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Powder Keg Certification

Note: If the area is covered in ice - just use a Fire Arrow to melt it.

Head back to Goron Village and go to the northernmost part of the map to find the Goron Powder Keg Shop. Talk with the shop owner as Goron Link and agree to give the Powder Keg a try. Pick up the Powder Keg and toss it up the ledge towards the exit of the shop.

Roll up the ledge and repeat until you exit the shop. Exit Goron Village to the west and continue across the bridges. Head to the north once you cross all of the bridges, but before you exit the area. Repeat the process from earlier to get the Powder Keg to the top.

Toss it beside the giant boulder and it will blow it up - opening the entrance to the Goron Racetrack. Head back to the Goron Powder Keg Shop to speak with the shop owner again. The owner will apologize for the task and give Link a Powder Keg.

Getting Epona's Song

Play the Song of Soaring and head back to Clock Town. By this time - you should have enough rupees to reach 200 in the bank. Do so and the banker gives Link the Adult Wallet. Now head to West Clock Town and exit pass the guard.

Once you are in Termina Field - head to the southwestern path and enter Milk Road. Shoot down Tingle and buy the map of Romani Ranch. Continue down the path to find a giant boulder blocking the path. Use the Powder Keg to blow it up and enter Romani Ranch.

Continue into Romani Ranch for a cutscene concerning Epona. Head toward that building and a little girl will be running around nearby. Speak with her as normal Link for a brief dialog and cutscene. Agree to try when she asks and get ready for a mini-game.

You must ride Epona around the ranch and shoot the red lantern-like enemies. There will be 10 in total and they are scattered around Romani Ranch. Simply ride around the ranch and shoot them all with arrows. Do so in under 2 minutes and Romani will teach you Epona's Song.

Great Bay Coast

Exit back to Termina Field and head to the center of the western side of the map. You must use Epona to jump over the fence. Continue to find Great Bay Coast. Continue to the waterfront and get off of Epona. Swim out in the water towards the houses to find a floating Zora and a cutscene will ensue.

Now grab the Zora from behind and push him to shore for another brief cutscene. Walk up to the Zora and speak with him to find out it is Mikau. Listen to his final words and play the Song of Healing after the dialog. A cutscene will happen where Link gets the Zora Mask.

Put on the Zora Mask and swim out to the house in the sea, where an Owl Statue awaits as well as Tingle. Use the Owl Statue and shoot down Tingle. Buy the map of Great Bay for 20 rupees. Now get back in the water and swim to the north side of the map to find several wooden signs with Skulls.

Dive down to the ocean floor and roll into the second one from the left to reveal a secret passage. Enter it to find the Pirate's Fortress. Continue into this area to find a Feather Statue. You can save your progress here before continuing this section of the game.

Pirates' Fortress

Using Zora Link - hop into the water and swim to the northern side of the map. Wait until the guards have passed and surface onto the ledge. Equip the Goron Mask and pound the switch to open a gate. Using Zora Link again - dive down and swim through the opened gate on the southern side of the map.

Continue down the passage and roll into the boards to break them down. Now pull the big block south and travel around to the northwest side of the room, being sure to break the boards along the way. You will find another big bock. Push this one forward all the way and go through the newly opened path.

Continue all the way until you find a water spout. Travel into it to be pushed up to the next level. Continue going north, being sure to stay low to dodge the pumps, and surface at the end of the path. Enter the northern door and jump into the water. Swim over and go up the ramp near the stairs.

Go up the stairs and look to the east pass the barrels to find a crystal switch. Break a barrel and shoot the switch with an arrow. Jump into the water and head pass the opened gate to the south, which will be the southeastern path on the map.

Swim to the end of the tunnel - dodging the mines and pumps - to find a ladder. Climb up the ladder to find a floor switch. Hop on it to expose a crystal switch. Run around to the front of the switch and stand on the deactivated pump. Quickly shoot the switch to be raised up by the pump.

Jump off when you reach the upper level to avoid being pushed into the mines at the top. Now climb up the ladder and look around to find a crystal switch. Activate it and hop down to the door. Upon entering it - Link will be back outside. Travel around and go up the ramp to the north.

Getting the Hookshot

Go inside the passage at the top to enter an area protected by several guards. Shoot the couple guards between Link and the center ladder. Now quickly run across and climb up the ladder before they become active again. Shoot the next guard across the draw bridge and run across.

Enter the door and continue a short distance to initiate a cutscene. After the cutscene - shoot the beehive with an arrow to chase the guards away. Travel down the path and hop down below to find a big chest, which contains the Hookshot.

Getting the Zora Eggs

Note: If you have less than 4 empty bottles, you will have to drop the Zora Eggs off at the Marine Research Lab aquarium near the Owl Statue from earlier and return for the other eggs. To put the Zora Eggs into the aquarium - climb on top of the aquarium and use the Zora Egg when above the water.

1st Zora Egg Location

There will be an aquarium in the room where Link got the Hookshot. Use the Hookshot on the wooden platform above it to get into the aquarium. Use the Zora Mask to swim down and scoop up the Zora Egg with an Empty Bottle.

2nd Zora Egg Location

From the last Zora Egg - head to the door to the west of the room. Enter the door and head to the south. Hop down to the lower level and go west - you should be 1 level higher than the guards so no need to worry. When you get to the southwest corner - use the hookshot to get to the upper level.

Enter the door nearing to the target and prepare for a small puzzle. Navigate through the barrels to the east; however, make sure not to let the guard see you. Enter the door for a cutscene and mini-boss battle. Simply shoot the Gerudo with a few arrows to win.

Go through the newly unlocked door to find another aquarium with the next Zora Egg. Use the hookshot to get inside the aquarium like last time and use an Empty Bottle to get the Zora Egg.

3rd Zora Egg Location

Return to the area with the guards and travel to the Feather Statue. Look to the northeast to find a hookshot spot. Hookshot over to it and do so again to get to the upper level back to the west. Enter the next door and prepare to dodge some more guards.

Dodge the single Gerudo in this room and head to the south to find a door. Enter it for a fight with the mini-boss from earlier. Enter the newly unlocked door after the fight. Head into the aquarium like last time, but be very careful of the enemies swimming with you. Get the Zora Egg with an Empty Bottle.

4th Zora Egg Location

Return to the area with the guards and travel to the Feather Statue. Take the path like last time - except do not enter the door. Instead - turn back to the east and hookshot to the upper level. Stun the Gerudo with an arrow and run across the bridge to the door. Go inside of the door.

Use the hookshot in a similar way as the aquariums to make it to the south side of the room via the platforms. Continue west and go through the door for yet another battle with the mini-boss. Enter the newly unlocked door once the battle is finished. Get the Zora Egg with an Empty Bottle like usual.

Getting to the Sea Snake Lair

Before leaving the Pirate's Fortress - use the Pictograph to get a good picture of one of the guards. After putting all of the Zora Eggs into the Marine Research Lab aquarium - head to the shore of Great Bay Coast to find 2 houses. Enter the Fisherman's Hut and speak with the owner.

Now speak with the golden Seahorse and the owner will ask for the pictograph you took earlier. Give it to him in exchange for the Seahorse. Exit and swim back out in the water. Go towards the two giant rocks sticking out to find Pinnacle Rock.

Release the Seahorse once you enter the Pinnacle Rock area. Follow him to the Sea Snake Lair and a cutscene. Fall down into the lair and lure out each Sea Snake. Defeat them by pressing R as Zora Link and attacking their neck when they come out.

Find the remaining 3 Zora Eggs this way and take them to the Marine Research Lab aquarium. After taking the last Zora Egg - a cutscene will happen. Jump down as Zora Link and play the ocarina in front of the aquarium to learn the New Wave Bossa Nova.

Getting to Great Bay Temple

Exit the Marine Research Lab and head down the trail closest to the Zora Gave from earlier. This will be called Zora Cape. There is a giant rock formation to the south - swim over and enter it with Zora Link to find the Zora Hall. Travel down the path northeast and exit back to Zora Cape to find a girl Zora.

Play the New Wave Bossa Nova for a cutscene and a brief dialog. Use the Hookshot as normal Link to grapple a tree on the giant turtle's back. Another cutscene will happen and the giant turtle will take Link right into the Great Bay Temple.

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