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1.1 - Day One

When you begin your game, you find Link and Rusl at the spring found in Ordon. Rusl mentions about how beautiful the world looks when the sun sets. After talking with Link a bit more, both him and Link take Epona, who is hauling some firewood, and begin heading back to Ordon. While they do so, Rusl locks the gate between Ordon and Faron Woods to ensure no one gets in or out of Ordon for the night.

Once Rusl leaves, Link enters his house and prepares to rest for the next day, but Fado runs up and calls for Link for assistance. It seems like the local Ordon goats aren't listening to Fado again and he needs Link there to help wrangle them all up.

The game begins inside Link's house. climb down the ladders and enter the front door of the house. Once outside, you can talk to Fado or you can continue east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) to the forest. Head along until you find the spring which should be on your left or right, depending on the version you are playing. There you will meet Ilia and Epona.

Ilia will ask you to play Epona's favorite song to call her. If you want to learn how to do this, simple grab some horse grass nearby the spring and press A to play it. Epona will then rush over to you. If you ever need Epona in your adventures, you'll be needing to find and use a lot of Horse Grass to get anywhere in the game. Alternatively, you don't have to pick up the grass and you can just jump onto Epona and go to Fado's place.

On the way to Fado's house at the southern most part of the village, you can find many other villagers who are still awake. You can choose to jump off the horse and talk to them or you can continue onto Fado's place. There's not much to do with the villagers at this point, so talking to them is pointless unless you want to hear what they have to say.

Ride into Ordon Ranch and get close to Fado and talk to him. He'll ask you to help get ten goats back into the stall. To get the goats into the stall, ride behind the goats (which most will be in groups) and press the A button to "whoop". This whooping will startle the goats and cause them to run forward, but not all will get into the stalls. You have to follow behind the goats and use the whoop to push them closer to the stall.

Once you successfully get all the goats into the stall, Fado will set lock the main gate up to prevent the goats from going into town. He'll also set up some fences for you to practice jumping over with Epona. To jump over a fence, gallop towards the fence straight and press A to kick Epona into going faster. By going faster, Epona will jump over the fence allowing you to go to an area that's been closed off.

When you feel more comfortable with fence jumping, head to the main gate and jump over it with Epona. You'll be promoted into saving the game, so save to record your progress. The game itself will teach you how to save the game for the future.

1.2 - Day Two

Get the Slingshot

The dawn of the next day begins with Link looking out of the window on the second floor of his home. Outside, Link will notice some of the children of Ordon playing in his front yard. Talo will be shouting up to Link and asking him to come outside the house.

Go outside your house and talk to the children. Talo will mention that Beth's mother has a Slingshot in stock but complains that Beth won't let them have it. Beth explains to Talo that they need to purchase it, but it's beyond that of the boys allowance.

Head into Ordon Village and you'll see there is a lot of things going on that day. Go to the middle of town where the pumpkins grow, and someone will shout at you to target him. Target him with the L button (Z Button in the Wii version), then he'll tell you that you just targeted him. He'll also mention the Hawk Grass nearby which you can use to summon your hawk friend. Climb up the vines to his level and then jump to the first set of Hawk Grass and grab some. Play it and summon your hawk. Now point it to Fado's House, which is just behind you. You'll see Hanch staring up at the massive bee hive in the tree. Knock it down with the hawk, but don't climb up the tree yet.

Jump over Sera's Sundries and onto another ledge with the Hawk Grass. Play it again to summon your hawk. Face the lake and you'll see a monkey jumping while holding a baby carriage. Point at the carriage and the hawk will grab the carriage and bring it to you. Take the carriage and jump carefully over the roofs and bring the carriage to Uli, who is looking for it. She'll thank you and ask you to follow her and bring it to her house. Now, she walks kind of slow, but you can go ahead and run up to her house (which is along the river) and a cutscene will appear and you will get the Fishing Rod.

After getting the Fishing Rod, go up the tree that you knocked the bee hive off of and you'll see two rupees, the currency in the game. Carefully grab the blue (worth 5 green rupees) and yellow (worth 10) rupees that are on the branches and you'll have a total of 15 rupees you can use towards getting the slingshot.

Next, run over to behind Mayor Bo's house. Right near Talo and Malo's house, there's a ladder to get up behind Mayor Bo's house. Climb it then a few crates and another ladder to reach the roof. Get the yellow rupee here and then use the hawk grass. Point it towards the white cucco below you and grab it. Take the Cucco and float to the platform where you'll find another yellow rupee. Pick up the rocks here to reveal a blue and green rupee to grab.

Now run back to Talo and Malo's house and you'll see a cat there. Fish with the Fishing Rod and pull up one fish. Fish again and the cat will grab the fish and return to Sera's Sundries. Follow the cat and enter the shop and Sera will no longer be depressed. She'll give you a half empty bottle of milk. After she gives you that, purchase the Slingshot for 30 rupees.

Get the Wooden Sword

Once you collect the Slingshot, return back to your house. Rusl will mention that he left something in your house, but you can't access it. A nasty Walltula has managed to block your way back into your own home!

In order to get into your home, you need to learn how to properly use the Slingshot. Talk to the children and they'll be amazed you had enough money to get the Slingshot. You can use the slingshot with the item buttons mentioned in the short description in this walkthrough. Target the Scarecrows like you did when talking to Jaggle and then let loose a seed on them in order to destroy them. Next, you'll notice targets on the trees that you can't target, so aim carefully and hit them with seeds. Once you destroy all the targets, the kids will be impressed.

Take your Slingshot and use it on the Walltula on the ladder. Target it and hit it with a seed to knock the spider off and kill it. Next, climb back up to your house and enter it. A chest will be in the center of your home. Open it and you'll gain a Wooden Sword to practice with!

Return back outside and talk to the kids again. They will ask you how to use the sword, but they'll be ending up showing you how to use the sword. To swing the sword, use the B Button (Gamecube) or swing the Wiimote (Wii). To do a vertical slice, target and press B. To stab, target, hold up on the control stick, and then press B. To spin attack, hold B and release or rotate the control stick quickly once and press B. To do a jump attack, target and press A.

Rescue Talo

Once you learn how to properly use the sword, a monkey will appear and cause problems. The children will run after the monkey and you'll have to follow them. Take Eona with you and go past Ordon Springs. Cross the bridge you will end up in Faron Woods. There will be a gate before Faron Springs so you need to jump over it with Epona. Take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) into the small cavern.

Before you proceed any further, take a right (Gamecube)/left (Wii) and talk to Coro. He'll mention that you'd need a lantern to get through the cave ahead, so he'll give you a free lantern. Take it and go towards the cave, but keep your wooden sword handy. A Deku Baba will come out of the ground and will strike at you.

After defeating the Deku Baba that was in your way, you can continue on into the cave. Light the torch by using the button the Lantern is set on. You can keep the Lantern out to see better, but it will waste a lot of lantern oil that you'll be needing. There will be a few Keese flying about in the cave, some rats running about and some Deku Babas so be careful!

There will be giant spider webs blocking your way through the tunnel and they won't be cut by your sword. Take the lantern out and swipe it on the spider webs to light them and continue on. Halfway into cave there's another path you can take. There will be a rat running about an unopen chest, so kill it and then open the chest to get ten rupees. After which return to the main path and head out the cave.

You're now in one of the more open regions of the area. On your map, you'll see two large red markers. These markers are showing you where you need to go. Go to the northern most marker while avoiding the Bokoblins and enter the cave.

In the cave, you'll find an unopen chest guarded by a Bokoblin. There are also several Keese in the small cave, so clear them out and then take on the Bokoblin. Target the Bokoblin and stab it with your sword several times to kill it quickly. After which, open the chest to get a key. Before you leave, however, light the torches in the cave and you'll reveal a hidden chest that has Piece of Heart #1 hidden with in.

Take the key and go to the other marker, defeating any enemies that are in your way. The gate is guarded by some Bokoblins, so kill them off before they kill you. Open the gate, kill the other Bokoblin and then continue to North Faron Woods.

Continue into North Faron Woods and you'll see more Bokoblins. Kill the first two of them and then kill off the next one near Trill. After you do so, you can buy items from the shop like Lantern Oil or Red Potion. Buy them for full price or for a single rupee; if you don't the bird will call you a thief and will attack you whenever you enter his shop, even if you save and enter the game again. It's best to get a bottle of Lantern Oil for now; drink the milk and then scoop up some lantern oil.

Follow the winding path up towards a tree and you'll find Talo and a female monkey trapped in a cage. Two Bokoblin will be guarding them, so take out your sword and defeat the monsters quickly. You can then either slash at the cage that traps Malo and the monkey or you can do a simple spin attack to free them.

After rescuing Malo and the monkey, you return out of the cave and Malo apologizes. He mentions how the monkey wasn't that evil and that she actually tried to protect him. He runs off back to the village and Rusl walks by and notices Link had rescued Malo. Laughing slightly, Rusl mentions that maybe Link will be lucky to see Princess Zelda.

1.3 - Day Three

As the last day in Ordon dawns, Link is seen in Ordon Ranch, sitting in the grass. Fado asks Link to assist him in gathering his goats back into the stalls. As you did in the first day, whoop all the goats back into the stall while riding on Epona and try to complete it under five minutes. Once you're done with that, leave the ranch.

You'll be greeted with a cutscene where Link and Ilia have a little discussion before Link gets off the horse and talks to Bo. After a few minutes of talking, Ilia will scold Link for hurting Epona and take your horse away. Follow her to Ordon Spring by going to your house. Talo and Malo are blocking the path to the spring and the only way you can get past them is by handing them your sword. Do so to allow yourself and Colin in to get to the spring.

Into the Twilight

When you get to Ordon Spring, you'll notice that the gate to the Spring is closed and Colin and Ilia are in the spring. Talking to Colin will have him tell you of a secret path into the spring that you can crawl through while he tries to discuss with Ilia what happened the day before.

The hole is located on the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the small area between the spring and Link's house. Enter the hole by pressing A near it and press the control stick forward to crawl through it. Once you crawl through the hole, you'll be granted with a cutscene with Link and Ilia talking to one another

Ilia apologizes for her behavior and then quickly asks Link to make sure to take good care of himself and his horse, Epona. Link nods in agreement before the gates are busted open an a gang of Bulbins attack them. An arrow is lodged into Ilia's back and she is knocked out and Link is hit in the back of the head by a club. A large Bulbin appears on a giant boar, then smiles and blows his horn, which makes a portal appear above the spring before he runs off with the children.

Link wakes up in a state of worry and confusion, he pushes himself up and starts running towards Faron. However, when he gets there, he notices a strange blanket of light that is covering the woods. He stumbles backwards and suddenly a giant hand grabs him, pulling him into the strange world.

Once in the now twilight-covered Faron Woods, Link comes face to face with one the Twilit Beasts that wander in the realm. In light threatening peril, Link's hand begins to glow gold and forces the Beast backwards. In pain, Link begins feel a strange sensation before he yells out and turns into a wolf! The golden power inside him goes dormant once more and the Twilit Beast drags Link away further into the twilight...

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