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7.1 - To Snowpeak Ruins

Collection #5

Before we head for Snowpeak Mountain, warp to Hyrule Castle Town and head to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). Take the pathway towards Lake Hylia. Once the game loads the next area, head towards the north. Blow up the rocks blocking your path. Head towards all the way to the northern fields until you notice grooves in the wall you can climb up with the Spinner. Use the Spinner and jump from wall to wall till you get a chest until you get Piece of Heart #29.

Next, warp to the Bridge of Eldin. Head up to the northern field. Once you cross the bridge on the way to the northern field, you will notice a groove in the wall for the Spinner. Head to the hidden platform and dig in the middle of the grass. Beat the enemies inside to get a Piece of Heart #30.

Head over to Hyrule Castle Town again and give your Golden Bugs to Agitha to get 150 rupees.

Get the Reekfish Scent

Next, warp to Zora’s Domain and head down the waterfall. The ice that blocked the route to Snowpeak is now gone! Head towards Snowpeak and you will realize that a woman named Ashei is at the mountain. Turn into a human and then talk to her. She will say that there is no way to climb the mountain currently. She then hands you Ashei’s Sketch. If you show it to the Zoras, they will say that Prince Ralis is very skilled at getting that fish.

Warp to Kakariko Village and head for the Zora King’s graveyard. Talk to Prince Ralis (who has now recovered) and show him Ashei’s Sketch. After seeing the sketch, Prince Ralis notices the red fish the monster was holding. He says that he will give Link something that will help Link catch the Reekfish, the Coral Earrings.

Warp to Zora’s Domain and head for the two rocks that jut out of the waterfall basin, Mother and Child Rocks. Get to the platform nearby and begin to fish. Once you get a bite, reel it in to get a Reekfish. Turn into a wolf and grab the scent of the fish, then head to Snowpeak Mountain.

Climbing Snowpeak

Head for the giant ice lake. Use your senses in order to find the right path through the blizzard. A bunch of White Wolfos will appear out of the snow and try to attack you, but ignore them. If it is nighttime, you will find a Poe here in the middle of pathway up the mountain. Kill it to get Poe Soul #42.

Next, head towards a cliff that overlooks the icy lake. At night, a Poe hangs around the tree here. Kill it for Poe Soul #43.

Head up the mountain until you see large empty area with two trees, a bunch of Ice Keese, and a Poe (at night). Head for the Poe and kill it for Poe Soul #44.

Climb up the rest of the mountain. There will be a part where you cannot proceed, but don’t be deceived. Tackle into the wall to drop a bunch of snow and climb up it. Follow the rest of Reekfish scent till you head to dig spot near a wall. Near that area is a Howling Stone. Use it and then summon the Golden Wolf once again.

Head to the dig spot and dig. In the next room, you will notice two large sheets of ice, but you can’t break them just yet. Head through the room and kill the Ice Keese, then either climb the ladder or use the Clawshot to head to the top of the mountain. Open the door and head towards the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Once you do, a three Shadow Beasts will appear and some Keese. Use a Spin Attack to kill them all, or use Wolf Link and Midna to kill them. Another portal will appear.

Use Midna and warp to Kakariko Village. Head to the back of the Graveyard to find the Golden Wolf. Once he leaps into your mind, he will ask if you have mastered the Mortal Draw. Afterwhich, he will teach you the Jump Strike. Target and hold down your sword button till the blade shines, then release. Link will leap in the air and release all the energy in his sword, damaging many enemies at once.

Once you head up the hill, you will find the monster that Ashei saw. He will ask why you are there and Link will tell him that he is looking for a Mirror Shard. The monster mentions there was such a thing at his house and then tells Link to snowboard to his house. Roll into the tree to break a piece of ice off to snowboard on, then head down the hill.

Use the A button to crouch and then release to jump up to get over holes. Use the control stick to move about. You can use your sword as normal to knock away enemies. A Spin Attack will knock a lot of enemies away as well as break the ice chunks down the path.

At the end of the long mountain path is a single mansion where the Yeti lives. Before you head there, go to the top of the spiraling hill near the mansion. At night is another Poe (Poe Soul #45).

7.2 - Snowpeak Ruins

Go to Point One

In the first room of the dungeon, you will notice that there is a Poe waiting for you. Kill it to get Poe Soul #46. Head towards the door after the Poe and talk to the smaller Yeti in the room in order to gain the Dungeon Map. Head to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) door and you will find Yeto making a pot of soup for his wife with the fish he just caught. On the south end of that room is Ooccoo.

Head up north a room. There are several blocks that need to be moved. Push the block the is aligned with the frozen block on the north end of the room. Push it to the ice block, then down, then to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). Push the remaining block into the block you just pushed and then down into the switch to open the door.

Head through the door and turn into Wolf Link and climb in the digging spot. In the next area, clear all the White Wolfos in the area and then dug around the trapped chest for a Small Key. Head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and open the door. Proceed north and open the locked door.

Blow up all the Mini-Freezards with Bomb Arrows or hit them with your sword and proceed to the next room. In the next room, you will need to fight two Chilfos which will impede you. The easiest way to kill them is to target them and then quickly hit them with two Bomb Arrows. So long as they have a spear in hand, they will have full health, so it’s best to clear them quickly.

Open the nearby chest after defeating the Chilfos in order to get…Ordon Pumpkin? Okay… That’s weird. Head through the nearby door and jump past the blocks you pushed earlier. Talk to Yeto and give him the Pumpkin for the soup. This will increase the healing properties of the soup, so if you need a place to recover, go take a bit of Yeto’s soup.

Go to Point Two

Head back to Yeta and talk to her again. She will mention that it is strange that there was a pumpkin there. She’ll mark on your map again with another location to where the Bedroom Key maybe, which is just north of where you are. However, a large Freezard blocks the route. We’ll need to take him out somehow.

Head to the courtyard again and clear all the White Wolfos again. Look around near the Freezard in order to find a fairly hidden chest. Dig twice to get to the chest and open it for another Small Key. Head up to the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii) room. Grab the nearby cannonball and navigate the area till you find a cannon. Turn the cannon till you turn towards a block of ice. Insert the cannonball and then a bomb to fire the cannon. Walk to that door.

In the next room, navigate the area and jump on the floor beams while avoiding Mini-Freezards and Ice Keese. Don’t slip and fall into the endless pit and get to the blue chest. Open it for the Compass. The nearby chest also contains a red rupee, if you need money.

Next, head to the locked door in the courtyard. Open it and then grab a nearby cannonball and place it into the slot in the wall. Exit back into the courtyard and pull on the switch to pull the cannonball into the courtyard. Place it into the cannon, then aim the cannon at the Freezard, then fire to kill it. Kill the remaining Mini-Freezards and then enter the room.

Head to the end of the room and the door will lock, signaling the miniboss battle.

Miniboss: Darkhammer

Darkhammer is a moderately difficult boss. So long as he swings the Ball and Chain around, he will be hard to mess with. Use the clawshot to get past him, then quickly roll from him as he lets go of the Ball and Chain. In his moment of weakness, slash at his little tail to deal damage. It is best to constantly use the Spin Attack (Gamecube) or slash like crazy (Wii) in order to damage him. Repeat until defeat in order to gain the Ball and Chain item.

Get the Bedroom Key

After you defeat Darkhammer, proceed to the symbol on your map. Break the ice and open the chest for Ordon Goat Cheese. Another mistake? Ugh…

The nearby suits of armor have a few secrets, like a hidden orange rupee, so it’d be best to break them and kill the Bubbles hiding in the armor.

Head back to Yeto and talk to him to give him the Ordon Goat Cheese.

Head back to Yeta and talk to her again. This time she will remember where the Bedroom Key is and mark it on your map. Before heading into the next door, you’ll want to to head back to the foyer. You will see three sets of armored suits. The middle suit of armor on the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the room will contain a hidden Poe (Poe Soul #47).

Now head to the door that opened after Yeta talked to you. Walk up the path and destroy the Freezards that block your way with your Ball and Chain. After which, head up and head to the north room. Kill the Chilfos in the room with your Ball and Chain or Bomb Arrows. Strike the frozen wall to reveal a Clawshot point. Strike the nearby platform with the Ball and Chain and jump across it to the chest to get the Small Key.

Head back to the previous room and bomb the cracked floor. Jump down and open the chest to get Piece of Heart #31. Clawshot back up to the floor above and then head to the next room.

Now back in the foyer, break the ice on the wall to reveal a Clawshot point. Shoot the Chilfos on the otherside of the room with your Bomb Arrows. Hit the platform with the Ball and Chain and jump on it. Let it rest, then hit the next few platforms with your Ball and Chain in order to get to the chest on the end of the room. Open it for Piece of Heart #32. Head to the Clawshot point again, hit the platform, then move to the next room.

In the next room, kill all the Mini-Freezards and then strike the ice that is blocking a hidden area in the room. Kill the Poe behind the ice for Poe Soul #48. Head up north to the room with the block puzzle.

Push the block down and head to the block puzzle. Break the ice on the frozen block and on the center switch. Next, you’ll want to push the southern block north. Push the once frozen block down south and then to the other block. Push the once frozen block up again under the other block. Now push the block north of that block towards the one on the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) and push it under the block that was frozen. (If you are confused, consult the video walkthrough). After you’ve done that, you will open another door, so head to it.

In the courtyard, bomb all the Chilfos in the room with Bomb Arrows (if you have any) and proceed to the next area by clawshoting to a hidden clawshot point and head to the next room. In this room, you will see more platforms to hit with the Ball and Chain. Hit the nearby icy wall to reveal another Clawshot point. Hit the platforms and navigate to the small chest to get the Small Key.

Fall and head back to the room where you got Poe Soul #48. Open the locked door in this room and head to the next room. Kill the Freezards in the room, then push the two blocks. Head down the winding path and head towards the north room. Push the block, then grab the cannonball. Place it in the groove in the wall to pull into the next room. Walk up the winding path with your new cannonball then strike the frozen ice in order to reveal a cannon. Kill the Ice Keese, then aim the cannon to the next room. Fire the cannonball to the next room, then place it into the next slot. Head north into the courtyard and get the cannonball. Place it in the cannon, aim at the Freezard, and fire.

Head to where the Freezard was and enter the nearby room, which is close to where the symbol is. Enter it and you will find yourself in a large room which reminds me of a church sanctuary. Bomb Arrow the icicles on the top of the room to reveal Chilfos. Kill all the Chilfos in the room in order to open the locked door. Head to the chest and open it for the Bedroom Key (Snowpeak Ruins Big Key).

Leave the room and you will notice that Yeta has recovered and asks you to bring the key to the Yeti’s bedroom. Head to Yeto if you want to stock up on some Superb Soups, because you may need it for the boss battle ahead.

Boss: Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta

Blizzeta will bring you to the mirror piece and then begin to comment on how beautiful the mirror is. She then begins to act strange, as if having a seizure, as the Mirror Shard possesses her and Yeta becomes Blizzeta. The windows of the room will break open then the entire room will turn icy and the furniture will disappear. Blizzeta will wrap herself in a giant block of ice, setting the stage for the first part of the battle.

Blizzeta will be in a giant mass of ice and slowly spin around in the room. Take out your Ball and Chain and hit her to break the ice mass apart. Continue to do this until she turns into a fairly decorated ice mass. She will spin around and form Mini-Freezards around her to shoot across the room, so be careful.

Once you break the entire ice mass, Blizzeta will yell out and form another ice mass around her, along with eight to ten ice shards. Moves the camera so you can see the reflection of the ice shards and wait for all of them to fall down. When they do, strike a few. She will pick them up and draw them close to her, then drop them to impede you. If you destroyed a few, there will be an opening in her attack, so roll away, turn, and then hit her main core. Repeat this three times in order to finish off Blizzeta.

After Blizzeta’s defeat, Yeto will barge in the room and push aside Link. In his love for Yeta, Yeto will then give her a big hug, saying how wonderful she is. Their love becomes so strong that it becomes a Heart Container. Collect it and leave the two Yetis.

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