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8.1 - To the Temple of Time

Another Small Collection

After beating the Snowpeak Ruins, there are a few things we need to get. Go to the Snowpeak Warp Point and open the nearby door. Head down the room and go to the frozen walls we saw earlier. Break both and kill the Poe for Poe Soul #49.

Head back up to where you met Yeto for the first time to see the two Yetis are back at the summit of the mountain. Talk to Yeto and have a snowboarding race with him. If you are faster than Yeto, you can then challenge Yeta to a race. For Yeta, you need to be on your toes and make little error. Take the harder route to Snowpeak Ruins (which is has a bunch of rupees aligned in a row), and try to make it to the ruins quicker than her. If done correctly, you will gain a Piece of Heart #33.

Next, warp to Hyrule Field and head to the route towards Zora's Domain. There will be a rock that you can bomb near one of the Golden Bugs. Blow it up and prepare for hardest block puzzle in the game. (Consult the video walkthrough if you are confused).

The first puzzle is pretty simple. Push the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) block towards the opposite block, then push it north. Push the block on the northeast (Gamecube)/northwest (Wii) down and towards the southwest (Gamecube)/southeast (Wii) block and push it north. Push the northern most block under the block under it in order to active in the switch.

In the next puzzle, you will have two switches that you will need to activate. Push the southeastern (Gamecube)/southwestern (Wii) block north, then push the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) under the block you just pushed. Next, push the northwestern (Gamecube)/northeastern (Wii) block under that block. Push the middle block west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) then push the block that was under it next to it to press the first switch. Next, push the last block west (Gamecube)/east (Wii), then push the block in front of the block on the switch down, right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and then up. Push the final block to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) to open the next gate.

In the final puzzle, you will want to push all the block to the northwestern (Gamecube)/northeastern (Wii) part of the room in a verticle line. Once done, push the top block to the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) part of the puzzle. Push the bottom block of the verticle line to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii), then push the block in the corner up. Push it towards the previous block you pushed. Push the block that was the bottom part of the line back towards the block that was the middle and then push it towards to switch. Your prize for solving this is a Piece of Heart #34!

Return to the Past

Head to N. Faron Wood's warp point and then talk to Rusl. Use the Golden Cucco to jump towards the entrance to the Sacred Grove. Rotate the bridge with your Gale Boomerang and then proceed to the Sacred Grove.

Once in the Sacred Grove, Skull Kid will attack you again and send his puppets to attack you. Head in the forest and head for the first time you found him the last time you came here. He is hiding behind a tree, just playing his trumpet. Attack him with your sword and he will disappear.

Next, head into the next area and continue to follow the lantern lights. Along the way, you should past by a familiar waterfall where the Skull Kid was in Part 5 of our Twilight Princess Walkthrough. Behind this waterfall is Poe Soul #50. You should find the Skull Kid standing on a pillar in the middle of a lake. Shoot him down with your arrow and he will disappear.

After that, following the lantern lights again. He will be up in a tree near a natural bridge in the middle of the grove. You will pass through the area the first time, but the second time you return, you will hear him play his trumpet. Climb up to the bridge, aim up, and shoot the Skull Kid.

Follow him past the bridge and head to the arena nearby. There, you will fight the Skill Kid. To defeat him, you need to shoot him three times with your bow while avoiding the puppets. Once you've shot him several times, he will open the area to where you got the Master Sword.

Head to the area where the Master Sword was and push the block down to enter the Sacred Grove. Head to where the Master Sword rested and plant it into the Pedestal of Time to open the Door of Time. Head back to the Door of Time to head back into the past. However, before you can, another group of five Shadow Beasts and some Keese will attack. Kill them all to gain another portal.

Wait until nighttime and return back to the area where the Master Sword was and a Poe will appear. Defeat it to get Poe Soul #51.

Now at the entrance to the Temple of Time, you will want to head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the stairs to collect the final Golden Bug, the Female Snail. Return back to the present and talk to Agitha in order to get the Giant's Wallet. Return back to the Sacred Grove.

Head back to the Pedestal of Time in the past and plant the sword one final time in order to make a magical set of stairs appear to the hidden portion of the Temple of Time. Suddenly Ooccoo will run by you and will run past a barrier that hid a deeper portion of the Temple of Time.

8.2 - The Temple of Time

Find the Missing Statue

Once in the Temple of Time, head northward and Midna will mention to use your senses. Turn into a wolf and use your senses to figure out there is a missing statue. We'll be needing that statue to even get to the boss, so let's head off to get it.

Turn into a human and pick up a nearby pot and place on the switch to raise a platform. Go up the stairs and talk to Ooccoo in order to gain her abilities again. Go down the other stairs and light the two torches to get a key. Now head back to where Ooccoo was and open the door.

In the next room, beat the Gohma in the room. Once beaten, hold down the switch in the middle of the room with a pot to open the gate. Open the nearby chest for 30 arrows. Proceed up the stairs and beat the next Gohma, then use the Gale Boomerang on the pot holding down the switch in order to proceed.

Proceed to the next room and kill all the Lizardfols in the room as well as the Armos to reveal a hidden chest. To kill the Armos, damage the crystal on their back end. Inside the chest is the Dungeon Map. Next, grab two things to hold down the switches in order to proceed.

In the next room, you will see a lot of Lizardfols. Kill them if they are in your way and the proceed up the stairs. Use the Spinner to cross the gap and then head to the center platform. Pull on it to make it go up and push it to make it go down. First, grab the small statue here. Next, push it all the way down and grab the second statue. Bring both statues to the two switches on the south end of the 4F of this room and proceed to the next room.

In the next room, you will need to kill all the enemies in the room. Once you defeat them all a new chest will appear which contains a Small Key. We'll need to come back here to grab something later, so proceed out of the room and head to the north door and open it.

Walk towards the Beamos Statue and shoot it with an arrow to disable it. Head next to the Beamos Statue you disabled and hit the green switch with an arrow and the walls will move. Head to the center of the room and hit the switch again. Disable the next Beamos Statue and head for the chest that contains the Compass. Hit the switch again to proceed up.

Proceed up to the next room. Hit the switch in the center of the room with an arrow to move the doors. Head to the next area to defeat any Lizardfols and Dynalfos in your way. Continue to hit the switch and kill enemies in order to proceed through to the next room.

In the next room, you find yourself in a room with a large scale. We'll call this the scale room, as we'll be needing to do somethings here later. Anyways, kill all the Gohma and Gohma Larvae in the room in order to reveal a chest with a purple rupee in it. Climb up the stairs and get to the scale. The second you step on it, it will become unbalanced. Link weighs the equivalent of two statues, so toss the one on your scale onto the other to equalize it. Next, throw the other two back to the other scale in order to proceed up.

Before you head to the next room head for the door and look to the southwest part of the room and you will notice a Clawshot point. Clawshot to that point and then pick up the statue here and bring it to the scale. Put the three statues on the south end of the scale and the north one will push up. Clawshot to the target above you in the center of the room then ride on the groove in the walls in order to get Poe Soul #52.

Head into the room here on 7F and kill the Helmasaurs and Armos to open the door again. Clawshot to the platform above. Press all the switches down with the two of the statues on the same level as the switches and then two of the Helmasaurs' backsides to open the gate in front of the big chest. Open the chest for the Big Key. Now head back to 6F and head to the south door.

In the next room, you will notice a Beamos Statue in the center of the room as well as rotating spikes. Just ignore the Beamos or disable it with an arrow and rush past the spikes to get to the next room.

In the next room, kill the Lizardfols in the room and then run past the pendulum in order to get to the chest and open it for a Small Key. Head past the rolling spikes in order to find a statue. Bring the statue to the switch in order to disable the electric field and then head into the next room.

In the next room, destroy all the Gohma Larvae in order to reveal a chest with a purple rupee in it. Kill the Armos next in order to open the gate to the miniboss room.

Miniboss: Darknut

This enemy is the toughest one in the game (not counting the later Mighty Darknuts in the Cave of Ordeals). In order to even damage this Darknut, you will need to get past his shield. Target and wait for him to get close enough to attack you. When he slashes you, quickly backflip and then jump attack him, then start to slash at him like crazy. Alternatively, if that is too hard, you can Back Slice it, then immediately Shield Bash then Helm Split him and slash like crazy.

Once all his armor is off, he will attack you with a thinner sword and be far quicker than before, when it comes to dashing and attacking. In order to damage him at this phase, it is suggested that you use the Back Slice and roll past him. He will block the first time, but it will give you a chance to slash like crazy to damage him.

Once he is defeated, you gain the Dominion Rod.

Return the Statue

Grab the Dominion Rod and aim and throw the orb at the Statue on the platform above. Now the statue moves and acts like you, so bring it to the large bell where it will be transported to the next room.

In the next room, use the statue to destroy the gate in your way and then destroy the enemies in your way. Walk the Armos Statue to the white platform and then release your hold on the statue. Direct the statue again and step on the switch to lower the platform, then raise it after you step on it. Continue to direct the Armos Statue down to the switch to disable the electric field. Use the statue to break the rolling spikes and proceed to the next room. Damage all the rotating spikes and the Beamos to reveal a switch. Bring the statue to the platform and then use another small statue to hold down the switch. Then direct the statue to the bell and proceed to the Scale Room.

Use the Statue to upset the balance of the scale. This big statue has the same weight as 4 smaller statues, so you will need a total of two on one side plus Link in order to balance the scale. But we don't want to that.

Head back to the Scale Room. This time, balance the scale and get the Big Statue to cross over the scales. Kill all the Gohmas and Gohma Larvae in you way and then place the Statue in the bell.

In the next room, break all the moving walls with the Statue and have it sit on a switch to disable the electric field. Head for the chest in this room to get Piece of Heart #35. Get past where the electric barrier was, then take the Statue and head to the next room.

You will find yourself in the elevator room again. Head to the room where we got the Small Key. Use the small statues near the stairs to press down on the switches. Toss one behind the gate to activate the second switch. Once the switches are pressed a hidden chest containing Piece of Heart #36 will appear.

Go to the elevator room and pull the platform up. Get the statue and bring it to the elevator and then go all the way down. Kill all the Gohma Larvae to proceed and then take the statue to the Poe behind the gate, destroy the gate, turn into Wolf Link and then kill it for Poe Soul #53. Then take the Statue to the bell.

In the next room, take the statue, go down the stairs and kill any enemy and destroy any gate and get to the next bell.

Return back to the entrance of the Temple of Time where the statue was missing and then place it in the correct place. The door will open, revealing a hidden hallway. Run past all the traps in the hallway and then jump past a pendulum. Toss a small statue across the pit and use the Dominion Rod to put it on the switch to open the gate. Go past the first set of gates, kill the Gohma, then use the Dominion Rod again to move the statue to disable the switch.

Open the Boss Door and be prepared to fight.

Boss: Twilit Archanid Armogohma

Armogohma is a large armored spider that runs across the ceiling. Wear your Hero's Tunic for this battle because the Zora's Armor is just going to do nothing but give you a worse burn.

Follow Armogohma's movements and wait for her to stop. Launch an arrow into her large eye to stun her, then use the Dominion Rod on the nearby statue to smash her. She will get back up again and then stop in the center of the room and will begin to produce babies. Kill them quickly and then aim back at her, shooting her eye again. Repeat this one more time to defeat her.

Oh wait... Nevermind. It seems like you only destroyed her large armored body. Just aim at any of her children near her and shoot her with a Bomb Arrow to finish her once and for all!

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