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4.1 - To Lanayru Providence

After you beat Fyrus and complete the Goron Mines, go to Barnes Shop and purchase some Bombs for 120 rupees. Return to the spring and blow up the wall with a Bomb. Proceed to the back end of the spring and jump into the water to collect Piece of Heart #9. Next, walk over towards that secret entrance again and look up; there are two boulders above you that you can blow up. Use a Bomb Arrow (select the Bow, then move to the bombs and follow the prompt on the screen) on the boulder to reveal Piece of Heart #10. Bring it down to use with the Gale Boomerang.

Go to the Kakariko Gorge and find the hidden cave located at the southeastern (Gamecube)/southwestern (Wii) edge of the area. Blow up the boulder and enter the cave. Burn up the first spider web and head to the first fork in the road and take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Continue forward and defeat the Keese in your way. When you run into the Tektites, take the path that leads southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii). On the next path, take the one that heads right. Kill the Skulltula and open the chest for 50 rupees. Go back to the fork in the road and take the path that goes north. The path to the left leads to a Poe Soul, but you can't get it just yet. Take the right path, kill the Skulltula and light the torches for Piece of Heart #11. You can return to other paths in to gather more rupees.

Return to Kakariko and head to the watchtower. Talk to the Goron to shoot you above and open the door here. Inside, open the chest for 50 rupees. Head back out, climb the ladder, and talk to Talo at the top of the tower. Play Talo and Malos minigame and hit all the targets with your bow to collect Piece of Heart #12. After which, go to Malo's shop and buy the Hawkeye for 100 rupees. Proceed to leave Kakariko through the north gate.

Now cross the stone bridge into Eldin Field, but don't go too far. There's a path to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) that leads to a Piece of Heart. Blow up the boulder that blocks your way and walk up the path, bomb the other boulder in your way, and jump to the vines. Climb them and walk to the chest that contains Piece of Heart #13. Return to Epona and cross the bridge and blow up the boulders. The Bridge of Eldin will separate by the magic of the Shadow Beasts. After the Shadow Beasts appear, you cannot return back to Kakariko Village for a short while. Return back to them and kill them with two Spin Attacks to open the Bridge of Eldin portal.

4.2 - Lanayru Providence Under Twilight

Find Ilia

Once you enter the twilight, proceed forward and eventually you will spot a bag on the ground with a pink scent flowing out of it. Walk up to it and catch the scent which is Ilia's Scent. Follow that scent across the field and you will eventually find yourself at Hyrule Castle Town. Continue to follow it and you will enter Telma's Bar where you will see Ilia sitting beside the body of a Zora child if you use your senses.

Proceed over to the table in the back room where several soldiers are discussing about the state of Hyrule. They want to be able to gain entry to seeing the Light Spirit, Lanayru, but so long as Lake Hylia was dried up, they couldn't. At least now we know where the Light Spirit resides.

Source of the Flow

Exit out of the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) gate and follow west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) and then south till you reach the Bridge of Hylia. Once you reach the Bridge and cross over it, Wolf Link will pick up a strange scent and sniff the ground before looking up ahead and growling. A Shadow Bulbin will shoot one arrow above you and strike the gasoline behind you as well as strike the gasoline ahead of you. You will be trapped between two walls of fire which are inching closer to you. Push the nearby blocks to the edge of the bridge, then jump on top of them, onto the top of the edge of the bridge, then jump down to the lake below.

Once you fall to the bottom of the lake, walk to the giant building that is found on the bottom of the lake. Listen to Fyer, the owner of the building, who will complain about the water level in the lake, wondering if something happened to the Zoras or if it is was curse from the Light Spirit. A Shadow Bulbin will make a noise nearby and Fyer will cover himself, scared for his life. Walk up to Shadow Bulbin in order to fight it.

The Shadow Bulbin will call forth a Shadow Kargarok and will proceed to fly in the air. When the Shadow Kargarok comes up to attack, dash at it and bite it several times to get it to back off. Once you've done it enough times, the Shadow Kargorok will fly away for the time being and then you will only need to fight the Shadow Bulbin. Kill him by using Midna's magic field.

The Shadow Kargorok will shake wildly once Midna jumps on him. She will tell it that she is its new master. Afterwhich Midna will direct the bird to pick up Wolf Link and then you will follow the way up to Zora's River. Avoid the falling rocks as well as the arrows of the Shadow Bulbins to get to the top of the river.

Midna will mention that it feels oddly cold around the area, so proceed further up Zora's River. Once you reach Zora's Domain, you will notice that the entire region is covered in ice. Even the waterfall is completely frozen. Rush up to the waterfall and use Midna to jump up to the very top of the waterfall, being careful as some sheets of ice are falling and breaking apart from the waterfall. Once you reach the top of the waterfall and enter the throneroom, you will see a handful of Shadow Beasts. Kill them to open the next portal.

Using your senses, you will notice a lot of the Zoras are frozen under the thick sheet of ice. Midna then says that we'll need to save them and return the flow of water to Lake Hylia. She then asks Link to go find something to break the ice and heat the water. Warp to Death Mountain and take the large boulder that crashed into ground earlier. Choose to warp that to Zora's Domain and the rock will fall through the water, immediately unfreezing the entire region and returning water to Lake Hylia.

Once you unfreeze Zora's Domain, the spirit of the Zora Queen, Queen Rutela, will appear, expressing her thanks. She asks Link to aid her son, who she knows is in trouble. She says if Link is able to assist her son then she will bestow upon Link the ability to dive in very deep water.

Jump into the water and you will notice that the flow of water is fairly quick due to the impact of the boulder. The water begins to drag Link with before Link eventually passes out from trying to fight the water. Once he awakens, he finds himself in front of the Light Spirit's spring. Convient!

Collect the Light Tears

Head into the Light Spirit's spring and talk to it to get the Vessel of Light from it. Now let's collect the Light Tears in the Lanayru Providence.

The first Tear of Light is just to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) of the Lanayru's Spring. Follow it and kill Shadow Insect #1. To the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) of that one is Shadow Insect #2. Proceed to the second Shadow Insect and you will run into Shadow Beings. Kill them all to open a new portal for you to warp to. Jump to the second Shadow Insect and kill it before it digs underground.

Behind Lyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication (the floating build in the water) is the Shadow Insect #3. It will be flying in the air, so it's better to wait for it swoop down and then tackle it. Shadow Insect #4 is found on the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of Lake Hylia. After killing that one, use the Shadow Kargarok to fly through Zora's River.

In Zora's River, there are a total of four Shadow Insects (Shadow Insect #5, Shadow Insect #6, Shadow Insect #7, Shadow Insect #8) flying in the river. The best way to get all the insects is to target them and then tackle them. On the fourth one, it is best to wait to hit it so you do not hit a wall and have to start over.

Once you proceed past Zora's River, talk to the nearby spirit (Iza) and Shadow Insect #9 will come out from under her. Kill it and then proceed to the nearby Howling Stone to summon the Golden Wolf again. Once summoned, he will appear near Hyrule Castle Town. Talk to him when you are a human.

Proceed to Zora's Domain. Two Shadow Insects (Shadow Insect #10 and Shadow Insect #11) are flying on top of the lily pads; to get them down, use Midna's magic field and strike them. To the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) there is Shadow Insect #12 which will dig if you get too close, so you need to be careful. Go up the hill if you want to get a yellow rupee. Proceed up the waterfall and about halfway up you will notice Shadow Insect #13 flying to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). Up in the throneroom, Shadow Insect #14 is hanging on the wall.

Return back to Hyrule Castle Town. You will once again come face-to-face with more Shadow Beings. Kill them to activate another portal and then head to Telma's Bar and kill Shadow Insect #15 there. Midna will then question where the last Tear of Light is, which will appear in Lake Hylia. Warp over there and head to where the final Tear of Light is.

Miniboss: Twilit Bloat

Use your senses to see this behemoth of an insect, the Twilit Bloat (Shadow Insect #16). It will charge itself up and then try to hit you with it's bloated body, so just avoid it. Once it stops it's charge, tackle into it and bite it several times. Next it will chase around in the water and try to tackle you. Avoid it again and just keep waiting for it to charge at you and then stop; take this time to tackle and bite it.

When the insect falls onto its back and several "legs" come out of its body, use Midna's magic field to attack all the "legs" at once to kill Twilit Bloat.

The Interlopers

Once light returns to Lanayru Providence, the large snake Light Spirit, Lanayru, will appear and will tell Link about the story of the Fused Shadow, the dark power Link sought.

Long ago, three goddesses descended upon the chaos that was once Hyrule and the rest of the World of Light. With their powers, they created the red earth, all known laws, and the creatures who uphold the law. Power was given to all those who dwelt in the light. The Goddesses then left a divine relic, the Triforce, somewhere in the world called the Sacred Realm.

Soon, word of the Sacred Realm spread and many people sought the Triforce for their own greed. Many people were killed due to man’s lust for the sacred triangle, but soon those who excelled in magic appeared. Using the Fused Shadow, they tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm and use the Triforce for their own usage. However, the Goddesses ordered the Light Spirits Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru to defend the people of the light and the three Light Spirits (four in Hyrule Historia) broke the Fused Shadow into pieces, then banished the Interlopers from the World of Light.

Link begins to smile almost like he wanted to crave the power for himself, but quickly snaps out of it as the darkness in his heart disappeared. Link then breathes heavily, worried that the Fused Shadows were affecting his judgment.

4.3 - Collecting before Lakebed Temple

Collection #1

Go to Fyer and pay 10 rupees to be shot up into to Falbi's shop. Once you land, Midna will mention about how Queen Rutela would be able to help Link reach the bottom of Lake Hylia.

Proceed out the shop and then head towards Hyrule Castle but don't leave Lake Hylia. Summong your horse with the Horse Grass and then head towards the Bridge of Hylia. On the side of the northern end of the bridge, there will be another Golden Bug (Male Mantis). Head past the bridge to the south stone wall to grab another Golden Bug (Female Mantis).

Head to the Golden Wolf's location. Show him that you learned the Shield Bash and he will teach you the back slice.

To the west of Hyrule Castle Town, on the ledge, you will see a Golden Bug (Female Butterfly). To the south, near the amphitheater, there is another Golden Bug (Male Butterfly) flying a patch of flowers.

Head to North Hyrule Field to find two more Golden Bugs. One (Male Stag Beetle) is on a tree near the bridge on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side. To the north, there is another Golden Bug (Female Beetle). To get to it, head up the west side of the route towards Zora's River, then take a right at the fork. You can find the Female Beetle up on a wall near the top center.

Head into Castle Town and proceed south of Hyrule Castle Town. There are a row of three trees on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the stairs where another Golden Bug (Female Ladybug) rests. The Male Ladybug is near the rock formation on the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the area.

Return to Hyrule Castle Town and talk to Agatha. She lives in a house in the alleyway between the south end of Hyrule Castle Town and west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) Castle Town. Talk to her and give her a few Golden Bugs. The first one will allow you to have the Big Wallet which allows you to hold 600 rupees. Give her enough bugs to get 600 rupees and then return to Telma's Bar.

Begin the Escort

The human doctor won't help Princes Ralis at all, but Telma tells Ilia that there was a Shaman in Kakariko Village who could help them out. The Hylian soldiers offer to escort the two women to Kakariko Village, but once Telma speaks of horrible monsters, the soldiers loose their courage and run. Telma yells at the soldiers and tells them never to come back, but then she notices Link and tells Ilia that Link will escort them, then tells Ilia to get ready. Telma asks if Link knew Ilia and figured he did but says that Ilia has lost her memory and doesn't even know her own name.

They reach that Amphitheater and Telma will tell Link that in order to reach Kakariko Village, they need to go through the Bridge of Hylia which is blocked by King Bulbin. Once he is defeated, they need to head through the next few fields and avoid the monsters that will try and kill them.

Miniboss: King Bulbin

This miniboss battle is rather easy, as long as you know how to aim with your bow. Dash a little forward and aim your bow to strike the center of King Bulbin. After two arrow hits, King Bulbin will fall of his boar and into Lake Hylia, giving you a set of Small Keys.

To Kakariko Village

Proceed forward to South Hyrule Field. If the girls get hit with fire arrows, use the Gale Boomerang to extinguish the flames. Don't forget to kill off the Bulbins that are chasing you on their Boars. As well, Kagraroks will drop bombs to scare Telma's horse of track, so kill them with arrows.

Collection #2

Once you return to Kakariko Village, Renado will take in Prince Ralis and then state to Link that the worst has passed for him and as long as Ralis rested, then he will be able to make a full recovery. After Colin and Renado talk, Telma will introduce herself as a member of The Resistance, a group of brave Hylians who are seeking to overthrow whatever evil has plagued Hyrule. Telma then asks Link to come back to her bar sometime to visit her friends.

Once Telma leaves and goes to talk to Renado, Link proceeds back into the inn before a chill ran up his spine. Turning around, he will see Queen Rutela floating behind him. She beckons him into the graveyard and at the end of the graveyard, she passes through a gravestone with the mark of the Zoras on it. The tombstone disappears, leaving a hole big enough that Link can crawl through.

Behind the wall was a hidden grave site, where the King of the Zoras was laid to rest. Rutela begins her story, saying that her husband spent his life creating garments that would bestow the power of water to the wearer. The Zora armor, as it is called, will allow Link to swim and breathe underwater without worry. Do note that the Zora's Armor is weak against fire and ice-type attacks.

Once you are done, head to Barne’s Shop and talk to him on the opposite counter. Sell one bag full of bombs and purchase Water Bombs. Head behind the spring in Kakariko and blow up the boulder under water to collect 50 rupees if you need it. Next, get your horse and ride all the way back to Zora’s River.

Enter the cave and proceed north going up a pathway leading to the Zora throne room. Blow up the rocks in your way and enter the throne room. Equip your Zora Tunic and head under water, then blow up the large boulder you warped from Death Mountain to reveal a Goron that was sleeping inside. He’ll give you the second Bomb Bag and then mention how the water is a cold spring instead of a hot spring. Silly Goron.

Head to the waterfall basin and head over to the hill that one of the Shadow Insects were to find the Male Dragonfly Golden Bug. The Female Dragonfly can be found at upper Zora's River right in front of Iza's shop.

Head to Iza's at the head of Zora's River. Talk to her and you'll realize that she is closed. Head up northwest and a twilight barrier will appear, followed by Shadow Beasts. Beat them with two Spin Attacks and then talk to Iza. Assist her with her predicament. Blow up the rocks blocking Zora's River to get the final bomb bag. Next, return and then play her minigame. Shoot all the pots in the area while avoiding walls and obstacles in order to rack up points. Get up to 25 points in order to get the Giant Bomb Bag, which will double the amount of Bombs you can carry.

Head to Fyer's and shoot up to Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl shop. Take a Cucco and head down to the Isle of Riches below. If you want, you can head for the rotating bulls-eye target and open the chest for 100 rupees. The chest below that contains Piece of Heart #14.

To Lakebed Temple

After you get Piece of Heart #14, swim down to the depths of Lake Hylia. The entrance to Lakebed Temple is sealed, so you need to drop a water bomb on the cracked surface below it. The bomb will explode, letting a jet of air blow up from under the ground. After you blow it up, place another water bomb down and it will float up to the boulder above and blow it up. Proceed into Lakebed Temple.

4.4 - Lakebed Temple

Open the First Flood Gate

Once you enter the Lakebed Temple, you will notice two enemies in the area: Bari and Shell Blades. Shell Blades are the large oysters that will leap at you and chomp on you to do a lot of damage. Bari are jellyfish which will electrocute Link if he gets close to them. For now, just avoid both of them and head up into the first room of Lakebed Temple.

In this room, a bunch of Chu Chus will be crawling in the room. Kill any of them and pick up their Chu Jelly with your bottle. Also in the room are a few chests that with replenish your bombs and arrows, so it’s good to open them up. Go up and climb up the stairs and pull down on the switch in front of the gate that blocks the route to the next room.

In the next room, you will notice a bunch of hanging stalactites. Once you get close, you will notice one will fall down to the ground. Shoot the remaining stalactites with your Bomb Arrows and proceed up them and get to the next door.

In the next room, you will be in a large room with three bridges. You will be on the south bridge and will come face to face with a Lizardfols. He isn’t much of a threat and will go down from a few sword strikes, or one Bomb Arrow. Proceed to the next room.

You will find yourself in a room with a rotating staircase which I’ll simply call the Central Room. In this room, head down the stairs and then head to the south end of the room. Grab onto the switch and then climb up the stairs. Take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and you will see Ooccoo stuck in a pot. Break her free, grab her, and then run to the west side of the room, grab onto the switch and head down the stairs. Take a left and you will notice a chest containing the Dungeon Map. Now return back to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the Central Room on the first floor and then enter the door.

Avoid the Helmasaur in the room and proceed to the next room. There will be hanging platforms in the room, but you can’t use them yet. Shoot both of the stalactites with your Bomb Arrows and proceed down the path to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Climb over the vines to where the next stalactite is and jump on it and get to the chest. Open it for a small key.

Exit the room and return to the Central Room and then head up the stairs and head back towards the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) room on the second floor and unlock the door. Proceed past the Helmasaur and head forward into the next room.

Head northward and knock the stalactite nearest to the vines. Jump onto it and climb up the vines and then grab the switch to open the gate. Jump down and head to the center part of this room. Shoot the Lizardfols on the other side of the room and jump over the gears in the room and proceed to the south end of the room. There will be a nearby chest on this end of the room, so open it to get a Small Key.

Bomb the giant boulder on the northeastern (Gamecube)/northwestern (Wii) side of the room and avoid the Helmasaurs while you proceed into the next room. A Chu Worm will mock you and jump into a nearby bubble. Blow up the bubble with a Bomb Arrow and then blow up the Chu Worm with another one or slash at it with your sword.

Open the locked door with your key and then climb up on the vines on the opposite side. Climb up the slide while avoiding Tekitites and reach up to the very top of the room. Jump and grab the switch to open the first flood gate. Fall or slide all the way down into the pool of water at the bottom part of the room and then jump and grab the next switch the release the flow of water and turn the water wheel.

Head into the center room and fall down the gears to the room below. Jump on the platforms and enter the door to the north side. Take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and open the chest to get a Small Key. Head back to room with the rotating platforms and then head to the eastern (Gamecube)/western (Wii) door and open it. Open the next locked door and walk into the water, avoiding the Bari and the strong jets of water. Blow up the boulder under water and swim past the Shell Blade and enter the Miniboss room.

Miniboss: Deku Toad

Look above to see Deku Toad above you, holding onto a stalactite. Once it drops down, it will fling the eggs on its back off, releasing a horde of Toados which will attack. Slash at them or use the Spin Attack on them to kill them. Once they are all dead, Deku Toad will jump up and try to body slam you, but fail. He’ll be stunned for a moment giving you a chance to slash his tongue.

Next he’ll get up and let out a loud belch-like roar. Proceed to shoot his mouth with a Bomb Arrow or just throw a bomb into his mouth. The Deku Toad will be stunned again, allowing you to slash at his tongue again.

Repeat until he is defeated.

Open the Second Flood Gate

Once Deku Toad is defeated, he will puke up a chest. Open it to reveal the Clawshot. Proceed to the door and use the Clawshot on a switch and the switch will drop down, opening the gate. Exit and return to the central room.

Once in the Central Room, you will notice that the water level has rose. Point your Clawshot to the ceiling above and open the chest to reveal Piece of Heart #15. Fall down to the stairs below and activate the switch on the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the second floor and let the water from the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) flow to the first floor west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) door. Enter the next door.

Get past the water wheel and proceed to the next room. You will notice you are in another room with rotating platforms, but they aren't moving yet. Use the clawshot to shoot to a rock platform with a chest on it. Open the chest to get 10 Water Bombs. Nearby that platform is another platform with vines growing on it. Use the clawshot to get up to there and then look northward and shoot there to open the chest on that platform for 20 rupees. Return back to the platform you were at and proceed west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to the next platform and open the door.

In the next room, you will see another Chu Worm. Blow it up or pull it out with the clawshot and then proceed to bomb the stalactite with your Bomb Arrow. Jump on top of it and then jump past the wall. Kill the Tektites here and then proceed to the next room by using the clawshot above the door.

Kill the two Chu Worms in the next room and then use the Clawshot on the vines on the ceiling in order to get to the next room. Climb up the slide, avoiding the Helmasaurs and then clawshot over the gaps. Reach the top of the room and activate the switch to open the second flood gate. Next, clawshot to the chest nearby and open it to get the Compass. Fall down to the pool of water below, avoiding the Skullfish and activating the switch.

Return to the room with the rotating gears. You can either fall down to the platforms below, or just return to the door you entered from. Either way, return to the room and use the clawshot on the gears to get to the far eastern (Gamecube)/western (Wii) door. Enter it and you will find yourself in a small maze.

Jump into the water and equip your Iron Boots. Take out any Bari or Shell Blades in your way and walk through a hole in the wall to the middle part of the room, then unequip your Iron Boots. Swim to a nearby boulder in the wall and blow it up with a Bombfish or with Water Bombs. Swim through the hole and then swim to the southern end of the wall and blow up the boulder and defeat the Shell Blade behind the boulder. Swim upwards and you will be at the southern door.

Open the door and there will be another Chu Worm. Dispatch it quickly and then use your Clawshot on the switch above. Lower yourself just past the now open gate and put the clawshot away. You will drop down to the chest below which contains the Big Key.

Return to the room with the rotating platforms and clawshot the gears again in order to return back towards the Central Room.

Once the water level rises, don’t go for the Boss Room yet. Instead, return to the room just before the Deku Toad with the rotating platforms.

Rotate the staircase in the Central Room so that the water from the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) flows down to the opposite side of the room. Follow the water and go to the room before the Deku Toad and the water level will rise up, taking a bridge with it. Follow the bridge and then step on a switch to open the gate. Clawshot to the chest behind the gate and open it for Piece of Heart #16. Defeat the Lizardfols then clawshot beyond the gate.

Return back to the Central Room and use the Big Key to open the lair of the boss.

Boss: Twilight Aquatic Morpheel

Once you enter the boss room, equip the Iron Boots. You will float down to the bottom of a massive area of water. At the bottom, you will see one lone tentacle sticking out of the sand, which reveals the massive monster: Twilit Aquatic Morpheel.

In the first phase of the battle, you need to stay far enough from Morpheel so the tentacles will not grab you. Use your clawshot to take Morpheel’s eye out of the tentacle and then slash at it. The first time you slash it, the eye will bounce back into mouth of Morpheel and then the beast will begin to spit out Bombfish. Clawshot the eye again while avoiding the Bombfish, then slash at it again. Then slash a third time and then it will begin the second phase.

In the second phase, Morpheel will swim out of the sand, revealing a massive hundred or so foot long lamprey beast. Unequip your Iron Boots and swim after Morpheel and aim for its head. Stay to the sides of the head and do not go to the front or Morpheel will inhale you and gobble you up. Clawshot the eye of Morpheel and slash a good few times before Morpheel knocks you off. Repeat this three times, using the Ending Blow on the eyeball to defeat Morpheel.

After which, Morpheel will collide into the wall, draining all the water out of the arena, save for the small depressions in the ground, and then will explode, dropping a Heart Container and becoming the last remaining Fused Shadow.

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