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Getting to Ikana Graveyard

From Clock Town - head out the eastern exit to Termina Field. Continue east and you will enter a trail blocked with a gate after a short distance. Use Epona's Song to call Epona and use the horse to jump over the gate. Continue and jump over the next gate as well.

Climb up the ledge to the north and enter the Ikana Graveyard. Continue along the path until you come across the giant skeleton blocking the path. Play the Sonata of Awakening to be greeted by a dialog from the skeleton. Skull Keeta will get up and run along the path.

Getting the Captain's Hat

You must catch and defeat him. Simply use arrows to stun Skull Keeta and roll to catch up, being sure to kill the smaller enemies along the way. Once you attack him - it will stop running and attack back. Keep stunning him and attacking until the creature gives up.

Rolling far away from him and tossing boss at Skull Keeta will prove safe and effective once the timing is perfected. Skull Keeta will initiate a dialog with you. Afterwards - travel over to the big chest using the hookshot. Open the chest to get the Captain's Hat.

Getting the Song of Storms

Now wait until night time on the first day to find some Stalchildren walking around the graveyard. Wearing the Captain's Hat - speak with the 3 Stalchildren circling one of the graves. Tell them to "Open the Grave" and jump down inside.

Jump across and go down the path to the east. Kill all of the bats and light the 3 torches with Fire Arrows to unlock the door forward. Enter it and prepare to fight an Iron Knuckle. Hit it with your sword to start the fight. Simply dodge his attacks and keep attacking with your sword until the Iron Knuckle falls.

A short dialog will happen with Flat. Afterwards - examine the inscription ahead to learn the Song of Storms. Now head back the way you came and exit through the blue portal back to Ikana Graveyard. Exit the graveyard back to the trail and while wearing the Captain's Hat - go all the way east for a dialog.

Getting the Garo's Mask

Use the Song of Soaring to fly to the Milk Road. Head to the southeast to find the Gorman Track. Wait until day time so the Gorman Track is open. Speak with the guy in front of the gate - with Epona nearby - and agree to a race for 10 rupees.

Simply use the carrots - sparingly - to stay near them during the race. Make sure to use them to jump over gates and mud holes. Dodge the mud holes and gates on the final stretch and be sure to use all of the carrots. If done right - the race will be won with a dialog in which Link receives the Garo's Mask.

Ikana Canyon

Now head back to where we got the dialog to the east of Ikana Graveyard and put on the Garo's Mask. A new dialog will now take place and a tree will spawn. Use the hookshot to get to the tree and continue east down the trail to reach Ikana Canyon.

Shortly after entering Ikana Canyon - you may be engaged in a fight with a Garo. Just use the shield when he attacks to stun him and attack. Repeat until the Garo is defeated and a brief dialog will happen. These battles happen while wearing the Garo's Mask so take it off.

There will a bridge near the entrance. Shoot both of the Octorok with Ice Arrows to create platforms. Jump across to the other side and use the hookshot on the tree above you. Continue going from tree to tree in this manner until you reach the Owl Statue. Activate it and climb up the hill to find Tingle.

Getting the Gibdo Mask

Shoot down Tingle and buy the map of Stone Tower for 20 rupees. Now head all the way north and enter the cave. A brief dialog will happen and you need to play the Song of Storms afterwards. A cutscene will now happen. Head back south and go to the Music House.

A little girl will run inside the Music House. Place a bomb at the door and run out of sight. The little girl will come out and walk away. Wait for her to get far away and run inside the house. Head down the stairs to find a half mummy. Play the Song of Healing for a dialog and the Gibdo Mask.

Note: The next part of the quest requires several items that need bottles. If you only have one bottle - you will need to exit the area "Beneath the Well" below after using the bottled item so that the next required bottled item can be acquired.

Use the Song of Soaring to fly to Clock Town and exit to the west. Head southwest to find a small pool of water. Use Zora Link to dive down and swipe a fish inside an empty bottle. Use the Song of Soaring to fly to the Southern Swamp.

Purchase 1 Magic Bean from the Business Scrub near the building. Go east and water hop across the lily pads to find a Deku Baba. Defeat it to get a Deku Nut. Exit the Southern Swamp back to Termina Field. There will be a hollowed out tree. Place a bomb in the center to expose a hole.

Drop down and play Epona's Song for the cows to get a free bottle of Milk. Also, purchase a bomb from the Bomb Shop in Clock Town and get a Powder Keg for later.  Now head back to Ikana Canyon and climb up the hills to the west. At the top will be the Empty Well.

Beneath the Well

Climb down into the empty well and continue down the path to reach Beneath the Well. While wearing the Gibdo Mask - head east and give the Gibdo the Magic Bean. Enter the door and go all the way east. Give the next Gibdo the Deku Nut and enter the door.

Head to the northern Gibdo and give him the bomb. Enter the door and get ready for a fight. It is a Big Poe. Simply dodge the attacks and shoot him with an arrow until defeated. Scoop it up inside an Empty Bottle and head back out of this room.

Continue back west and there will be another Gibdo blocking the door north. Give him the Fish and continue through the door. Continue north and give this Gibdo the Poe Soul. Enter the door and continue all the way north, being sure to dodge the spikes.

Give the Gibdo the Milk and enter the door. Light all of the torches with Fire Arrows to spawn a big chest, which contains the Mirror Shield. Use the Mirror Shield to reflect the light in this room towards the northern wall to spawn a passage. Do the same on the emblem on the eastern wall for a ladder.

Ancient Castle of Ikana

Climb up the ladder and continue north to find the Ancient Castle of Ikana. Travel west and south to find the entrance to the Ikana Castle and go on inside. The ReDeads will not attack you if wearing the Gibdo Mask so use it for an easier experience. Shoot the northern frozen eye with a Fire Arrow.

Enter the northern door and put on the Goron Mask. Hit the crystal switch and quickly run to the Deku Flower to the east. Use it to get to the southern switch. Change to normal Link and press the switch. Go through the newly unlocked door to the east. Put on the Lens of Truth to see a platform to the north.

Use it to go to the switch. Press it and hop back across. As Goron Link - use the Deku Flower to fly to the southern Deku Flower. Use it to fly to the eastern Deku Flower, being sure to dodge the spike mines. Enter the door and continue east. If you get cursed - just play the Song of Storms.

Continue going east and up the stairs. Exit to the roof top and climb up on the ledge. Travel around to the western side of the map and hop down to the ledge with the Deku Flower. As Goron Link - use it to fly over to the switch and press it with normal Link. Hop down and enter the castle again.

Shoot a Fire Arrow at the southern frozen eye and enter the southern door. Travel around into the light. Use the Mirror Shield to shine light on the sun emblem on the eastern wall to dissolve it. Continue east and enter the door for a mini-boss. Kill it like earlier in the game and enter the eastern door.

Continue east and go up the stairs. Enter the door back to the roof top and travel around to the west. Put on the Goron Mask and use the Powder Keg on the giant cracked surface. Put on the Gibdo Mask and jump down. Use the Mirror Shield to shine light on the eastern wall.

Continue east and enter the door for another mini-boss fight. Shoot the curtains with Fire Arrows to create a beam of light, which will protect you from the enemies while standing inside it. Just stand in the light and shot their legs with arrows. After a few shots - they will fall down.

Shine a beam of light on them and repeat for the second one. Now the boss will get up and fight with Link. Defeat him in a similar tactic as before, but do not rely on the light beam as much because this cause the King to use a powerful attack.

Shine light on the King to finish the battle. A cutscene will happen and Link will learn the Elegy of Emptiness. Exit the Ikana Castle and head back to Ikana Canyon. Head up the hills and make way for the northeastern statue to the east of the northern cave. Enter the statue to find Stone Tower.

Getting to Stone Tower Temple

Note: You can only use the Elegy of Emptiness to create statues of the normal, Deku, Goron, and Zora forms of Link. If you create a statue of one form and create another of the same form - the first statue will disappear. Keep this in mind while doing this section.

Upon entering the Stone Tower area - jump across the blocks to the north. Use the hookshot on the pole to the west. Stand on the switch and play the Elegy of Emptiness. Hookshot up to the next level back east and make another statue on the switch.

Hop back down below and create a statue on the third switch. Use the hookshot to go back to the upper level where the platforms moved. Jump across and hookshot the pole to the west. Use the hookshot to get to the pole to the south. Create a statue on this switch and hop back down.

Create another statue on this switch and head back up to the southern pole. Now go to the eastern pole and create another statue on this switch. Go to where the platforms moved and jump across. Hookshot the pole to the east and do so again for the southern pole. Finally, hookshot the southwestern pole.

Once you reach the top - go over and activate the Owl Statue so you can just fly back here instead of doing the previous steps. Now place a statue on the right switch. Do so for the left switch as well and finish up with the middle switch. Hop across and enter the door to find the Stone Tower Temple.

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