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Our Majora's Mask 3D Bottle guide covers the locations of all 7 bottles in the game. The Majora's Mask 3D Bottles can hold various items such as milk, fairies, and potions. Each Majora's Mask 3D bottle location can be found below.

Majora's Mask 3D Bottle Locations

  1. Southern Swamp - Take a Red Potion to Koume in the Woods of Mystery to the northeast of the Southern Swamp to be given the bottle.

  2. Zora Cape - Travel to the top of the waterfall using the hookshot. Use the Zora Mask and race the Beaver and his brother. Win both races for the empty bottle.

  3. Romani Ranch - Protect Romani Ranch from the aliens around 2AM on the first day with Romani to be given a bottle of Milk. Use the milk to get the bottle.

  4. Goron Track - Enter the Goron Track to the north of the Road to Goron Village after beating Goht. Win the race to be given a bottle of Gold Dust. Use the Gold Dust to get the empty bottle.

  5. Milk Road - Speak with Gorman in the last room upstairs of the Stock Pot Inn in East Clock Town on the second day before noon while wearing the Troupe Leaders Mask. Now head to the Milk Road and enter the Gorman Track.

    Speak with either of the people while wearing the Troupe Leaders Mask to be given the Mystery Milk. Head back to Gorman in the Stock Pot Inn within 2 minutes with the Mystery Milk and he will give you the Empty Bottle.

  6. East Clock Town - Get this from Madame Aroma in the Milk Bar after giving her the Special Delivery to Mama during the Anju and Kafei quest.

  7. Southern Swamp - Save Koume in the Southern Swamp and defeat Odolwa. Now speak with Koume in the Swamp Tourist Center to play the mini-game. Score 20 points or higher to get an Empty Bottle.

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