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The Majora's Mask 3D Bosses are different from the originals and our Majora's Mask 3D boss guide below will help you overcome all of them. This guide will over cover the dungeon bosses and not mini-bosses.

Majora's Mask 3D Boss Guide

This guide is currently under construction so may not include complete information yet.

Woodfall Temple Boss: Odolwa

Odolwa is the Woodfall Temple boss. He has a large sword and can summon things for aid. An easy way to defeat Odolwa is by using Deku Link and Deku Flowers. Simply use the Deku Flowers to fly over Odolwa and drop a Deku Nut onto his head. This will open him up to attacks from normal Link. Repeat this until Odolwa is defeated.

Snowhead Temple Boss: Goht

Goht is the boss of Snowhead Temple. Shoot Goht with a Fire Arrow to thaw him out. The battle is pretty straightforward. Either shoot Goht with Fire Arrows until he falls or use the Goron roll to damage him until he falls - either way, make sure to attack the giant eye while Goht is stunned. Repeat this until he is defeated.

Great Bay Temple Boss: Gyorg

Gyorg is the Great Bay Temple boss. Drop down the hole to start the battle with the boss. The first phase takes place on a platform. Gyorg will occasionally swim at the surface of the water. Shoot it with an arrow to damage him. Repeat until the eye appears. Shoot it with several arrows.

Repeat until Gyorg breaks down the platform, which begins the second phase of the fight. Gyorg will swim around and use must use Zora Link. He will occasionally start sucking in water. When this happens - break one of the spike mines lose. Gyorg will suck it into his mouth - stunning the creature. The eye will now be exposed. Attack it and repeat this until he is defeated.

Stone Tower Temple Boss: Twinmold

Twinmold is the Stone Tower Temple boss. Hop down the hole to start the battle with the creature. Start the fight off by shooting the 3 eyes on the bottom of the blue one and then shoot the giant eye with Light Arrows. Now do the same thing except it has 5 underside eyes instead of 3.

Finish off the blue one by shooting the giant eye with more Light Arrows. It will die and a big chest will appear, which contains the Giant's Mask. Equip it and prepare to finish off the red one. While being giant Link - you must punch the red Twinmold.

Make sure to dodge when it shoots fireballs at you and kill any small ones to recover magic and hearts. Repeat this until the Twinmold falls to the ground and pick him up. Swing him around and Link will slam it on the ground. Repeat this several times until Twinmold is defeated.

Majora's Mask

Occasionally - Majora's Mask will turn sideways and start spinning towards you. Simply attack it with the sword to stun it. Now run over and attack it with the sword some more. Repeat this a couple of times and the other masks will start flying around the room.

Be sure to take out the others masks as soon as possible to make the rest of the fight easier. They can be killed using Light Arrows or reflecting Majora's Mask's energy beam at them. Now continue the fight as before until Majora's Mask is defeated. It will transform into Majora's Incarnation.

Majora's Incarnation

Majora's Incarnation will start running around the room. Wait for him to slow down and then shoot it with an arrow to stun it. Quickly run up and attack it with your sword. Be sure to shield should it start shooting stuff at you and repeat these steps until it is defeated. It will transform into Majora's Wrath.

Majora's Wrath

Majora's Wrath will attack you mercilessly using his long arms. Shield against them and shoot it with an arrow to stun the creature. Now run up and attack it with the sword. Repeat these steps and Majora's Wrath will eventually start doing other attacks. Just stun and attack it until the end.

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