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Transporting the Deku Princess

After regaining control of Link - cut the vines to open the door to the Deku Princess. Run inside for a cutscene. After the cutscene - take out an Empty Bottle and scoop up the Deku Princess. Exit back to Woodfall and take the Deku Princess back to the Deku Palace. Enter the Royal Chamber for a short dialog.

Continue inside and stand by the Deku Princesses farther. Empty the Deku Princess out and another cutscene will happen. Now it is time to head to the shrine. Exit the Deku Palace and once you pass the guards - water hop to the lily pads on the west side of the map. Continue across until you reach the cave.

Deku Shrine

Enter it to find the Deku Shrine. Talk with the Deku Butler and be prepared to follow him. Follow quickly because you will have to start over should he get too far ahead. Keep in mind that normal Link jumps farther than Deku Link. Deku Link comes in handy during the areas with water.

When in the big room with the flames - be sure to hit the switch to make the flames disappear and use normal Link to jump across. Continue around to the end of the maze and talk with the Deku Butler, who will give Link the Mask of Scents. Enter the blue portal to exit the Deku Shrine.

Termina Field

Fly back to Clock Town using the Song of Soaring. Purchase the Bomb Bag from the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for 50 rupees. Exit the Bomb Shop and head to North Clock Town. Exit through the north into Termina Field.  Continue going north into the snowy area. Travel up the hills until you reach the ice blockage.

Target the ice stalactite and shoot it with 2 arrows. This will cause it to fall and break up the ice blockage. Continue going into the next area and continue until you reach the giant snowballs block the path. Blow them up with Bombs and continue down the path to find the Mountain Village.

Mountain Village

The Mountain Village is not very big. Activate the Owl Statue in front of the building and take the path behind it to the next area. Travel across the bridges, where Tingle will be floating. Shoot him out of the sky and buy the map of Snowhead for 20 rupees. Continue onward across the bridges to reach the Goron Village.

Goron Village

Once in the Goron Village - head to the far east side to find Kaepora Gaebora sitting atop a pillar. A dialog will happen when you get close to him. Answer "Yes" to his question. Follow him across the gap by jumping where the feathers drop. Another dialog will happen when Link reaches the other side.

Enter the shrine and open the big chest to get the Lens of Truth. Exit the shrine and use the Lens of Truth to expose the invisible platforms. Jump back across and speak with the spirit, which can only be seen using the Lens of Truth. Follow him back out of the Goron Village.

Be sure to turn off the Lens of Truth and follow his shadow if you want to conserve Magic. When you get near the exit - turn the Lens of Truth back on to make the spirit continue forward. This must be done each time the spirit stops to make him start moving again.

When you reach the floating ice platforms - use the Deku Mask to water hop across. Change back to normal Link and use the Lens of Truth to reveal a hidden ladder up the mountain. Climb up and take the right path. If you reach a dead end - just go back down and try another route.

Enter the cave to find the Goron Graveyard. Speak with the spirit here and play the Song of Healing for another cutscene. Link will acquire the Goron Mask afterwards. Use it to turn into a Goron. Now go to the back of the gravestone and pull it backwards to reveal a hot spring.

Use an Empty Bottle to get some Hot Spring Water from the hot spring. Head back towards the Goron Village until you reach the entrance. There will be a patch of ice covering a hole. Use the Hot Spring Water on it to melt the ice. Do not go down the hole - continue back to the Goron Village.

Finding the Goron Elder

Head to the lower level and find the Feather Statue next to a door. Pound the ground in front of the door as Goron Link by pressing A and then B. The door will open - head inside to find the Goron Shrine. Head up to the next level and go inside the western room to find a crying Goron baby.

Speak with the Goron baby as Goron Link. Now exit Goron Village and search for the frozen Goron Elder. He will be in different spots depending on the day ranging from near the entrance to Goron Village to beside the Owl Statue in the Mountain Village.

Either drop down the hole we uncovered earlier or head to the Goron Graveyard and get some Hot Spring Water. Pour it on the Goron Elder to unfreeze him. Speak with him twice and learn the Lullaby Intro. Now head back to the crying Goron baby and play the Lullaby Intro to learn the Goron Lullaby.

Heading to Snowhead Temple

Play the Song of Soaring and head to the Mountain Village. Head up the trail to the northwest near the freezing Goron. In the next area - you must be Goron Link. Press A a small distance from the ramp so you will have enough speed to make the jump. Continue rolling along the trail and make the second jump.

Continue down the trail to reach Snowhead. Activate the Owl Statue here and head up to the building. Tatl will initiate a brief dialog before long. Make sure to have the Goron Mask on and use the Lens of Truth to find a large Goron ahead.

Play the Goron Lullaby to make him go sleep and head up to the building. Use the Goron Roll to head up the ramp as well as the winding trail on the western side of the building to find the entrance of Snowhead Temple.

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