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9.1 - To the City in the Sky

Recover Ilia's Memories

Now that we have the Dominion Rod, head out of the Master Sword chamber and towards the stairs. Head to the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) side of the main room and move the Bird Statue here with your Dominion Rod. Open the chest for Piece of Heart #37. Head to the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) side of the room and move the statue to release a Poe. Defeat it to get Poe Soul #54.

Warp to Kakariko Village and head into Renado's House. Talk to Renado to get Renado's Letter which you'll need to give to Telma. Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and head to Telma's Bar and give her the letter and she will say that the doctor was the first one to bring Ilia to her. Telma will then give you the Invoice in which you will need to give it to the doctor.

Take the Invoice and head to Castle Town East Road (Gamecube)/Castle Town West Road (Wii) and enter the door closest to the gate. Show the Invoice to the Doctor and he will walk off and say that he won't pay her bill. Walk past him and head for a box covered in green liquid. Turn into a wolf and push the block away and sniff the green liquid to get the Medicine Scent.

Head out of town in the nearby gate, turn into a wolf, and head back into town. Follow the scent (and scare a few Hylians for fun) and head back to Telma's and speak to her cat Louise. The cat will say she took the statue from him, but she was attacked by Stalhounds. Now that you got that information, head south through the gate and wait until night time comes. When it is night, defeat all the Stalhounds by using Midna's magic field and collect the Wooden Statue.

Now that we have the Wooden Statue, warp back to Kakariko Village, turn into a human again, and then head into Renado's House and give the statue to Ilia. She will start to remember things and then speak about a person who helped her escape and gave her the statue, but she doesn't remember where the place was. Cor Goron then states he knows where the statue originated from and that he knew of an ancient tribe that used to protect the Royal Family of Hyrule. They used to live in a hidden village somewhere in the Lanayru Providence. Ilia begins to remember more and says a rockslide blocked the village and Cor Goron says it is no problem for the Gorons and Darbus heads out of the building towards that area.

Since we already restored the Bridge of Eldin in the Twilight Princess Arbriters Grounds Walkthrough part, head over to a piece of Horse Grass and summon Epona and ride off to the bridge (or just warp there). Once you enter the area, you will notice that Darbus is punching through the rocks and finally breaks the way in. He then states that there are twenty enemies in the town that are guarding whoever they've got locked in town. He suggests the best way to defeat them is to hit them afar before they can see you.

Head into the town and snipe all the Bulbins you see in the center of town using a combination of the Hero's Bow and the Hawkeye. Head into each of the buildings to defeat all the Bulbin's in the town.

Once you defeat them, a woman named Impaz will come out of the building and she will call you the "savior" and state that the village was home to a tribe who protected the Hylian Royal Family but it fell into decline. Impaz will then ask you your name and then state that Ilia used to say that you would save her and that Ilia was worried about Impaz, even when Impaz tried to get her out of the village. She says that by royal order she cannot leave the village until a certain person arrives. Impaz then will give you Ilia's Charm which is shaped like horse grass.

Before you leave, show Impaz the Dominion Rod and she will ask if you are really the messenger to the heavens. The Dominion Rod was once owned by the Oocca who gave it to the Hylians and was only given to the messenger to the heavens when the Royal Family needed to communicate with the Oocca. Impaz's family guarded a book which was to be given to the messenger to the heaven and gives you the Ancient Sky Book which is needed to get to the heavens.

Head out of the village, but return back to it so Impaz will go back into her house and then head over to west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of town to find a Howling Stone. Play the last song with the Golden Wolf (which happens to be a remix of Hyrule Field's theme) and the Golden Wolf will appear before Hyrule Castle.

Warp to Hyrule Castle Town, turn into a human, and talk to the Golden Wolf. The Hero's Spirit will then teach you the Great Spin Attack which is an upgraded version of the Spin Attack that you can only use when your health is full.

After learning the Great Spin Attack, the Hero's Spirit tells you that you have mastered all the Hidden Skills. "Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the lessons of that life to those who came after. At last, I have eased my regrets. You who have marched through countless foes, each mightier than the last... You, who now gaze to the future with vision unclouded... Surely you can restore Hyrule to its stature of yore as the chosen land of the gods. ...Farewell! Go and do not falter, my child!" At last the spirit has been satisfied and now sleeps forever more.

Warp to Kakariko Village and show Ilia's Charm to Ilia and she will begin to remember about the past as well as Link himself. The two have a heart warming reunion, while Beth pulls a peeping Talo out of the window. Ilia then gives Link the Horse Call which she said she wanted to give him before he started his quest. It's a good item, but it's completely useless after this part of the game.

To the City in the Sky

Head down to the basement and talk to Shad and give him the Ancient Sky Book. He will recite an ancient phrase to move the owl statue, but it doesn't work. Disgusted, he returns the book back to you, marks some statues on your map and he leaves to find the other statues to use the word on them. The phrase actually ends up restoring the Dominion Rod with power, so now you can move statues again. Awesome.

Head for the one found on the northern edge of the Bridge of Eldin and move it. Underneath the statue is a Sky letter which will be added to your book. Before you leave the statue, bring down to the south and drop in the ledge to the southwest (Gamecube)/ southeast (Wii) part of the bridge and then situate it between the bridge and the hidden room. Jump to the hidden room, climb up, defeat the Bulbin, and open the chest for Piece of Heart #38.

Now go back to the Hidden Village and turn into a wolf. Talk to the Cucco in the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of town talk to the cats in the village. Here are the locations of each of the cats:

  1. On top of the boxes on the north side of town. Turn into a human, climb on top, and turn back into a wolf to talk to it. (Brown, orange and white cat)
  2. Near the first one. (Brown and black striped cat)
  3. Near the second one to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). (orange striped cat).
  4. Building to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) of the second cat. (Brown, orange, and white cat).
  5. Near the third cat on the balcony of the same building. (Black and white cat).
  6. Drop down back into the center of town. South of Cat #2. (Black and white cat).
  7. East of Cat #6 in an alleyway. (Brown stripped cat).
  8. Hidden alleyway on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of town. (Black, orange, white cat).
  9. North of Cat #6. (tiny Brown and Black striped cat).
  10. North of Cat #7 near what looks like a wheel barrel (Black and White Cat).
  11. East (Gamecube)/west (Wii) of Cats #8 and #9. (Orange striped cat)
  12. In the same building as Cat #10 (another Orange Stripped cat).
  13. In the same building as Cats #10 and #11, Clawshot to the next level. (Black and white cat).
  14. On the balcony of the same building, somewhat north. (Black and white cat).
  15. On the south side of town (tiny Brown and Black striped cat).
  16. On the far south side of town (Brown and Black striped cat).
  17. In front of Impaz door (Brown, Orange, and White cat).
  18. In the building on the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) part of town, hidden behind the barrels. (Orange stripped cat)
  19. Clawshot on the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast(Wii) building and then head south to find it. (Black and White Cat).
  20. Head for the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast building (Wii) and break into the window. (Brown, Orange, and White Cat).

Talk to the Cucco leader again and you will get Piece of Heart #39. Before you leave, at night you can find Poe Soul #55 at the northwestern (Gamecube)/northeastern (Wii) most house in the village.

Use Castle Town warp point and head south to the Amphitheater. Move the Owl Statue a bit so you can jump onto the pillar it was on to get another Sky letter. Now head to Lake Hylia (don't warp) and head to the next mark on your map. Move the statue under the ivy growing above and use the Clawshot and drop onto the statue and then back onto the platform it was on to get another Sky letter. You can also move this statue a bit, jump to it, and jump to a chest containing 100 rupees if you want it.

Warp to S. Faron Woods and head to the next statue. Block up the boulder in the way, then move the statue out of the way and get the next Sky character. Before you leave, drag the Statue and drop it into a nearby hole. Turn into Wolf Link and jump onto the statue using Midna, then up the branches and next platform. Head into the small tunnel and you'll find yourself in the purple fog area. Open the chest here for Piece of Heart #40.

Now warp to Kakariko Gorge and head to the mark on your map and move the statue for another Sky character. Head to Gerudo Mesa and move the statue here to get the last Sky character to fill up the book.

Head over Kakariko Village and talk to Shad in Renado's basement and show him the book again. The statue will react to his words but won't move. Out of anger, Shad moves away. Use this chance to move the statue and go into the depths to find a broken Sky Cannon. Listen to Shad and he'll say this is the thing that will get you to the City in the Sky. But in order to do that, you'll need the cannon repaired.

(Wii users note: DO NOT SAVE IN HERE AT ALL. There is a game ending glitch which will cause you to be unable to proceed!)

Midna will say you can warp it, but she can't do it as long as Shad is looking. So talk to Shad and he will leave, saying you need to get the cannon repaired. Once he leaves, warp it to Lake Hylia and then talk to Fyer and repair the cannon for 300 rupees. It will take him three days to repair it, but that's all cutscene, so don't worry.

Clawshot at the back of the cannon to get inside; Ooccoo will follow soon after and jump inside. The cannon will activate and will fire you to the City in the Sky.

9.2 - City in the Sky

Get the Dungeon Map

Once you arrive in the City in the Sky, Ooccoo will say that she will give you a tour of the city. However, this is cut short as a rampaging dragon flies overhead and Ooccoo will run towards the shop in the city. Yes this dungeon actually has a shop in it! Neat!

Head for the shop, but be careful since there will be fierce winds blowing to the south. Use your Iron Boots whenever the wind starts to pick up so you won't be blown over. Now at the shop, stock up anything you need and talk to Ooccoo, who is off to the side, to get her so you can warp back to the shop if need be.

In the water basin, there are two chests. The one to the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) contains either Water Bombs or Bombs. The one to the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) contains 20 Rupees.

Now head to the north and use your Iron Boots to hold you down. Hit the switch above the north door to open the gate and then proceed into the door. In the next room, pick up an Oocca and fly north. Defeat the Helmasaur here and clawshot to the pillar to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). Clawshot and grab an Oocca off the wall (defying gravity much?) and then fly again to the north and enter the next door.

The next room is City in the Sky's Central Room, so make note of it. Anyways, defeat the Big Helmasaur here by attacking its backside (you cannot pull its armor off). After defeating it, Clawshot to the window in the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii). Once there, head south to a Spinner hole in the ground. Use the spinner and keep tapping the spin button to make a bridge connect to the next building. Clawshot towards the bridge and then head to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) building.

Once inside this building, head to the far end of the room and use the Clawshot above the chest and open it for a Small Key. Head back to the door and back to the Central Room. As soon as you do, the dragon, Argorok will appear and will destroy the bridge! Now we can't return to this room… Not until later anyways.

Now from the Central Room head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) door by using the Clawshot on the pillars and climbing to the other side and run to the door. Back outside again, head south of the door and defeat the Red Deku Babas and you'll see another Spinner hole. Spin the gears to make another bridge appear and head for east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) building and open the door with the Small Key you have.

In the next room, head south and defeat the Helmasaur then head a bit more east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and turn north to see a switch. Thanks to the wind blowing in your face, you can't hit it with an arrow, so hit it with your Clawshot to disable the fan in the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) part of the room.

Head back to the north end of this same room and use the Iron Boots to walk past the first fan, then Clawshot to the pillar and climb past the second fan. Head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) door and then head to the south end of the room and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.

To the Miniboss

Return to the previous room and head to the south door. In the next room, carefully walk over the tiles so you're not surprised by Tile Worms or the Keese. Be careful of the wind vents here too so you don't get knocked away when they start to blow. There's a chest here containing 10 Rupees if you want to get it, but it's useless. Head to the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest door(Wii).

In the next room, defeat the two Dynalfols here in order to open the door and open a gate at the south end of the room. Clawshot to the area that opened and Clawshot to the egg shaped switch above your head to open the wind vent. Take an Oocca and fly to the next door, using the wind vent as a means to fly higher.

In the next room, grab an Oocca and navigate to the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii) part of the room and Clawshot to the egg switch here to activate a floor fan. Fly towards it and head to the next room.

In the next room, you'll have a cinematic which will show you which door to head to next. Follow this and take an Oocca and head downwards, trying not to be blasted outside by the giant fans in this room.

Once you reach the door, open it to get to the miniboss room. Once inside, Clawshot to the Egg Switch and use the Iron Boots while on this switch to pull it down to shut the fan. Now drop down and get ready to fight the miniboss.

Miniboss: Aerialfols

In the first half of the battle, just target it before it charges into you. When it pulls its shield in front of it, use the Clawshot to pull it towards you and then slash at it like crazy. When it starts to block you use the Helm Splitter to stun it and damage it some more.

In the second half of the battle, the beast will fly through the open holes in the wall, so keep an eye on it. Quickly use the Clawshot on it and bring it close, then defeat it quickly.

Get the Compass

Once Aerialfols is defeated, Clawshot to the gate that opened and open the chest for another Clawshot which makes the two you got the Double Clawshots. Now go Clawshot to the nearest Clawshot above you, then Clawshot again by using the second Clawshot to the one to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii). Lower yourself on the Clawshot by holding down on the Control Stick and then look up with the other Clawshot and grab onto the ivy by the fan and exit the room.

Now back in the previous room, use the Clawshots to go ascend. Head for the egg switch halfway up this pathway and use it to open the next gate. Lower yourself to the gate and use the Clawshot to get to the door as the gate closes. In the next room, target the Clawshot points and Clawshot all the way to the other side of the room. Here, in a chest, is the Compass.

Get the Big Key

Now outside again, under the eastern (Gamecube)/western (Wii) bridge, take out the Red Deku Babas here and Clawshot all the way west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). Clawshot to the ivy to the south and then head back towards the Central Room.

In the Central Room, head to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) door using the Double Clawshots. Once outside, use the Double Clawshots to go from Peahat to Peahat to the western (Gamecube)/eastern (Wii) door and open it.

In the next room, head to the far west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) end of the room and drop down. Down here, target the Clawshot points and then make your way back east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) to the other side. Turn to the north to see a Clawshot point; grab onto it and then grab the one above and south then grab onto the fence above and northward to get to a chest containing 20 arrows.

Clawshot now south and then again to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii), jumping over a ledge and drop down to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii). Strike down the Deku Serpents above you with some arrows and then Clawshot to the Clawshot point above and move downwards. Hit the switch to the north to activate the gate.

Now Clawshot beyond the gate and Clawshot to the fence above, then again to another Clawshot point above that, then a gate above that until you get to the top part of the room. You can jump towards the chest here if you want it, but it only contains 20 rupees. You can make your way to the other chest here too to get 10 bombs. Now head to the north door to get deeper into the dungeon.

In the next room, you will see a Big Deku Baba. Defeat it by attacking its head. Once defeated, throw a bomb into the Deku Like-Like to defeat it. Now Clawshot to the Clawshot point to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the room and very quickly Clawshot to the vine covered pillar to the north of it.

Carefully walk around this area and don't fall off. Head to the small chest and open it for 20 arrows. Use the arrows to free the Deku Serpent and let it fall down. Now make your way south by following the path and knock out the Keese in this little groove. Climb onto the part of the wall on the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) part of the room and head forward a bit, defeat the Deku Serpent, and open the chest for Piece of Heart #41.

Head back a bit east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) on the same path and look up to find a Clawshot point at the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) part of the room. Grab onto it and immediately use your targeting button and head to the next point, then quickly Clawshot to the ivy covered pillar to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the room. Clawshot to the top of the room and drop down and defeat the Dynalfols quickly (sometimes it drops 50 rupees!) and then head to the room to the south.

Use the Peahats in the next room to navigate to the south end of the room. Use the Peahat that is navigating between the center of the room and wait till it moves south. To the south end of the room is a hidden area in which you will notice a Poe. Defeat it to get Poe Soul #56.

Now use the same Peahat as before and have it navigate to the center of the room. Use the other one that is navigating from the center and northward and use it to get to the north part of the room. Now head to the northeast (Gamecube)/northwest door (Wii).

Outside again, use the Peahats and head east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) but stop halfway and turn around and head to the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) back to the previous room. Open the door and open the chest to get Piece of Heart #42. Now head to the building to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and open the door.

In this next room, take care of the Dynalfols in the area and then Clawshot onto the ivy to the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii) part of the room and climb up. Turn into Wolf Link and cross the rope, then head south and turn back into Human Link. Take out the Walltulas on the ivy here with your Bow and climb over south the chest and open it for 20 Rupees. Go to the east as Wolf Link and defeat the Poe here for Poe Soul #57 and open the chest for 50 rupees.

Now in this same room, drop back down and head back to the ivy wall to the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii). Now walk across the ropes and make your way to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) door. Open the door and take care of the Big Helmasaurs here. Use the Iron Boots to get to the other side of the room and open the big chest for the Big Key.

To the Boss:

Clawshot onto the big egg switch above you and then use the Iron Boots to activate it to deactivate the giant fan in the floor. Now drop down one level and Clawshot onto the north end of the grate above you and pull down on the Clawshot (DO NOT DROP YOURSELF). Head downwards and look to the north end of the central room and you will see a hidden big egg switch in the ceiling. Grab onto it and then use the Iron Boots to activate it to activate the giant fan on the north end of this room.

Head through to the north door and Clawshot onto the rotating platforms and make your way north. Clawshot onto the grate above the north door and head to the chest and open it for 50 rupees. Now open the door to the north room.

In the next room, you will have a cinematic. After the cinematic, you will see that you're being attacked by two Aerialfos. Keep an eye on both and just try to fight them off and defeat them. Defeating them sometimes drops two orange rupees.

Now after beating both of them, Clawshot to the grate on the south end of the room, then Clawshot to the next platform and then hit the switch to the south. The platform will begin to move now, so make your way up by Clawshotting from platform to platform. Once at the very top, hit the switch on the north end of the room to move the last platform and make your way to the boss door. Open it and be ready to fight the dragon, Argorok.

Boss: Twilit Dragon Argorok

To make your way to the boss, head west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) and Clawshot to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and climb up the ivy to the boss stage. You'll see the dragon flying around who will come near you and then turn and roar in your face, starting the battle. This is a multistep battle, so look below to see what to do.

Part One: It will fly around the stage, so see if it will swoop in or just simple stop and blow wind in your face. Either way, you need the Iron Boots to prevent you from being blown off the stage. When it just stops and flaps its wings, target its tail, use the Clawshot and Iron Boots to drag it to the ground where it'll fall and its armor will pop off.

Part Two: It's similar to the first stage of the battle; however it will fly on top of one the pillars up here. Whichever side it is on, Clawshot to one of the pillars and Clawshot to the closest one and back until you reach the top of the pillar. The dragon will jump off the pillar and flap in the air, so target its tail, use the Iron Boots, and drop him down.

Part Three and Part Four: Now he's really angry. He'll summon a storm which will make the Peahats here react and fly into the air into a circle formation. Head to the top of one of the pillars, target a Peahat and keep targeting and going from Peahat to Peahat. Argorok will then shoot out a jet of flame at you, but the flame won't last. Once he lets loose the flame, target his back and strike at his weak point: the Mirror Shard. Repeat this another time and move to Part Five.

Part Five: He'll act the same way as he did in Part Three and Four, but you need to be careful! Reach the top of the pillar again and Clawshot from Peahat to Peahat. Be careful as Argorok will stop his flame and shoot in the opposite direction towards you! Try to be quicker than him and then latch onto his back and defeat him with the Ending Blow!

Collect the Mirror Shard and the Heart Container that Argorok dropped and then prepare the face Zant!

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