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6.1 - To Gerudo Desert

Collect #3

Note: For the night time Poes, please refer to the next section.

Once you get the Master Sword, head out to the area where the Guardians are. You will notice an opening in the wall to the south of the Master Sword. Enter it and you will notice a broken chest as well as hear the sounds of a Golden Bug. The Golden Bug (Male Snail) will be above the entrance to the small cave. Grab it with your Clawshot or Boomerang and you will collect the 20th Golden Bug.

Return back to the area where you fought the Skull Kid. Bomb the rock near the stone structure that sticks out of the ground. A Poe will come out from under the rock, so change to wolf form and then take the Poe down to collect the Poe Soul #2. Dig into the ground where the rock was and you will come into room full of enemies. Kill all of the enemies in the room and a chest will appear. Open it up to gather Piece of Heart #17.

Warp to Upper Zora's River and head over to Hena's Fishing Pond to the north of Iza's shop. Head into the lake and use the Iron Boots and head up to the rock formation in the middle of the lake. Look up and you should see the Piece of Heart. Use the Clawshot to collect Piece of Heart #18. While you are here, head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and fish in the small part of the pond near the wooden bridge. If you're lucky, you may get Bottle #3 on your first pull!

Warp to Kakariko Gorge and return to the cave that we were in earlier. Take the pathway that we didn't take to the northeast (Gamecube)/northwest (Wii) most part of the cave to find another Poe. Kill it quickly to collect Poe Soul #3.

Return to Kakariko Village and talk to the Goron Elder in Malo Mart. Give him all the rupees you can spare (I suggest keeping at least 50 to yourself for right now). Depending on how much you have on hand and how much you give him, you'll need to go gather rupees to help repair the bridge. If you look at our map of Twilight Princess, you can find a lot of areas to collect orange and purple rupees to help pay for the bridge. There is a hidden Silver Rupee in the bell above Renado's house; knock it down with a Bomb Arrow.

Talk to the Goron Elder outside of the Malo Mart and accept his quest to deliver Hot Spring Water to the Goron at the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town. First off, check on the Goron and he will say he needs Hot Spring Water. Return back and talk to the Goron Elder for Hot Spring Water. Once you get the Hot Spring Water, hang along the edge of the field and head west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). This will ensure that you won't run into any enemies. A Bulbin or two may attack you will arrows but do not pursue him; instead avoid his arrows and get to the Goron as soon as you can. Once you get to him, target him and toss the Hot Spring Water at him. He'll jump and exclaim that he feels full of energy and will roll off to get more Hot Spring Water. Once he returns, he'll drop Piece of Heart #19 for you to gather.

Once you pay for the repair on the bridge, talk to the Goron Elder again in the shop after doing the above. Only after getting Piece of Heart #19 will the price drop from 2000 rupees to 200 rupees. The Goron who wanted Hot Spring Water must have donated a lot of his funds to lower the price drastically!

Head up to Death Mountain and talk to the Goron halfway up the mountain. Jump to the platform to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and head up north. You will see a hole in the wall to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). Jump down the hole and open the chest to reveal Piece of Heart #20. While you are here, head over to the hole opposite of where you are and use the Clawshot to enter. Kill the sparkling Chu Chu in here to collect Rare Chu Jelly.

Warp to Hyrule Castle town and head to South Hyrule Field and talk to the Golden Wolf as a human. After proving you know how to use the last Hidden Skill properly, the Hero's Spirit will teach you to do the Helm Splitter. Use a shield bash to stun an enemy and then press A to quickly leap over them and slash at their skull with your sword.

Head to Lake Hylia and head to the Howling Stone you couldn't get just quite yet. Play the song that the Howling Stone plays and summon the Golden Wolf again, who will appear in the next area we need to go to.

Behind the Howling Stone, head over to a cave located southwest of the warp point, up a ladder. Blow up the rock blocking the cave and head inside. Inside, head up forward and light the torch. Head east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) and blow up the rock, then light the next torch. Head head again to the next room and light the torch. You'll find Poe Soul #4 here.

Now head north to room #4 take out the Beamos. Light the torch and head west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to room #5. In room #5, light up the two torches to reveal a chest containing 100 rupees. Head west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to room #6 and you'll notice the torches are lit already. Defeat the Dondogo and blow up the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) wall to continue (the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) wall contains a warp point out of the cave, but I'd suggest you don't do that to get the Piece of Heart later in this cave). Head west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) to room #7 and defeat the Beamos here, then head north to room #8. At room #8 is another Poe Soul #5, so collect it and head on.

Head to Room #9 and beat the Dondogos and then head east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) to room #10. Head south of Room #10 to Room #11. Defeat the Poe here for Poe Soul #6 and then light the two torches to get Piece of Heart #21.

Near the cave where you got the Poe Souls from is a hidden hole. Enter down into it and kill any of the enemies in the area in order to collect 100 rupees.

Enter back at Lanayru's Spring and enter the door at the back end of the Spring. Use your lantern on the two torches to reveal a hidden chest containing Piece of Heart #22.

Head towards Fyer's shop and talk to Plumm. He will mention a fantastic game that you can play. If you collect over 10,000 points in the game, you get prize. Take his challenge and play the bird summon song near the Hawkgrass in order to summon a Kargarok. Once you play the game you will see a bunch of fruit shaped balloons floating through the area. Touch the balloons to rack up points. You get more points if you hit the same fruit in a row without touching the others. I suggest trying to only go after the small Strawberries which will rack up 5150 points once you hit the max amount of combos, which will easily skyrocket your point total to over 50,000 points. Once you are done with the game and get over 10,000 points, you get Piece of Heart #23. You can choose to try and break your High Score if you want.

Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and go to the tent on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of town. Spend some rupees and take a part in the S.T.A.R. games. Use the Clawshot to gather all the floating orbs in the cage. It is best to align yourself properly and try to gather several orbs in one shot. You also have to be quick since the owner will only give you thirty seconds to collect them all! Once you collect them all and win, you will get the Big Quiver.

Nearby the S.T.A.R. games is a man in colorful clothing. Give him 1000 rupees as a donation in order to get Piece of Heart #24.

If you have almost 600 rupees now, you can go to Malo Mart Castle Branch and talk to the shopkeeper in order to buy the Magic Armor. This Magic Armor will protect you from any harm you recieve, but it drains rupees so long as your wear it. Even if you recieve no damage while wearing the armor you can still be flung back from attacks and will also lose a handful of rupees each time you get hit. Use it only in dire situations.

Finally, head from Castle Town all the way to the Bridge of Eldin. You know where you got the Golden Bug from earlier? There's a place where you can use the Clawshot to get to the ledge. Get onto the ledge and then enter the cave. Follow the pathway to the bottom, using your Iron Boots while going through the magnetic fields, and then open the chest on the very bottom of the cave for Piece of Heart #25. Light the nearby torches for 50 rupees.

Collect #3 - (Nighttime Poes)

Note: Since everyone goes through the game at their own place, we've posted all the night time Poes you can gather at this point of time here.

From Kakariko Gorge, head over to South Hyrule Field. To the north end of the field, you will see the Poe just hanging out in a dry area. Collect Poe Soul #7 from.

Head over to Kakariko Village and go to the graveyard. There is one Poe (Poe Soul #8) who floats in the middle of the graveyard. Another one (Poe Soul #9) is hidden under one of the gravestones at the entrance to the graveyard. Kill both to gather their Poe Souls.

In Kakariko Village, there is a Poe (Poe Soul #10) at where the bomb storage shed was at the top of Kakariko. Another one (Poe Soul #11) is at the entrance to the lookout tower. You can get to both of them if you go through Barne's Shop. Be cautious when trying to collect the Poe at the Lookout Tower.

Halfway up to Death Mountain, a Poe rests at platform to your left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). Use the Goron to jump up to the platform and kill the Poe for Poe Soul #12.

Warp to North Faron Woods again and then head towards the purple fog. Jump towards the other entrance and turn directions and jump into the center tree. A Poe rests near the center part of these woods. Collect Poe Soul #13 from it.

Head to Hyrule Field north of Faron Woods. Overlooking the pond is Poe Soul #14. Kill the Poe to collect the Poe Soul.

Warp to near Hyrule Castle Town and go to the amphitheater to find Poe Soul #15. While you in the area, head to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) bridge from Hyrule Castle Town to find another Poe (Poe Soul #16). To the South of Hyrule Castle Town, there is another Poe hanging around the stairs which has Poe Soul #17.

Head up to North Hyrule Field. There is a Poe (Poe Soul #18) waiting on the bridge. To the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the bridge, there will be a ring of grass. Dig in the middle of the grass to find two hidden Poe Souls (Poe Soul #19 and Poe Soul #20) in a cave full of rocks.

Warp to Upper Zora's River. You will see a Poe on a ledge right near when you warp to the area, hanging around a hill. Go and collect Poe Soul #21 from it.

At Zora's Domain, there is a Poe (Poe Soul #22) up on the hill where you found the Shadow Insect and where you find one of the Golden Bugs. There is also a Poe (Poe Soul #23) that hides behind the waterfall.

Go the south end of upper Lake Hylia. You will see higher ledges you can grab up to, but boulders block your path. Destroy them with Bomb Arrows and get to the top of the ledge. Kill the Poe here for Poe Soul #24. The nearby chest contains 50 rupees and the nearby hole has a hidden orange rupee.

Head for Falbi's house in Lake Hylia. Pay him to fall down to the Isle of Riches, however, do not reach the area yet. Take a u-turn while falling and you will see a hidden platform. Reach the platform to grab Poe Soul #25 there. There is a dig spot nearby which reveals a cave that has a hidden orange rupee in it. Take the Cucco on this platform and then fly over to the Isle of Riches and land on the platform where Poe Soul #26 is (it is the middle platform).

At the southern end of Lake Hylia, you will see a Poe (Poe Soul #27) hanging out near the rock formation where you got one of the Shadow Insects. To the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) of that one is Poe Soul #28 which is near Zora's River.

Meet Auru

Once you collect all the Poe Souls above, return to Castle Town and talk to Jovani at his house (it's north of Telma's Bar). Dig into the house and talk to Jovani and he will now be able to move and Gengle, his cat, will no longer be solid gold. Jovani will mention how he isn't back to his normal self yet and he said that maybe he needs the souls of 60 Poes. As a reward for gathering so many Poes, he will give you the final bottle filled with Great Fairy Tears.

Head for Telma's Bar and talk to her and her friends. Ashei is a strong and brave girl who was raised to be a warrior. Shad is a scholar and has been trying to solve the mysteries of Hyrule; he's currently interested in the mysterious Ooccoo. The final friend at the bar surprisingly is Rusl, who chooses to keep a strange helmet on his head to hide his eyes. Rusl states that he's seen the children at Kakariko and wishes for them to stay there until the threat in Hyrule is gone.

Look at the map on the table and you will see a mark on the map which will reveal where Auru is. Warp to Lake Hylia and go to the lookout tower. If it is night time, grab the Poe Soul #29 while you are here. Climb up the tower to meet Auru who will talk about a place in Gerudo Desert that was used to send terrible criminals to their doom. Auru asks Link if he was going to the desert to confirm Auru's suspicions and then hands Link "Auru's Memo". Hand it to Fyer who will open the secret "Oasis Flight" option. It's a free ride this time, but any other time it costs money.

6.2 - Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Mesa

Once you reach the Gerudo Desert, Link will be facing the desert and then Midna will talk to Link and ask him what happened to the people who had tried to established domain over the Sacred Realm. She says that the people were chased across the land of Hyrule and were banished to another realm, presumingly by the Mirror of Twilight. Out of anger, she yells at Link and says that she is a descendant of the people who tried to gain control over the Triforce, regretting what her ancestors have done.

Once you gain control of Link back, turn around and you will see a mesa sticking out of the ground. If it is night time, you will see a Poe hanging around the rock. Kill it to gain Poe Soul #30.

Next, you will want to gather the next two Golden Bugs, the Male Dayfly and the Female Dayfly. It is suggested to wait till night time to see these two better. The male one will be fluttering out in the open on the southern edge of the desert, but the female will be fluttering in a few trenches north of the male one. Just keep your eye out to find them.

Next, head to the Gerudo Mesa which is on the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) edge of the desert. Use the Clawshot to climb onto the Cactus above you and then drop down. Shoot the Peahat above you and get to the next edge. Get near the bridge piece and several Shadow Beings will appear. A few well timed Spin Attacks or even Midna’s magic barrier will be enough to kill them all. Once they are all killed, warp the stone bridge piece to the Bridge of Eldin to repair it; we’ll be needing to use it later in the game. Once you warp the bridge piece away, the Cave of Ordeals will be opened, but we’ll cover that at the Twilight Princess Walkthrough Cave of Ordeals page.

If it is night time, a Poe will be found here at the Gerudo Mesa. Kill it quickly to get Poe Soul #31.

Next, go to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the Desert and you will see a place where you can clawshot up onto a cactus. At night, Poe Soul #32 will be found here. Below that Poe Soul, in a hidden cave, are Poe Soul #33 and Poe Soul #34 which will attack you in the small space. While you’re here, kill the enemies in the cave to reveal a chest with 100 Rupees in it.

Next, go towards where the Bulbins are camping out. Snipe them all using the Bow and Hawkeye combo and then take one of their boars. Use it to dash and ram into the wooden blockades on the northern edge of the desert and then proceed up and left (Gamecube)/right (Wii). You will come face to face with the Golden Wolf and you will learn the Mortal Draw.

After you learn the Mortal Draw, proceed west (Gamecube)/east (Wii). There will be an empty spot where at bunch of Leevers will pop out of the ground. At night you will find Poe Soul #35.

Now head more north and you will find yourself at the Bulbin Encampment.

Bulbin Encampment

Now, there are two ways you can go through the Bulbin Encampment. If it is daytime, the sentry will spot you and will alert his allies, forcing you to deal with a couple of hordes of Bulbin which will come and kill you. If it is night time, you can spend you time sniping your enemies and sneaking around the encampment. Either way, do what you want to proceed through the area.

First off, head to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). You will find ground-level windows and a block. Move the block all the way to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii). You will see a Bulbin near a boar. Snipe it and it will drop a key. Now head carefully through the rest of the encampment, killing and sniping enemies until you reach the boar. Pick up the Small Key to enter the stall, but don’t leave yet. Slash at the boar till it explodes in order to get another Piece of Heart #26.

Head for the stall and open it. Once you enter, King Bulbin will appear with a short, but thick, halbred which he uses to knock away the boar in the stall then begins to chase Link.

Miniboss: King Bulbin

King Bulbin isn’t too happy, so keep your guard up. A simple swing from his halbred will cause Link to fly across the area and cause a massive three hearts in damage. Target him and use the Hidden Skill Back Slice and jump back a few times to avoid his assault. You can also use Bomb Arrows, but they aren’t as effective at doing damage than a Back Slice and a few quick Spin Attacks.

Just avoid his assaults while using the Back Slice on him to defeat him.

To Arbiter's Grounds

Once you defeat King Bulbin, he will walk away with an injured arm, but all is not peaceful. The stall will be lit on fire and will collapse on you if you aren’t quick. Take the boar and ram through the northern gate and you will rush towards Arbiter’s Grounds.

Before you even reach Arbiter’s Ground, return to the encampment and then go to the stall to find Poe Soul #36 hanging around at night time. Return back to Arbiter’s Grounds and head to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) before the entrance to find Poe Soul #37 waiting for you.

6.3 - Arbiter's Grounds

Find the Four Poes

Enter the Arbiter’s Grounds and you will find that the first room is full of sand and has several broken platforms you can walk on. Seems like this dungeon has seen better days.

Clawshot to the nearest platform and jump to the next one, being careful not to fall into the sinking sand. Proceed up north and you will notice that there is a gate blocking your route. To the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) of that gate is a switch you can pull to activate. Get to it, killing the Stalchild in your way and then use the Clawshot on the switch to bring the chain closer to you. Pull on it to activate the gate.

Next, proceed north and then take a left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and head to the chest in this area to find a Small Key. A few Scarabs will try and jump on you to hinder your movement, but it is easy to take them out with a Spin Attack. Take the key and head up to the next room. Before you do, if you’re low on Lantern Oil, it would be best for you refill your Lantern on the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) side of the room.

In the next room, take out your lantern and go and light the two torches in the room. A lot of Stalchildren will come out of the sand to hurt you, but they aren’t much of a threat. Simply just go and kill them and focus on lighting the torches. Be sure not to stay in the sand for too long or you will sink and die.

In the next room, four Poes will appear and steal the fire from the torches. They will circle around Link and three will disappear, leaving one there. Turn into Wolf Link and wait for the Poe to attack. When it turns blue tackle it and proceed to bite it a good number of time. Repeat it until the Poe falls down and you get Poe Soul #38. Once it is defeated, the fire it stole will go back to the torch. Next, sniff the remains of the Poe to gain the Poe Scent to find the other Poes.

Next, go to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) side of the room and use the Clawshot to get to a chest. Open the chest to reveal Piece of Heart #27. Quickly cross the sand and head the left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) side of the room and cross the sand to the next chest which contains the Dungeon Map.

Proceed to the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) side of the room and use your Wolf Senses to find the Poe Scent go through a dig spot. Dig and reveal a switch. Tug on the switch to activate it to reveal a hidden set of stairs. Go down those stairs and enter the room.

Kill the enemies in your way and then push the wall in the center of the room to rotate the walls in this room and the one above. Kill the nearby Redead with two Bomb Arrows and then open the chest for a Small Key. Clawshot to the level above and then head north. In this room you will find another Poe who will act like the first. Simply tackle it and kill it in order to get Poe Soul #39.

Return back to the room before and fall to the room below it and push the wall back to where it was. Exit the room and go up the stairs, then return back to the door above the hidden stairs and proceed east (Gamecube)/west (Wii).

In the next room, you will see it is mostly full of sand and has what seems to be a chandelier blocking the path. Head towards the chandelier, but avoid the spikes that jut out of the sand. Once you cross the sandpit, pull the nearby block and push it into the little crevice nearby. Climb to the platform above and you will see a switch you can pull. Pull it and then run past where the chandelier was resting before it falls back down. Climb the stairs and defeat the Bubbles that try to attack you. Open the chest to get the Compass.

Next, rotate the walls by moving the statue in the center of the room. Head east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) to get a key. First kill the Redead with two Bomb Arrows, then go the chest to collect the small key. Head in the opposite direction, past the statue, then open the door to the next room.

In the next room, you will be in a narrow winding hallway full of Skalchildren. Kill them all then kill the next two Redeads you see with Bomb Arrows. Use your wolf senses to find another hidden switch you can pull on, then open the wall. Kill the next Poe (Poe Soul #40) and then enter the next door.

Open the door and head for the chest in the room. Open it to get the Small Key. The room will get dark and a bunch of ghost vermin will appear, so be sure they don’t get on you and hinder your weight. Use your senses to see them and then use the Spin Attack to get them off your tail. Proceed to the next room.

Once the third flame goes back to the torch, proceed forward and jump over the chandelier to the next room. In this room you will see a large pit of sand, a chandelier, and a block. Get to the block and push it so you can pull on the switch to raise the chandelier. Watch out for the Moldorms that jump at you. You can choose to open the chests in the room (both of which have 20 rupees in it), or you can just stay in the center of the chandelier and let it drop. Once it does, head to the next room.

In the next room, you will come face-to-face with a Stalfos, but they aren’t really much of a threat. Simply fire a Bomb Arrow at it’s face in order to kill it. Open the chests in the room to get a total of 10 bombs.

Enter the next door and you’ll find a room with a statue and 6 torches. Light the single torch, then light the torch to the far left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) to open the next door. Proceed to the next room and you will find the final Poe. Target it to start the battle.

This Poe will seperate into four poes and try to confuse you. Zoom out the camera and wait for the Poes to stop. One will turn blue, meaning you can attack it. Jump at it quickly and bite it several times. After you’ve done it, it will split into four again. Once again wait for it to stop and then attack the real one. Quickly take it down and get Poe Soul #41.

Find the Spinner

Return back to the room with the chandelier and the Moldorms and Clawshot back to the room with the four torches. Once all the torches are lit, the gate will open and you can go deeper into the dungeon.

Head into the door and head to the right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) door. Fall down to the “floor” of the platform and go two “floors” up to get the key. After getting the key, push the platform and proceed the furthest you can go down and enter the next door.

Next, you will find yourself in a large room, but watch out, there are spikes out in the room. Navigate your way through the room and remember where you went. Go to where the Redead is (northeastern (Gamecube)/northwestern (Wii)) part of the room and kill it with Bomb Arrows. Next, head to the opposite side of the room while avoiding the spikes and pull on the wall till you can’t pull no more. Run to where the Redead was and head to the center path and get past the wall that is being pulled back in place. Take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) then a left (Gamecube)/right (Wii) and Grab Ooccoo.

Next, head into the nearest door. Proceed forward while avoiding the rotating spiked platform. You will find yourself in a room with Stalfos. Kill them all with Bomb Arrows to open the gate in the room before. Go to the gate and then clawshot to the next platform. Before it goes down into the sand, clawshot to the next platform and then jump over the hole and head to the next room.

Miniboss: Death Sword

You found the miniboss of Arbiter’s Grounds, Death Sword. To start the battle, cut one of the ropes on the sword to loosen the seal on the blade. The rest of the ropes will burn and then the sword will come out of the ground and fly.

Turn into Wolf Link to reveal the ghostly body of Death Sword. Strike it when it turns blue, just like the Poes. Enough strikes and Death Sword will become tangible. It will then fly around the room, so knock it down with an arrow. Once it is hit, it will fly around the room and try to strike Link quick. Hit it with your sword to slow it down and fall over, then spin attack and jump attack it’s head to do a lot of damage. Repeat this process until it yells in pain and explode into a bunch of bats.

Get the Boss Key

Collect the Spinner after you defeat Death Sword. Use it on the grooves in the wall in order to return back to the door and exit the miniboss room. In the next room, use the Spinner on the grooves again and then press A (Gamecube)/ B (Wii) to jump off the groove and go up the next groove to the next room.

In the next room, you will see a lot of broken walls and grooves in the wall. Time your jumps well and follow the grove until you get to the rotating spike platform. Open the chest here to get Piece of Heart #28. Then follow the grooves until you get to the southwestern (Gamecube)/southeastern (Wii) part of the room and follow it up to the next area. Follow up the center platform till you see two sets of rail and several spikes rolling across it. Time your jumps well and go to the next door.

Open it and get the Boss Key. Proceed forward with the spinner and place it in the center part of the room. Spin a lot until you rotate the wall and find a hidden room. go into the next room and ride up the rail until you jump off to the platform in the middle of the room. Once again use the Spinner and use it to activate the next gears. Spin up the rail and enter the next room to fight the boss.

Boss: Twilit Fossil Stallord

Once you enter the room and get near the corpse of Twilit Fossil: Stallord, Zant will appear and will mention that he is surprised you are still alive, but then states that this is the last time either one of them would meet. He shove a sword into the skull of Stallord, thus reanimating the skull to attack you.

Stallord’s weak point is its brittle spine. But it isn’t easy to just the Spinner and spin into it. Stallord will have a bunch of Staltroops surrounding it, all of which won’t do much damage, but they’re more so an annoyance. All you can really do in this part of the battle is try to launch into Stallord’s spine while avoiding the Staltroops, or simply use the Spinner to destroy the Staltroops, as they won’t respawn. Be sure to avoid the spinning spikes on the railing too.

After you take Stallord down, you will sink down to the ground as the sand disappears. Use the Spinner in the middle of the room to raise the central platform. Then Stallord will wake up again and tackle Link down.

Use the Spinner and go up the railing. Eventually, once you get high enough, Stallord will try to shoot fireballs at you. The best way to avoid the fireballs is to jump right when his mouth jerks and he makes a roar. Repeat this until you get close to Stallord’s head and then jump off with the Spinner and smack into his face and knock him out. Jump attack, Spin Attack, thrust, and slash him as quickly as you possibly can to deal a lot of damage.

Stallord’s head will once again become animated and fly away from you. Follow him again, but watch out for the spike traps on the railing. Once you get close to one, jump from the central platform to the wall next to you. Then jump back again once you think it is safe. Once again, Stallord will fire fireballs at you again, so simply jump and avoid until you get close, then knock him down and slash him.

Done correctly, you will defeat Stallord and be close to the Mirror of Twilight.

The Mirror of Twilight

Head out of the door and go up the stairs. Once you reach the statue, five Shadow Beings will drop from the sky as well as some Keese. Kill all the Shadow Beings and don’t leave one alive. Another portal will open above you giving you quick access to the Mirror of Twilight.

Next, use the Spinner to go up the statue. Land in the groove in the statue and then constantly spin to activate the switch. The statue will then begin to sink down while the nearby pillars will rise, revealing a huge chained up piece of rock and the Mirror of Twilight.

Once Midna gets close to the Mirror of Twilight, she will realize that it is broken. The five sages will appear and say that they feel that Zant has gained tremendous evil power from Ganondorf.

They then speak of how they subdued Ganondorf, but by a divine prank, Ganondorf was given the Triforce of Power and managed to kill the Water Sage. Seeing no other choice, the five sages went and used the Mirror of Twilight and banished Ganondorf to the Twilight Realm. The sages then lament about how their choice to banish Ganondorf into the Twilight Realm for the evil power in Ganondorf was passed to Zant.

Regaining their hope, they tell Midna and Link that Zant could only break the Mirror of Twilight into four pieces and not utterly destroy it. One of the pieces flew to Snowpeak Mountain, another to the Sacred Grove, and one into the City in the Sky.

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