left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and pull the chain closest to the second flood gate to drain the water. Head opposite to the flood gate and the imp will go through the bars and tell you to find your own way to her. Luckily, we already drained the water, so press A to go through the hole to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and follow up to meet with her.

Next, proceed up the spiral staircase. You will fall off one piece as it crumbles to the water below. Head back up and then use the imp and target her and jump to her by pressing the action button. Proceed up the stairs while watching out for enemies as well as using the imp to get to places you couldn't before. At the top, you will run into Shadow Keese. Ignore them and get on top of a fallen piece of rock and jump up to the open door on the second floor.

Outside, it will be raining and be quite windy so keep on your guard. There are also Shadow Kargorok in the area, which can be quite a nuisance and challenge.

Proceed forward and you will see your second spirit. He will mention about the sad state of Hyrule Castle, which is where you are now. Proceed right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and push the block up to the wall and climb up over the wall. Proceed forward, the go left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and continue forward. Then turn left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) onto a wooden platform and then use the imp to jump across the platform to another part of the castle. Proceed on top of the castle's roof and follow it to the tower and enter it. Kill the Shadow Kargorok if they give you problems.

Head right up the spiraling staircase and you will meet up with Princess Zelda who will be surprised to see Midna, the imp that helped you. Midna will then order Princess Zelda to tell Link why Hyrule is covered in Twilight and then mockingly call Princess Zelda the "Twilight Princess". Princess Zelda will then tell about an evil king who took an army into the castle and stormed into it and offered Princess Zelda a life or death choice. Because Princess Zelda was the last in the royal family, she was forced to give up in order to save Hyrule, leaving its fate up to the gods.

Princess Zelda tells you to leave before the guard comes, so proceed out of her room and a cutscene will happen. Midna will mock Link again and ask if he forgot about anyone important before turning into Colin then Ilia. Midna then offers Link her assistance, so long as he listens to her. She then warps Link to Ordon Spring.

Get Your Sword and Shield

Once Midna warps you back to Ordon Spring, she will task you to find a weapon and something to defend yourself so you can proceed to fight the creatures of the Twilight Realm.

Head towards Ordon Village and you will notice that some Bulbins have made home around your house. You can choose to kill them or just head to Ordon Village regardless. Once they are defeated, head to Ordon Village and go to Malo and Talo's house, which is where you found Sera's cat. Stay low in the tall grass near the house and listen to Mayor Bo and Jaggle. They will speak about Rusl's injuries and how they have a shield in the house. Wolf Link will stand up and startle them, and they will run in their house.

Run to Sera's Sundries. You'll be attacked by Hanch and your hawk. He's not much a threat, so just run to Sera's Sundries. There is a piece of rock that is sticking out of the ground. Jump onto it and use Midna to help you reach the top of the house. Jump from rock platform to rock platform till you reach Hanch. He will run away like a scared chicken and fall into the water. Use Midna to get on top of the water wheel and jump into the house.

You will fall onto the first floor of the house. The shield is on the wall of the second floor. Jump onto the table and use Midna to jump onto the second floor and then dash into the wall two times in order to collect the Ordon Shield. Go to the nearby window and fall out into the lake.

Rusl will be on watch duty, much to the dismay of his wife, Uli. He isn't much of a threat so long as you are in his line of vision. Simply swim to where the lake and stream meet and continue forward under the small bridge and then head towards Rusl's house. Go to the side of the house near the stream and you will find a dig spot. Dig and get into their house and you will find the Ordon Sword on the couch. Return outside the house and then proceed carefully out of the village.

Once you walk past Ordon Spring, a voice will call for you to visit and you will be forced back into the spring. Suddenly a portal will open and one of the Twilit Messengers will attack you. Target the beast and jump at it and start biting it like crazy. It's not much of a threat and will easy fall down.

The Ordon Spring will then light up bright and beast similar to the Ordon Goats will appear and talk to Link. It is the Light Spirit, Ordona. The Light Spirit will tell Link that if he wants to return to his true form that he needs to assist the Light Spirit which guards Faron Woods, which is covered in Twilight.

Head over to Faron Woods and talk to Midna and ask her to take you into the Twilight Realm. Once Link enters, he cannot return until he saves the realm. Since we don't need anything else, continue forth into Faron Woods.

2.2 - Faron Woods Under Twilight

Gather the Light Tears

Midna and Link will enter Faron Woods, ready to tackle on the beings of the Twilight Realm. Midna comes prepared, wearing the shield on her face and then swinging the sword randomly. Though, she then soon begins to believe those tools are useless and makes them disappear, choosing to keep the items in a safe location until Link could return to human form.

Follow forward and you will run into three shadow beings. If you try to take them all on now, you will only be able to knock out two before the third one will produce a chilling yell that will revive the other two. Run back to Midna and have her hop on your back. She will able to use her magic powers to hold the beings in place, allowing you to attack all three in rapid succession. Gather all of them close to you and then release the magic to attack all of them. Once they are defeated, another portal will appear.

Proceed forward and talk to the remains on the Light Spirit. You will get the Vessel of Light. Take the vessel and then go find the 15 Light Tears that are scattered in Faron Woods. You can find their locations on the map.

Head into the tunnel and there will be two insects (Shadow Insect #1 and Shadow Insect #2) in there. Kill them and gather their Light Tears and then take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) to Coro's house. On the northern end of his house, which leads towards Hyrule Field, there will be Shadow Insect #3 on the wall of his house. Use your senses to see it and tackle into the house to knock it down. Next, go to a raised platform to enter into a secret opening to Coro's house. Climb down and use your senses and listen to Coro. Shadow Insect #4 and Shadow Insect #5 will come out. Use Midna's magic to attack both at the same time (or about the same time) and then collect the Light Tears. Exit from where you came from.

Now take the pathway you took in order to find Talo. Dig under the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side and you'll spot Shadow Insect #6 and Shadow Insect #7. Kill them quickly and get their tears. Next, navigate through the tunnel and then turn right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) to see Shadow Insect #8 Shadow Insect #9. Use your senses and knock them down to get their Light Tears too. Proceed to the purple fog on the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side and then jump along. Continue up the path and jump again till you get to the middle tree. Use your senses and you will notice Shadow Insect #10 Shadow Insect #11 on the wall and that Shadow Insect #12 is flying. Kill them all and get their tears. Proceed forward and jump through the area till you get to the other side of the forest towards the gate that lead to where Talo was. There will two insects (Shadow Insect #13 and Shadow Insect #14) who borrow under ground, so dig above their shadows and quickly kill them in order to get their Light Tears.

Proceed forward and you run into more shadow beings. Kill them like the ones before and proceed upwards to the giant tree. The last two insects (Shadow Insect #15 and Shadow Insect #16) will be here, so kill them quickly. The female monkey will also mention about how the "boss" has been acting funny as of late. Gather the Light Tears and you will return light back to Faron Woods.

The Light Spirit, Faron, will appear and then talk to Link. He will mention that Link turning into his wolf form was a sign--a sign that the powers of the chosen one rest within him and that they were awakening. Link then looks at himself and notices that he no longer wears his Ordan clothing, but instead wears the same tunic as the Ancient Hero. Link then realizes that he is the hero chosen by the gods themselves.

After which, Faron tells Link that in order to defeat the King of the Twilight that Link requires the dark power that rests within the Forest Temple, which Faron and the other Light Spirits locked away. That dark power was so powerful and malicious that was to never be touched by anyone who lived in the light, but with the state that Hyrule is in now, both the Light Spirit and Link agree that they must tap into that dark power.

2.3 - To The Forest Temple

To the Forest Temple

Midna reappears and talks to Link telling him she was just about to go to the Forest Temple herself, but seeing as both of you were heading there, she says that she will tag along with you.

Head to Coro again to get a small key to open the gate back to the northern forest. While you are there, buy the bottle of oil he is selling, leaving you with two bottles.

Proceed through the tunnel back to the purple fog. Once you appear at the purple fog, take out your lantern and walk towards the fog. The female monkey will steal your lantern and walk into the fog, swinging the lantern around to get rid of the fog. Follow behind her and kill any enemy that gets close and scares her. Once you reach the end of her "tour", she'll drop the now empty lantern. Select the bottle of oil you just got and pour it into the lantern to fill it back up.

Go to the big tree (which is the Forest Temple), and you will run into a gold wolf. It will attack you and warp you into a different dimension. Link will then come face to face with a spirit. Attack and you will lose, and the spirit will say that "a sword wields no strength unless the hand the holds it has courage". The Hero's Spirit will then teach Link the Ending Blow, an attack that instantly kills a fallen creature. The Hero's Spirit will then mention that you will need to find certain stones that howl with the wind in order to call him again. After you learn the skill, thew wolf will disappear.

Now, head up to the Forest Temple. Use the lantern on the entrance in order to enter the Forest Temple.

2.4 - The Forest Temple

The First Four Monkeys

Once you enter the Forest Temple, head to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and shoot the Walltulas with your slingshot. Climb up the wall to find a hidden chest containing 10 rupees. Proceed down, kill the Bokoblin, and free the female monkey and follow her. Hit the Walltulas with your slingshot, climb up the wall, and enter the door.

Proceed up to the middle platform and a Skulltula will attack you. It shields itself with its legs so walk a bit away to lure it close to you and then strike with your sword really quick. Kill it with the ending blow. Fall down below and pick up the Bombling and blow up the wall in order to find 20 rupees. Return to the middle platform and light all the torches to get to the north end of the room. Open the chest to get the Dungeon Map.

Once you enter the next room, the miniboss, Ook, will appear and use the Gale Boomerang to cut down the bridge to his room. Nothing you can do now, so turn around and continue to follow the monkey. She will grab ahold of the wire and hang upside down so Link can swing to the next room.

Walk into the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) room and the head left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and strike the Bombling and throw it at the wall. Pick up the pot with a creature sticking out of it. It is a Oocca named Oocooo. She is an "item" which can be used to transport you out of the temple and Ooccoo Jr. can be used to return to the room you used Ooccoo in. Think of it as like Farore's Wind from Ocarina of Time.

Proceed the opposite direction and jump over to northern door. Cross the wind-powered bridge and enter the door. Open the nearby chest and get a small key. Afterwhich, return back to the room that you and the monkey split up from and follow the path east (Gamecube)/west (Wii). Hit the Skulltula hanging from the ceiling with you slingshot and let it fall into the water and die. Go to the door and open it with your key. The first monkey is in this room.

Open the chest near the bridge to get 10 rupees. Roll into the tower where the monkey is captive twice quickly in order to knock the cage down and break the monkey out. Two Bokoblins will attack you, but they aren't a major threat. Kill them and return back to the broken bridge. Both monkeys will get on the wire and allow you to swing to the door. Enter it and in the next room, fall into the water and swim to the southeastern (Gamecube)/southwestern (Wii) part of the room and you will find a hidden hole. In this little crevice, you will find a chest containing 10 rupees.

Now return back to the central room. Now one monkey will jump onto the wire to the middle platform. Reach over to the opposite door, light the spiderweb and enter. The next room has a spiraling staircase that leads up to two more monkeys. There are several Deku Serpents on the ground floor, but ignore them as you continue forward up the stairs. On the way up there, you will see a Bombling. Strike and use it and throw it into the nearby Deku Like (the man-eating flower thing) and then grab another Bombling and then jump to the boulder and throw the Bombling at the boulder to blow it up. Enter the door.

Proceed to the next room and then you will get a glimpse of the next room. You will see a nearby totem pole with a chest. Knock the chest down to get a small key. Grab it and proceed west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to the monkey while watching out for the Tile Worms. Light the unlit torches in order to get to the monkey. Kill the Skulltula and save the monkey. Proceed to the north end of the room and climb up the wall and open a chest for 20 rupees.

Return to the previous room and strike the Walltulas to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) with your slingshot and jump to the wall and climb up to the next room (don't worry about the Monkey falling down and not being able to get to you; he'll meet up with you later). Enter to the next room.

You'll come face to face with a Big Baba, but it isn't a threat. Slash when it tackles at you and repeat it several times. The Deku Baba will die, but it's bud will still be there. Throw a Bombling into the bud in order to get a Small Key. Open the cell of the fourth monkey and return to the previous room. Take the nearby Bombling and drop it into the nearby hole and drop it into the Deku Like below. Open the chest to get Piece of Heart #2.

Proceed back towards the pathway to Ook's room. All four monkeys will climb onto the wire and will allow Link to swing on the wire to lead to Ook.

Miniboss: Ook

Ook's battle can have two different beginnings. If you choose to skip the entrance scene, you won't have to deal with the Deku Serpents, but if you let the scene go, you'll have to deal with them. Either way, they aren't a major threat and you can just slash and kill them.

Ook will jump from totem pole to totem pole and throw the Gale Boomerang in your face. Don't worry, once he throws it, he'll susceptible to being stunned. Once he throws the boomerang, roll into the totem pole he is on and wait for the boomerang to whack him in the face. Once he falls, slash at his butt until he jumps back up onto the totem pole. Repeat until he is defeated.

The Last Few Monkeys

You will be given the Gale Boomerang. Target the fan over the locked door and then use the Gale Boomerang on it three times to open the door. Proceed out and then take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Cross the first wind-powered bridge, use the Gale Boomerang on the switch on the second one and you'll see the fifth monkey. Defeat the nearby Bokoblin and then use the Boomerang on the cage of the monkey. Once he is saved, you proceed back to the room before you got the third monkey.

Once you are in the room where the third monkey was, use the Gale Boomerang on all the torches to access the hidden chest for Piece of Heart #3. Return back to the central room (before Ook's room) and use the Gale Boomerang on the chest above in order to get the Compass. Proceed to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) room. Go near the door to where the first monkey was, but head south. You will see for windmill towers. Hit them in the order of the pathway written on the ground (which is a Z shaped...reversed in the Wii version) and the open the gate to the chest. Inside is the Boss Key.

Proceed northward and cross the bridge. Follow the fifth monkey to the rest of the monkeys. In that same room, head to the room to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to the room where the sixth monkey is. Activate the bridges, kill a Bokoblin, kill the Walltulas, and another Bokoblin to get to the next room.

In this room, kill the Deku Serpents and then use the Gale Boomerang to get the Bombling out of your reach. Throw it into the Deku Like in order to get a Small Key. Next, target the Bombling and target the boulder, then release the Gale Boomerang to get to next level. Climb up to that level and kill the Bokoblin and ignore the Deku Serpents. Use the Gale Boomerang on that level and grab the Bombling again and throw it at the boulder to release the sixth monkey.

Return to the room which leads to two rooms with Monkeys. Head for the one to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Inside there will be few Skulltulas. Kill them all, then light the spiderweb above the monkeys cage (look into the spiderweb to see which one will lead to the monkey). After you save the monkey, kill the nearby Deku Like with a Bombling to get 20 rupees. Climb up the vines and proceed to the final monkey.

In the next room, use the Gale Boomerang to get rid of the centipedes under the titles that block you way to the next room. After that, in the next room, kill the Skulltula, then the Walltulas and head up. You will see the Monkey you need to save. Hit the two windmills with your Gale Boomerang at the same time in order to unlock the gate on the monkey and releasing him. Head back to the previous room, avoid the Deku Serpent. On the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) side of the room, you will see a chest. Inside is 20 rupees.

Head back to the room with all the monkeys. They will form a giant swinging monkey "rope". Jump when they get close and then time your jump right to proceed to the boss door. Break the nearby pots and grab the fairy to ensure protection against the boss of the Forest Temple, Twilit Parasite: Diababa.

Boss- Twilit Parasite: Diababa

During the first phase of the battle, Diababa will have his two side heads try and eat Link. Target a Bombling, then one of the heads and release. Do this for both heads to knock them out. Then the main head of Diababa will appear.

The Bomblings will disappear so you need to avoid Diababa's attacks until you hear a monkey hollering. Surprisingly Ook comes to your rescue with a Bombling. Target him then the main head of Diababa. Release your gale boomerang at the right time and the Bombling will hit his head. Once Diababa falls over, you can attack his main eyeball to deal damage. Repeat this again and use the Ending Blow to defeat Diababa.

Once Diababa is defeated, you are granted the dark power which possessed the Deku Baba, a part of the Fused Shadow. You don't know what this thing is entirely, but you collected one of the few things needed to defeat the King of the Twilight.

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