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3.1 - To Eldin Providence

After you've defeated the Forest Temple, the Light Spirit, Faron, will tell you that the next place that you will need to go to is the land of Eldin, which is also covered in Twilight. There, Link will find the children of Ordon, who were captured by the forces of the twilight.

Return back to Ordon for a moment and go behind Rusl's house. You will see 100 rupees that is out of reach, but you can pull it out from behind their house by targeting it with the Gale Boomerang. After which, you can go ahead and talk to the remaining villagers if you want.

Return back to Faron Woods and head just past Coro's house through the gate that is now opened. You will find yourself in Hyrule Field, just south of Hyrule Castle, but you cannot get there just yet. North from Faron Woods, you will see two tree sticking out of the ground near a hill. On one of the trees, you will see a Golden Bug (Male Beetle) . You will need to gather these Golden Bugs (both male and female) to get something later in the game. Just past that Golden Bug there is Piece of Heart #4 up in a tree. Use your Gale Boomerang to bring it down and collect it.

Head east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) towards the route to Eldin. You will run into the Postman who will give you a letter and then run off. North of the pathway to Eldin you will spot the Female Beetle. Head over to Eldin now and enter the twilight again.

3.2 - Eldin Providence Under Twilight

Find the Bridge

Once you enter the twilight, the power of the twilight will once again turn Link from his human form to his wolf form. Proceed forward to find your old wooden sword which is broken. Use your senses to pick up the scent trail of the Youths' Scent and then use your senses to follow the scent trail. You will come face to face with more Shadow Beings, but you can easily clear them all with Midna's help.

You will notice that the bridge to wherever the children is gone. Midna will mention that portals have opened across Hyrule and that you can use one of those portals with her help in order to find the missing bridge piece. Warp to North Faron Woods. There the bridge is found laying on the side of the wall. Use Midna and choose the Kakariko Gorge Warp Point and she will lay down the bridge.

Proceed forward and dig under the gate. Once you reach Kakariko Village, you will see more Shadow Beings with one of them being a little farther away from the others. Go ahead and kill that single one, then get the other two with Midna's magic field. Talk to the Light Spirit, Eldin in order to get another Vessel of Light.

Collect the Tears of Light

After getting the Vessel of Light, head to the nearby house. You will be able to enter the house by jumping through the ceiling. Use Midna to jump onto the tree and then up to the roof and fall down. Use your senses in the room and you will be granted with a cutscene.

The children of Ordon are in the care of the local people of Kakariko Village. Out of all the children, only Colin has hope that Link will save them, but no one else is able to even agree with him. One of the locals mentions about how the shop keeper was dragged by one of those creatures and turned into another Shadow Being. The older man who was taking care of the children yells at Barnes and asks him to keep quiet. He then mentions a secret door under the statue in the room and says that it can be opened once all the torches are lit, but the young girl tells Barnes that she saw more of the Shadow Insects down under the basement which causes Barnes to stop.

Midna then mentions how sad Link must feel that he can see his friends, but they cannot see him.

As Wolf Link, grab the stick that Barnes dropped and light it with fire. Run around the room and light the torches and open the way to the basement. Once you do, proceed forward and three Shadow Insect #1, Shadow Insect #2, and Shadow Insect #3 will drop from the walls. Take them all out and collect the Tears of Light they have. Proceed to the back end of the cellar and jump the support beams and you will find yourself in the graveyard.

Shadow Insect #4 is the in the graveyard. You can dash attack it before it digs, or if you are too slow, use your senses to find it and dig just above it and kill it.

Head to the general store across the street from Renado's house. Enter through a hole on the southern side of the shop and then jump over the counter and up the shelves. You will find an Shadow Insect #5 hanging out on the wall. Kill it for another Tear of Light.

Exit and then run up the hill to gain entryway to the hotel. There are two Shadow Insects in the hotel. Shadow Insect #6 is stuck in the fireplace and Shadow Insect #7 the second floor. To get the one in the fire place, light the nearby stick and then the fire place to smoke it out. Kill it for a Tear of Light. Next, proceed to the next room to kill Shadow Bulbins and open a nearby chest for 20 rupees. Climb to the second floor, kill another Shadow Bulbin, and then proceed to the next room. The Shadow Insect is on the wall, so tackle into it to make it fly around the room. Kill it for another Tear of Light.

Proceed out of the hotel and head for the nearest house with Shadow Insect #8. You can enter it by jumping from house to house and breaking through the ceiling. Push a block to release the insect then kill it. Use Midna to jump out of the house.

Proceed to Barne's Bomb Shop and break through the northern window. Climb up the stairs, tackle into the dresser, and kill Shadow Insect #9. Jump up through the exit in the ceiling, then head towards the building to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and follow the Shadow Insect into the building. Light up the fire place and Shadow Insect #10, Shadow Insect #11, Shadow Insect #12 will rush around the room setting the storage shed on fire and causing the bombs to explode. Get out of the building and it will explode, revealing three Tears of Light.

Head up to the highest building on the hill and dig into the room. Break the pots to reveal Shadow Insect #13 and kill it.

Head to the path up to Death Mountain and use Midna to get up there. There will be another spirit up there, a disgruntled Goron who wonders why he has to stand guard. Proceed up to where Shadow Insect #14 is and try to kill it before it starts to dig underground, or just dig it back up. There will be a nearby Howling Stone, so listen to its music (the Song of Healing) and play it back in order to summon the Golden Wolf. After you summon him, he will appear and wait for human Link at Ordon Spring.

Proceed forward and you will find yourself at the summit of Death Mountain. A bunch of Shadow Beasts will be waiting for you, a total of four. Kill the one that is nearly surrounded by the barrier first, then focus on getting the other three without leaving one standing. After which, you will notice that there is a Shadow Insect #15 to your right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) that you can grab by tackling into the wall and knocking it down. After collecting it, go back to the wall and use Midna to jump to the next ledge. Proceed forward and jump up to the next platform and jump into the spring. There are a lot of Shadow Vermin in the spring so be careful. Kill Shadow Insect #16 to bring light back to Eldin.

3.3 - Climbing Death Mountain

Get the Iron Boots

After you return light back to the Eldin Providence, you are tasked to climb up Death Mountain to get the next Fused Shadow.

Head for the graveyard and head to the top of the hill. You will notice that there is a Golden Bug (Male Ant) crawling on the tree. Collect it and then return to Kakariko. Go to the house that you had to fall through the ceiling. Inside there is another Golden Bug (Female Ant) waiting for you to collect.

Climb up the wall and you will come face-to-face with a Goron who will threaten you and roll into you. You can try to stop him, but you'll fail as the Goron is too powerful. Return back to Kakariko and talk to Renado about what to do, in which he will tell you that Mayor Bo had defeated a Goron once before. Return back to Eldin Spring and then you will notice that your horse was taken by the Bulbins and is out of control!

Ride your horse and follow the prompts on the screen to seize control of your horse. After which, proceed outside Kakariko Village and jump over the gate with Epona and then proceed to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) to find another Golden Bug (Female Pill Bug) in the grass. Right past the bridge is another Golden Bug (Male Pill Bug). Proceed right (Gamecube)/ left (Wii) until you see a rock formation sticking out of the ground. On top of the rock formation is Piece of Heart #5, so collect it with your Gale Boomerang.

Go back to towards Ordon Village and stop by Ordon Spring to run into the Golden Wolf. The Hero's Spirit will then teach Link a new Hidden Skill, the Shield Bash. This skill will allow you to open a hole in enemy defenses as well as reflect enemy projectiles.

Once you've learned it, go to Ordon Village and then talk to Mayor Bo. He will ask how Ilia is and has Link found her, but Link will only mention that he hasn't seen Ilia yet. Mayor Bo will then teach Link how to do sumo wrestling in order to defeat the Gorons and ask them for their help. After you beat him, he will give you the Iron Boots.

Go to Ordon Ranch and talk to Fado while riding with Epona. Round up all the goats in a quick amount of time. He'll reward you with Piece of Heart #6.

Return back to Kakariko Village and you will notice that the Bulbins are attacking the town. Colin saves Beth from being trampled, but Link comes to the town in order to protect the village, his eyes full of fury. Follow him to North Eldin Field.

Miniboss: King Bulbin

King Bulbin will be standing in the middle of the field waiting for Link to fight him. Once Link draws his sword, King Bulbin will call for a group of five other Bulbins to attack Link while he runs around the field. Use Spin Attacks while on Epona and get close to King Bulbin, spin attacking on him and knocking his armor off. Once enough armor is taken off, King Bulbin will run for the Bridge of Eldin.

When you get to the bridge, two Bulbin will light the wooden gates up, preventing Link from exiting. King Bulbin will charge at you with his steed, so it's best to charge up a Spin Attack and then run alongside the edge of the bridge. Once you get close, dash past him and unleash a Spin Attack once you connect with his side. Two spin attacks will be enough to knock King Bulbin off his boar.

Scale Death Mountain

After you save Colin, head over to the general store. Malo will be running the store, so talk to him and purchase the Hylian Shield for 200 rupees. This steel shield is resistant against fire attacks, unlike your wooden shield. Actually it basically makes your wooden shield obsolete now.

Next take Epona and return to East Hyrule Field where you fought King Bulbin. There is a Golden Bug (Male Grasshopper) to the southeast (Gamecube)/southwest (Wii) end of the field. Another Golden Bug (Female Grasshopper) is at the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii) end of the field. Next, go to the bridge and on the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) side of the bridge you will see the next Golden Bug (Male Phasmid). Across the other side of the bridge, you will see the next Golden Bug (Female Phasmid) on a higher ledge.

Return back to Kakariko Village and climb up to Death Mountain again. Equip the Iron Boots and when the Goron rolls into you, hold down the A button in order to toss the Goron. Proceed forward and do away with any Goron in your path. Near the Howling Stone, there will be many Bulbins who will shoot you with fire arrows. Ignore them and proceed up to the top of the mountain. There will be a lot of rocks falling from the mountain, along with a large hot boulder. We' need that boulder later.

Avoid all the rocks and then walk to a Goron. Stab him with your sword and he'll curl up. Jump on his back and face the ledge you want to get it and he'll uncurl and force you up there. Continue this for the next few Gorons until you get up to a point where a constant stream of hot air will not let you go. Take your Iron Boots, equip them, and continue forward. Then you will climb up and some Gorons will roll into you; toss them aside. On the next Goron you have to jump onto, instead of jumping to the next Goron, turn to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and grab a hidden ledge. There will be thirty rupees on top. Proceed to bypass the next Goron and head into the Goron's home.

You will be "greeted" by six Gorons who will try to run over you, but one of their elders, Gor Coron, will stop you. Choose to ignore his challenge and equip the Iron Boots, then accept. Like with Mayor Bo, have a Sumo Match with Gor Coron and defeat him in order to gain entryway to the Goron Mines.

3.4 - Goron Mines

The First Key Shard

Jump over the lava streams and proceed to the next area. Cut down the boards in your way and then step on the nearby switch while wearing the Iron Boots. Unequip them after you hit the switch and proceed past the fire stream then hit the next switch. Pass the next fire stream and then turn to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and take the small path to the ladder. Use a Shield Bash with your Hylian Shield in order to kill the Fire Tadpoli nearby. Climb up the ladder and then kill the nearby Fire Slug and then open the chest for 20 rupees.

Proceed forward by jumping on the next ledge and head down south. Kill the Fire Slug that falls from the ceiling and then activate the switch. Run towards where the fire stream had stopped, avoiding another Fire Slug, then turn left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). Jump to the raised platform and use the Iron Boots in order to activate the switch to open the gate that blocks the door.

You will find yourself in a large room with a bunch of large scale magnets. Proceed forward then right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and then walk down the stairs. Open the chest while you fight the Bulbins to get a Small Key. Now head up the stairs and proceed forward and you will see some rotating platforms. Jump them when they stop rotating and head to the next door and open it.

In the next room, follow the path until you get to the north end of the room while avoiding or fighting the Dondogos in this area. You will see a wall with a chain on it; drag it the farthest you can drag it and then release. Rush to the central path and you will see the wall had blocked the route to the door. Hurry and enter the door.

In the next room, you will notice it is full of water. Jump in the water and equip the Iron Boots. Step on the switch to activate the electro-magnetic rock and then proceed to the next door.

In the next room, you will see a small Goron elder named Gor Amoto. Talk to him to get the first Key Fragment. Open the chest behind him to get the Dungeon Map. Open the other chest to get 20 rupees. Climb up the ladder and break the pot that has Ooccoo trapped inside then proceed to the next room.

The Second Key Shard

Walk alongside the walls with your Iron Boots, slashing at the Fire Slugs and proceed to the next room.

Activate the switch and then head to the northeast (Gamecube)/northwest (Wii) part of the room to find a hidden chest that contains Piece of Heart #7. Make your way back through the small maze and enter the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) door.

In the next room, head to the group of Bulbins and attack them. Activate the switch nearby in order to activate one of the magnetic machines. Ride the magnet to the north then unequip the Iron Boots to fall down. Head up to the next switch and kill the Bulbins, then activate the next switch. Ride the magnet again to the northern door and enter.

The next room is full of Tekitites. Kill all of them, then jump into the water and head to the northeastern (Gamecube)/northwestern (Wii) part of the room and find a chest under the water. Open it to get a key then head to the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) end of the room. Push the block aside and float back up to the top of the water. Head to the switch and activate it. Jump into the magnetic field and then head up to the next switch and activate it. Fall into magnetic field with your Iron Boots equipped and then open the chest nearby and collect 20 rupees. Hit the next switch and then proceed past the gates.

In the next room, climb up the magnetic rock and then head up and left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) to a chest. Open it for Piece of Heart#8. Walk over to above the gate that is raised up and cut the rope to bring it down. Fall down onto the ground and avoid the Beamos Statues for now and then proceed to the next door.

Follow the wooden pathway and then take a left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). You should see a Beamos Statue; ignore it and turn to the left (Gamecube)/ right (Wii) and you'll see a chest. Open it for a small key. Proceed to the room located to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii).

The next room has rotating platforms. Jump over the first one and then walk over towards the second one. The second one will have two different sides: one side will have three areas where you can use the Iron Boots the stay planted while the other side will have one. When the platform rotates, use the Iron Boots on these sides in order to stay planted to the platform until Link is right side up. Proceed to the east room to collect the Second Key Shard from Gor Ebizo. Open the chest in Gor Ebizo's room for 10 rupees. Head up the ladder, enter the door, then walk along the wall to the next room. Don't forget to open the nearby chest for 10 rupees.

In the next room, you will come face-to-face with the miniboss, Dangoro.

Miniboss: Dangoro

Dangoro will smash the platform and make it fall into the pool of lava right under you. Walk over to the edge of the platform and equip your Iron Boots and when Dangoro charges for an attack, slash at his body until he curls up into a ball and tries to tackle you. Pick him up like a normal Goron and throw him into the lava pit to damage him. He will fall after being thrown into the lava three times.

The Final Key Shard

In the next room, you will open a chest and find the Hero's Bow, the same bow used by the ancient hero. Use it to cut the rope holding the bridge up and proceed to the next room. Try to pull the Beamos Statue in front of you and it activate. Run from it and head to the center of the room. Hit all the Beamos Statues in their "eyes" (the jewels) with the Hero's Bow to deactivate them. Pull the one to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) in order to get the Compass. Pull the one to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and enter the room to talk to the final Goron Elder. He will give you the final key shard making the Big Key. Open the chest behind him for 50 Rupees. Head back out of his room and pull the Beamos Statue at the southern end and enter the door.

In the next room, kill the Fire Keese and then roll into the gate to knock it down. Kill the Dodongos in your path and also kill the Fire Slugs above you with your Hero's Bow. Get to the next switch and step on it with your Iron Boots. Kill the Dodongo on the ceiling with your sword. Activate the switch above the door and enter it to the next room.

In the next room, the chest to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) will contain 50 rupees, but if you have more than 250 rupees, you cannot collect it. Shoot the rope on the gate to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and then activate the switch. Go to the north door back into the room where the Tekitites were. Kill the Tadpoli in the room and activate the switch on the ledge with your Hero's Bow and then proceed to the next room. Kill the Bulbins and then shoot the Beamos Statues with arrows and proceed to the next room.

Snipe all the Bulbins that you can see and then head to the Beamos Statue from earlier. Deactivate it and head up the path. Strike the nearby explosive barrels to kill the Bulbins that are trying to snipe you and then proceed forward till you get to the next switch. Activate it and jump into magnetic field and use your bow in order to knock the next gate down. Enter the next room.

In the next room, it will spiral downward to the pathway to the boss room. Snipe all the Bulbins while you are behind cover so you won't get hurt. Once you snipe them all, get down towards where the gate is and cut the rope on the ceiling with your Hero's Bow. More Bulbins will come after you to kill you, so slash them with your sword. After, break all the pots nearby and collect a fairy if you find it and open the door to fight Fyrus.

Boss: Twilight Ignitor Fyrus

Fyrus is the demonic form of the Goron Patriarch, Darbus. It is a walking inferno: a lava body with fire spewing from its body.

Fyrus's weak point is its third eye on its forehead. Shoot with it with your bow and when it is stunned, grab its leg chains and equip your Iron Boots. Trip Fyrus onto the ground and then rush to Fyrus's head. Slash at his head with your sword and then it will stand up again. Get enough room between you and Fyrus and then shoot his third eyes again. Repeat several times and finish him with the Ending Blow to collect the next Fused Shadow and your next Heart Container.

After the battle, Midna will give the name of the King of the Twilight: Zant. He is an false king; he usurped the throne and became king of the Twilight Realm. She will also say Princess Zelda is no better and that she has a carefree and expensive lifestyle and questions how that teaches Princess Zelda the duty to rule her people.

Darbus will awaken again, but he won't remember what happened to himself. Talk to Midna and exit the dungeon.

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