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Our Majora's Mask 3D Masks guide will cover how to get all of the masks in the game. There are a total of 24 masks that can be acquired throughout the game and many are optional. There are 2 types of masks in the game: transformation masks and normal masks. Transformation masks will transform Link into something else while normal masks just change how people and enemies react to Link.

Transformation Masks

Deku Mask

After learning the Song of Healing, Link returns to normal and gets this mask. See the First Three Days walkthrough for more details.

Goron Mask

Play the Song of Healing for the spirit in the Goron Graveyard to get this mask. See the Snowhead Mountain walkthrough for more details.

Zora Mask

Play the Song of Healing for the Zora in the Great Bay Coast to get this mask. See the Great Bay Coast walkthrough for more details.

Giant's Mask

A big chest will appear that contains this mask halfway through the Twinmold fight. See the Stone Tower Temple walkthrough for more details.

Fierce Deity's Mask

Acquire all of the other masks and trade them away to the kids on the Moon. After trading away all but the Deku Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask - speak with the kid wearing the Majora's Mask to be given the Fierce Deity's Mask.

Normal Masks

Captain's Hat

Open the big chest after defeating Skull Keeta to get this mask. See the Ikana Canyon walkthrough for more details.

Garo's Mask

Win at the Gorman Track to get this mask as a prize. See the Ikana Canyon walkthrough for more details.

Gibdo Mask

Play the Song of Healing for the guy in the Magic House in Ikana Canyon. See the Ikana Canyon walkthrough for more details.

Kafei's Mask

Speak with Madame Aroma and agree to look for her son on the first day to get this mask. See the Anju and Kafei quest for more details.

Keaton Mask

The owner of the Curiosity Shop gives Link this mask on the second day once Kafei has left to go to Sakon's Hideout. See the Anju and Kafei quest for more details.

Postman's Hat

The Postman gives Link the Postman's Hat for relieving him of his schedule. See the Anju and Kafei quest for more details.

Mask of Scents

Complete the Deku Shrine to get this mask.

Kamaro's Mask

Play the Song of Healing for the guy dancing on the giant rock formation in north Termina Field between 12AM-6AM.

Great Fairy's Mask

Take the Stray Fairy in Clock Town to the Fairy Fountain as normal Link.

Bremen Mask

Talk to the guy in the Laundry Pool area to the southwest of South Clock Town during night time.

Bunny Hood

After getting the Bremen Mask - go to Romani Ranch and enter the Cucco Shack. Speak with the guy and use the Bremen Mask to mask around all 10 chicks to make them grow into roosters.

Blast Mask

Travel to North Clock Town and wait until Midnight on the first day. Sakon will steal some bomb bags from the old lady. Simply slash him with the sword to get the bomb bags back.

Mask of Truth

Find all 30 Gold Skulltulas in the Swamp Spider House.

All-Night Mask

Save the Old Lady in North Clock Town around midnight on the first day and be sure to have the Giant Wallet. Now buy this mask from the Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town at 10PM on the final day for 500 rupees.

Couple's Mask

Complete the Anju's Anguish quest.

Don Gero's Mask

Before defeating Goht, head to the Goron Shrine in Goron Village. Use a Fire Arrow to light the center of the large chandelier or you can do this by lighting all of the torches leading up the side of the room.

Now use Goron Link to ramp into the spinning chandelier to knock out some rock sirloin. Take it to the Goron on the western ledge in the Mountain Village and toss it up to him after the short cutscene. He will now you the mask.

Romani's Mask

Enter Romani Ranch on the first day by using the Powder Keg to blow up the giant boulder. Speak with Romani near the north of the map and agree to help her. She will teach you Epona's Song and have you practice riding the horse while shooting the bow.

Now come back at 2AM on the first night and speak with Romani. Play Epona's Song and get on the horse. The aliens will appear at 2:30AM. Ride around and shoot the aliens with arrows. Make sure none of them enter the barn. Repeat this until sunrise. Romani will now give you a Milk Bottle.

Wait until 6PM on the second day and speak with Cremia in the wagon to the north of Romani Ranch. Ride with her and a cutscene will happen. Afterwards - you must guard the bow from attackers. Shoot them with arrows repeatedly. Once you make it pass them - Cremia will give Link the mask.

Stone Mask

Head to Pirates' Fortress and find the guard in the center by using the Lens of Truth. Give him a red potion to get the Stone Mask.

Troupe Leader's Mask

Enter the Milk Bar in East Clock Town during the night while wearing Romani's Mask. Speak with the Zora near the stage and play all of the instruments for him using the different masks. Speak with him with each mask and as normal Link to initiate everything. The guy at the bar will give Link the mask.

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