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10.1 - To the Palace of Twilight

Once you defeated Argorok, you'll be warped to the City in the Sky cannon. Jump into it and fire yourself back to Hyrule. Once back in Hyrule, warp to Castle Town and stock up on any items you need at Malo Mart.

Now that you have the Double Clawshots, you can head to the S.T.A.R. Games and pay 15 rupees to check Purlo's next challenge. The light orbs inside the cage all wrap around in straight lines from one end to the other so you can actually score multiple combos. When you've defeated his challenge, he'll give you the Giant Quiver which can hold 100 arrows.

Now warp to Kakariko Gorge. Remember where we got a Piece of Heart earlier? Well Clawshot to a Clawshot point under that, then Clawshot to another in the opposite direction. Aim at the ivy covered wall down below and Clawshot to it, then climb to a hidden ledge to get Piece of Heart #43.

Once done, head to the Mirror Chamber warp point and head towards the Mirror of Twilight to activate a cutscene.

The Mirror, now restored, shines on the dark block in the back and opens the gate to the Twilight Realm. Midna states that people call her world a world of shadows, but it makes it sound unpleasant. She says that the twilight in the realm holds a serene beauty, the same beauty that people have seen in the World of Light. "Bathed in that light, all people were pure and gentle. But things changed once that foul power pervaded the world..."

The sages then appear and say that it was all their doing. They over estimated their powers as sages and attempted to end Ganondorf, but failed. They then ask Midna to forgive them, calling her the Twilight Princess.

Midna then states that "as a ruler who fled her people, I'm hardly qualified to forgive you." A cinematic scene plays, showing Midna how she became an imp and then she opens her palms, showing the only part of the Fused Shadow that remained with the Twili. She then states that her people were awaiting the Hero who would appear as a divine beast. A scene plays of Link turning into a wolf and Midna admits she used Link and only wanted to return the Twilight Realm back to normal, not caring for what happened to the World of Light.

"But after witnessing the selfless lengths that Princess Zelda and you have gone to... Your sacrifices... I now know, in the bottom of my heart, that I must save this world, too. There is no other way. If we can just defeat Zant, the curse on me will dissolve, and we maybe able to revive Zelda."

Head in front of the mirror and up the magical steps. At the end of the stairs, hit the A Button to enter the Twilight Realm.

10.2 - Palace of Twilight

The First Sol

Once inside the Twilight Realm and in front of the Palace of Twilight, you will realize that you won't turn into a wolf inside this realm. It is plausible that this is because this is the purest form of the Twilight Realm and you don't suffer under its curse.

Moving on, head down a bit and Midna will stop you. She will say that even though she left the Twilight Realm, she says her people were still awaiting a hero to save them. "But if they were to see that the only help for them was a hideous little imp... Don't you think they'd feel let down?" She then asks to remain in Link's shadow so they won't glance on her.

Head towards the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) tower and open the door. In the first room, ignore the enemies but defeat the Zant Head at the end of the room. Open the chest for a Small Key. Clawshot to the next door and open it with the key.

In the next room, turn into Wolf Link and defeat the Zant Head to reveal two chests. Open the chest in front of you to get a Small Key. Head back to the south end of the room to the other chest that appeared to get the Compass.

Miniboss: Phantom Zant

Head towards the Sol in the back of the room and a twilight barrier will appear. Phantom Zant will appear and he'll summon enemies to distract you and fight you. Ignore his summoned allies and chase him around the room. Strike him with your sword when he's about to summon more allies. A few good hits from your sword will be enough.

Return the First Sol

Strike the hand that's holding onto the Sol with your sword, then quickly pick up the Sol and bring it to the center of the room and drop it in the indent. This will raise a set of stairs for you to get to the door. At this time, the hand will start to stir, so stun it with three arrows. Clawshot the Sol and bring it to you and exit the room and head south.

In the next room, place the Sol in the center of the room. The hand will appear through the door and will chase after the Sol, so stun it again. Make your way to above the Sol and Clawshot it and bring it to the south door.

In the next room, just ignore the enemies and run down to the door, ignoring the hand and making sure it doesn't grab the Sol.

Get the Second Sol

Back outside the Palace of Twilight, you'll notice the Sol you are carrying cures one of the Twili from its curse. Head over to the center area and drop the Sol in one of the holes in the middle of the area. This will activate another platform in which we can enter the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) tower, so go do so.

In the first room, Clawshot onto the point on the ceiling and drop onto the moving platform, then make your way to the north end of the room and defeat the Zant Head. Once defeated, open the chest that appears to get a Small Key.

In the next room, defeat the Twilit Beasts, then defeat Four Zant heads in order to reveal a chest in the room. Clawshot up to the top of the room and then swing to the center of the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) wall and open the chest here for the Dungeon Map. Clawshot to the chest just opposite of that (center east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) wall) and open the chest for a Small Key.

Miniboss: Phantom Zant

Not much different than last time. Remember to ignore the enemies he summons and chase him down. Once you get near, slash at him before he can disappear.

Return the Second Sol

As with the first one, place this one in a hole in the center of the room. A Twilit Beast will attack, but you can ignore it. Now head to the south door and open it.

In the next room, place the Sol in the center of the room and a set of stairs will appear, but you cannot climb up them. Pick up the Sol again and drop it, then run to the stairs and head to the top of the room. Strike the floating hand with some arrows to stun it and then head to the next room.

In the next room, be careful and jump from platform to platform. Head to the middle of the room; the Sol will power up a platform which will bring you to the north door. Be careful of the Keese here and continue on to the next door.

To Zant

Now once you return the second sol, they will be absorbed into the Master Sword which turned it into the light infused Master Sword. This will give the Master Sword the same properties of the Sols, allowing you to cure the Twili and brush the dark fog away.

Head back to the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) tower. In the first room, use a Spin Attack on the fog on the northwest (Gamecube)/northeast (Wii) side of the room. Get past the fog, Clawshot up to the chest and open it for Piece of Heart #44.

Return back to the east (Gamecube)/west(Wii) tower and head for the east (Gamecube)/west (Wii) wall on the floor. Use a Spin Attack on the fog here to reveal another platform. Take this platform up and jump to the chest. Open it to get Piece of Heart #45, the last one in the game!

Head back outside by climb onto the middle platform. Spin attack the two orbs here to charge them with light. Exit the door and head for the central tower. Use a Spin Attack on the dark fog in front of the door and then head inside.

Inside the central room, swing the Master Sword to force the dark fog to disappear. Place the two orbs in the room into the two holes in the floor (or throw them if you wish) to activate a set of stairs you can climb onto. Now head up those stairs and head over to orb here and smack it with your sword to activate a platform.

Ride the platform to the next platform and defeat the Shadow Deku and defeat the Zant Heads. Your sword is so overpowered right now a simple stab kills everything in your path. Anyways, proceed to the chest that appeared and open it for a Small Key.

Go to the next room—which is actually outside—and head for the west (Gamecube)/east (Wii) side of the room and you'll see two orbs. Use a Spin Attack on both to activate a platform and ride it south. Defeat the Zant Head here and more will appear. Defeat all of them to get a Small Key.

Before you leave this room, head for the dark fog here and use a Spin Attack to get past it. Now go and Clawshot to the top of this chamber and then open the Big Chest to get the Big Key. After which, use the Spin Attack on the fog again and drop down, then head to the north door.

In the next room, you'll be attacked by Shadow Beings again. Defeat them with a Spin Attack, then head to the end of the room. Use a Spin Attack to light the orbs here to activate a platform. (For Gamecube players) Ride the platform up, take the west platform, take the next north platform up and then clawshot to the next platform. (For Wii players) Ride the platform up, take the east platform, then jump onto the north platform up, then clawshot to the next platform.

Now on the next platform, take the next glowing platform north up and then follow it till you see a Zant Head. Go and Clawshot to that platform and defeat the Zant Head here. Another will appear above you, so Clawshot to the platform above you and head to that Zant Head and defeat it. A chest will appear containing a small key.

Another platform will appear, so ride it up to the next door. Open it and you'll find one Shadow Being guarding the boss door. Defeat it and head towards the fog and blow the fog away with your sword. Another being will drop after that, then another, then two more, another two more, four more and finally another four more. Now that they're defeated, you can head to the boss chamber and fight Zant!

Before the Fight with Zant:

Before you begin the battle, here are the details on the cutscene before it:

Sitting on his throne, Zant looks as Link and Midna appear before him. Midna finds it hilarious that they only made it this far because of the dark magic curse that Zant placed on Link. Zant gets angry but he stands up, wanting to tell a story about "both magic and the oppression of ages".

He says--while his helmet comes off, revealing his true face--that their tribe, who were the masters of magic, were locked into the Twilight Realm like insects in a cage. He said that in the realm, the tribe regressed and knew nothing about anger, hatred, nor even desire. He then blames the whole thing on the Twilight Royal Family, who did nothing but resign itself to the twilight. Zant then continued saying that had enough of serving such a depraved household.

Zant dashes past Link and then spins around and holds his arms out. "Why, you ask? Because I believed I would be the next to rule our people! THAT is why! But would they acknowledge me as their king? No! And as such, I was denied the magic powers befitting our ruler."

He holds his arms then says that in the midst of hatred and despair, he turned to the heavens and found a god.

A cutscene shows where Zant begins to meet the god and hit his head on the ground. He turns his head to the sky and begins to be enveloped in a giant plume of flame. Inside the flame, he saw a flaming head--the flaming head of Ganondorf. Ganondorf's spirit then speaks to Zant and says, "I shall house my power in you... If there is anything you desire, I shall desire it as well."

The scene then ends and shows Zant once more who stands upright, his helmet back on his head. "My master only had one wish: To merge shadow and light and make darkness!"

Boss: Usurper King Zant

Now to the boss battle! Zant will warp you to previous boss and miniboss rooms, so here's how to handle each of the battles!

Diababa Room: When he appears, lure him close using the Gale Boomerang and slash at him while avoiding his energy balls. Enough hits and he'll transport to somewhere new.

Dangoro Room: He'll jump around from place to place in the room and rock the platform into the lava, so it's best to wear the Iron Boots on the sides of the platform. Avoid his energy balls and strike him with you sword enough times to go to the next area.

Morpheel Room: Switch to using your Zora Tunic and your Clawshots. Zant will summon giant versions of his helmet and hide in one of them. Pull him out using your Clawshots and then use the Iron Boots to hold you down while you slash at him. Repeat until he moves again.

Ook Room: He'll jump from pole to pole, so chase after him. When he starts to fire at you, roll into the poles twice to make him fall and have his butt hanging in the air. Slash at his rear and repeat until he warps again.

Blizzeta Room: Zant will get rather huge and try to squish you! Use your Ball and Chain on his foot to stub his toe and he'll shrink and run about in the room. Since the room is icy, it will make it hard to land a hit as his tiny form. Remain calm and try to slash at him. This part is one of the hardest parts in the whole battle.

Hyrule Field: Zant will look about and notice he has no more options. He'll bring out his swords and slash at you like the maniac he is, fearful that he will be defeated. All you can really do is slash back at him. When he does his own crazed Spin Attack, reflect it with your own quickly to stun him. Slash at him all you can and defeat the Usurper King!


After Midna gets back the other three Fused Shadows, she realized that even though defeated Zant, she hasn't returned to her true form. Zant then curses them, but Midna says the reason none would call Zant king was because of his lust for power, which many of the Twili remember was the downfall of their race.

Zant then states that the curse on Midna cannot be broken. It was placed onto her by the magic of his god and the power Midna once had as leader of the Twili will never return. He says that Ganondorf has descended and reborn into the World of Light and as long as Ganondorf lived, he will continue to resurrect him without cease.

Midna out of anger then stabs Zant in his chest and then with the power coursing through her, she overpowered him and forced him to expand and explode like a balloon. Out of fear, she realized she only did that with only a fraction of her ancestor's magic.

Midna then says she couldn't take the evil power Zant was using, but she still has the magic of her ancestors and with it, she can return the cherished power Zelda gave Midna. She summons a warp point and then tells you to come. "Now! Let's go! Princess Zelda is waiting!"

Before you go, collect the last Heart Container at the throne to bring your life total to twenty! Warp out of the Palace of Twilight and head to the entrance of the Twilight Realm. You can either continue to the Cave of Ordeals, or to Hyrule Castle.

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